M L King Jr Perspective 2008

If Martin Luther King Jr were alive during the 2008 Presidential Election would he have voted for Obama? Before you make a quick judgement continue reading these notes. When finished reading these notes please answer the survey below.

It is surely forgotten that Martin Luther King Jr was a devout Christian and not a liberal. He believed in freedom and equality for all races. Contrary to popular propaganda He did not believe in abortion, nor did he believe in hating his enemies.

What may be the ultimate shocker to the majority of you reading this is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican. Be not dismayed if you thought otherwise of Dr. King's philosophy of life because many others have shared the same concept. Not only was Martin Luther King Jr a Republican, but his contemporaries were also; Sojourner Truth was a Republican, Harriet Tubman was a Republican, Sammy Davis Jr was a Republican, A. Philip Randolph was a Republican, Booker T. Washington was a Republican and journalist Ida B. Wells was a Republican.

There are many more dedicated American civil architects that are unknown to today's mimicking civil rights marchers. Today's mimicking civil rights marchers would surely become more disgusted if they knew more political details about their civil rights' heroes.

If there are any doubts about this information presented please don't hesitate to verify with your own investigation of the civil architects of America. There will still be those that will not accept belief that the man that changed America's society and government was a Republican.

What should be more important to believe is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr changed our American society with real love for all the people; klansmen, southern whites, racist democrats, militant blacks, dope head hippies and people who generally despised him.

How many liberals of today, and democrats of yesterday and today can claim to be following the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? Can this hollow celebrity driven society honestly keep track of the footsteps laid by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? Is it actually possible for those who have spewed out words of venomous poison to opposing political views now be willing to break the partisan strangle hold on this nation? Can liberals come to a sense of reality and discharge the partisan polarity that has stained and soiled the unity of this nation? Can conservatives distance themselves from a hard-heart and become more forgiving with a declarative of "can we all just get along?"

Martin Luther King Jr accomplished his mission with real love for all people. He knew that synthetic partisan love which is projected by liberals today would not work. Martin Luther King Jr accomplished his mission with real love for all people, knowing that part time love as projected by conservatives today would be deceptive. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a man after God's own heart, but he was careful not to trample on the hearts of fellow Americans. Are we capable of following the tracks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr has laid?

With all said, how do you think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have voted in the 2008 Presidential election?

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