When America was a King; now a Servant! Part 1

It is true; the old king [America] has become a servant. How could a nation of such power and wealth end up in such a lowly position in world ranking? The answer is quite simple to uncover if a serious attempt is made. Start by understanding that there are four categories that set up the ruling of a nation or country; Academics, Government, Science and Media. These are the pure basic parameters of a society's function, existence and development.

Destroying a prosperous nation without war?
Now the question is how has America settled for its purpose of existence as a servant country to the rest of the world? Here's a hint, political correctness. The best way to strip and destroy any nation of its power and wealth is by implementing guidelines and policies that weaken its populous. A guaranteed way of doing that is by instituting political correctness into a nation's academics, government, science and media. Guaranteed results are a weak, vulnerable and defenseless country.

Who will protect us?
The growing amount of evidence that the U.S. has fallen to a susceptible criteria of vulnerability is being played out daily in our national security. There are too many near misses of security breach that unfolds consistently in our nation on all levels; federal, state, county and municipalities. All of this is due to political correctness running amuck in our academic teachings, government policies, science discoveries and media presentations. Special attention should be focused on our current government monetary policies going forth. The main killer of a prosperous nation is its poor monetary decision making and monetary policies based on political correctness and not on common sense. Just like in your personal financial position, when owing more than what you have, it leaves you in a weak position of bargaining. Such is the case for America.

A King of political correctness must now become Servant!
The fallen king [America] must now become subservient to the new king on the throne, China. The U.S. is so far in debt to China it's not funny. This is real, and like anyone of us who are owed money, we want to be paid. All of the political correct constituents are numb to the notion that the U.S. must pay its debt. The political correct constituents of the current administration really believe that there is nothing to worry about. They consider our global financial position as a simple technical monetary balance between governments. There will come a time when China will call America's note in for payment. Those of you who don't believe that China will demand and fight for its money are fools. The same applies to you in your personal finance, if someone borrows a large amount of money from you and defaults, you have to take action to recover. There is no difference between nations responding to debt owed to them, but in our case we owe China, and whenever we become capable of paying them back, it will be in the form a drastically devalued American dollar. Now the real problem begins. Continued in Part 2

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