American Television FOR KIDS

Do you still consider Super Bowl half time entertainment family oriented?
" I don't think so, Janet Jackson!"

Retarded Television Programmers Gone Wild:  Too many adult overtures are slammed into the face of kids today, and your condoning politician and immature television producers will not take responsibility for it. They have no consideration for the cause and effect of adult overtones in their programming. They wrecklessly expose adult contents which plaster the minds of innocent kids watching. And of course these television producers will quickly claim that parents have the responsibility to monitor the television programs away from the 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old child.

But I wonder how would condoning politicians and retarded television programmers react in a compromising position; if they were sitting with their nursery school age children watching an "Elroy Sing Along Program" and all of a sudden a commercial breaks on screen with two adult males performing oral sex in a preview for an upcoming program? That's the caliber of television programming and entertainment that exists today. The television producers have no discretion of presentation; just put any program on air that will create advertising time slots for commercial revenue.

Television Producers Create Role Models for Kids:  So the condoning politicians and retarded television producers continue to plea their case that it's not their fault for any child to grow up and become a bank robber, a car thief, a rapist, a plane hijacker, an alcoholic, a dope pusher, a dope addict, a weekend prostitute, a full time male prostitute, or a famous homicidal maniac. Well, I guess the children are the ones who are requesting the all star line up of immoral action pack characters to be featured in the television programs. It is an inherit nature of every child born on this earth to act out whatever they see, but I guess the television producers and programmers, along with your retarded politicians can't see that.

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