Mickey Mouse's Car Care

If California is so smart at setting standards for fuel efficiency and emissions, why can’t they be smart enough to set the fuel prices at the pump? The white house wants to emulate California fuel efficiency standards. Is this a joke or something? Every time new emission standards are issued to the automotive industry the price of vehicles go up. We all know the condition of California is as close to bankruptcy as any state could be with their Disneyland regulations. What’s with these goofy politicians? Are any of these pantie waist bureaucrats living in the real world? Do they not know that their unwarranted child play with rules and regulations are killing the common wage earner’s ability to sustain a minimum standard of living?

Mickey Mouse Ideology
It is understood that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and President Obama are on the same page of fantasy driven ideology that incorporates the religious belief in global warming, climate change, greenhouse gas, ozone depletion and Mickey Mouse treasure hunts. Not only are the leaders of this nation engulfed with saving the planet, but they are so far out of touch with the reality of life. They can’t comprehend the basic needs of the citizen to eat, to survive and to exist. By piling on new enforced laws to be regulated by agencies like the EPA, California Air Resource Board and cloned advocates alike such as the California Natural Resources Defense Council, promotes more fines and tickets to be issued out.

Chocking America
Everyone comprehends the need for clean air and more fuel efficient vehicles, but to start dictating how an American must live, breathe, and purchase vehicles is belittling and insulting. How insulting is it to the everyday hard working citizen? Well, let’s examine the particulars that involve a direct hit or impact on Mrs. & Ms. & Mr. America’s bank account. On a recent survey of vehicle prices the following was noted:

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

MSRP for 2009 Ford Escape/ $33,725
MSRP for 2010 Toyota Tacoma/ $27,075
MSRP for 2010 Kia Sportage/ $23,495
MRSR for 2010 Lincoln Mark LT/ $42,015.
MRSP for 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder/ $32,599

Excuse us for a moment, but what average wage earning family [$40k yr] can afford a five or six hundred dollar monthly car note? The EPA is basically forcing people to purchase a new car or suffer the consequences. Get real America!

These are just quick samples of vehicle prices that a regular working class individual must pay in order to have transportation to and from work. You must not forget that not every working class individual can afford the price of these new vehicles. That’s why there is a secondary market, a third market and a fourth market for used car sales. When new EPA standards are being mandated and enforced upon not only the car manufacturers, but the individual as well, a “catch-twenty-two” goes into effect. In other words you will be damned if you don’t buy a new car and you’ll be damned if you do buy a new car.

Burning Rubber on Our Face
You’ll be damned if you don’t buy a new car because your older secondary, third and fourth market used car does not meet the EPA or close range municipal governing requirements to drive on the roads. Your less than new vehicle will quickly become an out-mode and not support the new emission laws being thrown out daily. Owning a privately own vehicle will become a problem rather than a privilege to operate.
So what are we talking about in this mandated EPA emission lesson? The end result is you’ll be damned if you do buy a “new EPA small circus car or EPA mini suv golf cart” because you honestly can’t afford it and you don’t want it. And there remains the encroachment of government into our private lives. Cloning us into what we can’t do and what we can’t have, and what we will do and what we won’t have.

Arrogant Partisan Politicians
Also girls and boys, don’t forget that if our country would have started drilling for oil ten years ago in our own backyard we would not have to drive electric circus cars and electric golf carts. Be very worried when cloned environmentalist confronts you claiming that you’re not sensitive to the earth because you want to drill for oil. Those same nuts will be in the gas line at the service station when the price of gas zooms past $5.00 a gallon this summer. Let’s be honest, not all of the global warming circus car drivers will be in the gas lines. Those with electric SUV-golf-carts will be put on electrical rationing and they will have to choose between charging up their electric cars or having air conditioning this summer.

Regardless if you’re concerned with car emissions or not everyone looses today. The reason we loose is because we have the same elected individuals in congress that were there ten and twenty years ago, and no progress has been made to offset our dependency on foreign oil. And to think that we must now depend on out-moded congress members and adolescent president to lead this country is absurd.

Driving the Transportation Car Care Bill:
In all likelihood we will soon have a “Car Care Crises” in which everyone should be entitled to owning a free new car. Can a “Car Care Crises can be justified? You can bet your last dollar on it. The justifiable reason will be “who can really afford to buy a new car,” especially from these high priced dealerships? Most environmentally conscious minded individuals quickly forget that the EPA has forced the standard of vehicle operation. In doing so manufactures must be compensated for the cost of producing the cars the government want. Nothing is ever free in the world, so the added expense of making a car the way the government wants it must be accounted for on the MSRP list sheet on every new car window? All in all, the liberal consensus will declare that people can’t afford new cars and the government must provide everyone with a new car. Therefore the introduction of the “Obama Transportation Care Bill” awaits us. If he can get away with forcing socialist health care upon everyone, surely he can force everyone into a new socialist driven SUV-golf cart.

We can do better than this America. We will do better than this America! November is calling you America, you had better listen.

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