All Aboard The Illegal Alien Train

First let it be said; any American in Arizona or any American in any other state of America that even flinches towards boycotting Arizona for setting the record straight on Mexican illegal aliens is a dam fool! As a matter of fact anyone who supports individuals that deliberately break federal, state, county or municipal laws is a dam fool. So far every governor in the United States has proven to be afraid to uphold the laws of the land except for Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and maybe Nebraska. The question for today is who will join her in observing and keeping the laws of this great country?

American Leaders; They all Fall Down!Are there any other governors with big enough balls to stand up to the political correct sissies that run this country’s administration? We know for sure that all democratic governors don’t have balls to stand up for the laws of the land and neither does Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and Republican Marco Rubio.
America does not need weak knee politicians like these skipping and hopping over the tough issues America faces. All of the male politicians who we thought were tough and ready to uphold America’s laws and values are turning out to be over dressed sissies as the Mexican illegal aliens have properly assessed. What is astonishing is that it seem that only the women leaders [Gov Jan Brewer and Gov Sarah Palin] of this nation are willing to stand up for the laws of the land. What we have left are feminized male politicians that don’t stand for anything but to beg for re-election and receive kick backs from lobbyist.

The Mexican illegal aliens know for a fact that obama and his staff don’t have enough balls to enforce the laws of the land. In return they invade our country at will and drop off “Anchor Babies” who eventually become “Jackpot Babies” once they get on the government payroll [aka-welfare]. What the Mexican illegal aliens did not foresee was someone who was tough enough to stand and enforce the laws of the land. The Mexican illegal aliens could not in a million years have thought that Governor Jan Brewer was putting the breaks on the runaway “Illegal Alien Disneyland Train to America.”

Either We Have Law and Order or NOT!The concept of law and order sets precedence and supersedes any individuals’ personal right to obstruct law and order. The concept of law and order sets precedence and supersedes any group or faction that obstructs the freedom and rights of the majority.
Therefore what we have today is a hard core issue of Mexican illegal aliens demanding rights and respect for their first option of breaking American federal laws. What we also have today are liberal jackasses and synthetic civil rights jackasses [democrat party logo runners] that are obstructing the freedom and rights of the majority of Americans in return. Liberals and synthetic civil rights jackasses [democrat party logo runners] are setting a limit on how much Americans can live free without being forced to accept the liberal principals of anarchy [Mexican illegal aliens rights].

Liberal and Synthetic Civil Rights Jackasses!
Liberals and synthetic civil rights jackasses [democrat party logo runners] are threatening the order of peace in this sovereign nation by supporting law breaking individuals [Mexican illegal aliens] and law breaking entities [Mexican government]. The Mexican illegal aliens and the Mexican government have zero respect for American laws, but the liberal jackasses in this society are not intelligent enough to rationalize or place logic on this well known truth. In other words liberals don’t want to connect the dots of America being used and abused for the benefit of Mexican illegal aliens [jobs and money] and the benefit of the Mexican government [dumping their peasants and criminals on the U.S.].

The majority of real American citizens understand that their unemployment is directly affected by Mexican illegal aliens withholding jobs from them. There is no such ignorance better known than that of the American elitist and out of touch politicians saying Americans will not work the jobs Mexican illegal aliens are performing!

It is a myth to believe that Mexican illegal aliens only have farm picking labor jobs or dish washing jobs or house cleaning jobs. The Mexican illegal alien network is so far advanced in operation that it makes liberals in government and all politicians look like incompetent fools. The Mexican government is sponsoring these illegal aliens in one form or another through underground network operations. It is known for a fact that over $24 billion dollars annually is returned to Mexico from illegal aliens pay received in America while on highway constructions jobs, restaurant management jobs, municipal city jobs, federal, state and county occupations as well.

The Mexican illegal aliens are not playing games with their ulterior motive while living in the United States. Unlike the liberals who are playing civil and human rights games for notoriety and fame these illegal aliens are serious about the realization of securing their illegal status. If they have to take a life or two of Americans to secure their goal across the border they will.

They appreciate the liberal jackasses’ effort to support them in receiving free health care while they are in America working. They also honor the liberals’ effort to keep them safe and secure in the various sanctuary cities across America. The liberal jackasses [democrat party logo runners] don’t realize the heavy price to be paid for harboring and securing the Mexican illegal aliens. There is no comprehension of the impact of the Mexican illegal aliens on our society in general.

America’s demise is the virtual impossibility for the liberal jackasses to recognize the real ramifications that are illustrated daily in our American economy on the impact of Mexican illegal aliens. In a way you can say that liberals in this country have had their common sense invalidated.

A fool is a fool [liberal jackasses] no matter what color it is. So far the liberals have shown their complete ignorance and foolishness in sponsoring and facilitating anarchy in our American society by supporting illegal aliens in the name of “human rights.” Liberals don’t understand that the real world doesn’t care about their precious ideology of “don’t discriminate against animals and illegal aliens.”

Time for a Real Change in America!It’s time for real American citizens to stand up to these liberal jackasses and ignore the synthetic civil rights jackasses led by Al Sharpton. Real American citizens need to slap some type of sense into these liberal jackasses and synthetic civil rights clowns by voting them out of office now!

Will liberal jackasses [democrat party logo runners] ever obtain a real image of the self destructing within this country caused by them? Will we forever receive the enforcement of political correctness and liberal anarchy poured upon our American life of law and order? The answer is yes if no one else stands up to the current administration protocol of liberal and socialism.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona can’t do this alone against the completely irresponsible derelict administration run by obama and the utopia driven global left wing nuts. What is encouraging is that she has more balls than male governors to stand for the laws of the land and not hide behind a political correct skirt or black leather underwear chaps.

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  1. GOD BLESS AMERICA... I never hear that anymore, I GET REALLY PISSED OFF. We fought for our rights, in the 1700s these illegals just come over here have many kids AND EXPECT HARD WORKING AMERICANS TO PAY FOR THEM. Email me at contact@prographicdesign.tk and we will discuss this further.


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