Who's Afraid of the Little Bad Wolf? Ahmadinejad

If the United States of America had a president that believed the survival of this nation is at all cost, most of you would probably feel much safer carrying out your daily routine instead of carrying a gun.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Decisions!
This is not to scoff at the president but some Americans believe that we don't have a president of mature caliber to execute wisdom in protecting our nation. Others say the evidence of mature traits lacking in our current president runs concurrent with the onslaught of immature partisan voters. There are even nations around the world that claim we have an inert infantile president, but their opinion is the least of our concern today. What we're concerned with is the policy decisions being made and the selection of questionable individuals as part of his administrative support group.

No Partisanship About This!
Many who are Democrats and Republicans have questioned this president's motive in decision making. His administration seems to have a tireless effort to console and appease Islamic countries. In an open show of appeasing Islamic countries the president appointed Rashad Hussain to be his administration's special envoy to the "Organization of the Islamic Conference." You should be reminded that Rashad Hussain several years ago defended a leader of a jihad terrorist group, but now the administration has no recollection of his anti-American beliefs.

Administration in Question!
For some reason the administration can't recall Rashad Hussain's support for Al-Arian, a vicious suicide-bombing supporter who chanted "Death to America" and Death to Israel," with fierce emotion. Knowing that Al-Arian fully supported the two Islamic Jihad suicide bombers that killed eighteen people in Israel, and called the bombers "two mujahidin martyred for the sake of God." And knowing that Rashad Hussain supported this comrade of terrorism [Al-Arian] why would the president give credence to such a character? America had better think about this very hard and wise.

The president can save face if he were to make a serious statement of concern about global terrorism that plagues the minds of all. If only the president would stand up and shed off the liberal influences that have saturated his ideology its possible to salvage his presidency and save our country from terrorist aggression. It is without a doubt that America's "World Renowned Historical President" is currently undermining the world national security by allowing the fanatic leader of Iran to continue to threaten Israel and bully the rest of the world. Now is the time to use the word "intolerance" and back it up with intolerance to Iran's national aggression.

A President's Letter for Peace!
If the United States of America had a mature and wise president she or he would send an open letter to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Also a carbon copy of the letter to the Iranian citizens stating a final declaration and directive. The letter would be composed in a simple communication.

To Mr. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Family:

The ancestors of this world made laws to govern themselves and laws to enforce the right to self preservation and existence. There must be mutual protection of all countries in an effort to eliminate aggression of another. The test of such mutual protection is the willingness of one to obstruct the boundaries of authority of another's self preservation. Such is the case of Iran's promotion of forecasting aggression against Israel.

Let it be known to the Iranian citizens that it has been noted that your scientist have discovered a rudimentary type of nuclear composite. We understand your devout experimentation with developing such nuclear energy; so long as you limited your usage of such power among yourselves we were really not concerned. But now your sect government has applied nuclear technology to your armament and this has created a threat to the peace and security of other countries. This of course can not be tolerated. By your country initiating threatening dangers with open arrogance your country places itself in danger. The United States is prepared to offer a solution that is none negotiable in order to eliminate the danger your country promotes and the danger your country is in. We offer a proposal that guarantees peace to exist for all who participate in this peace order.

[Will The People Answer?]

To the people, citizens, mothers and fathers of Iran we have tried to convey through efforts of official level government talks with your government about our concern for your nation. But let it be known that our official efforts have not been successful. We come to the people of Iran as a last resort because our patience has worn thin, very thin with your government. The question arises; must we take up violent action to get the proper response from your government? There are no variations of parameters upon commencement once our act of correction is implemented. In other words, an irrevocable response towards your nation's issued threats would be enacted. Rejection of our proposal for peace ensures no alternatives. In such a case of rejecting a peace proposal will result in your country never to behold peace again.

[A Motive for Peace] Unlike the Iranian government leaders and their ulterior motives, we posses the power and authority to implement peace and destruction; obviously of course we choose peace. But to provoke our power to choose otherwise would be anyone's ultimate demise. It is understood that your nation has distaste for the nation of Israel but you must also understand that other nations have distaste for Iran as well. The compromise is to let each other live in self existence without outside interference or threats. It is of no concern to us how you govern your own country, but let it be known that if you threaten to extend your government aggression your nation will be reduced to barrenness. To your allied friends that may want to sympathize with upholding your decision to obstruct peace with nuclear threats to Israel or any other nation they are welcome to join you.

[A Decision of Promise] Iran's choice is simple, join us and live in peace, or preserve your present course and face cheerlessness. We the United States of America do not intend to offer any demonstrations of forcing peace. Our primary directive is to immediately act promptly to eradicate any danger to peace. Therefore Iran has a decision to make; eradicate your present course of prompting aggression or allow an intervening force to execute an irrevocable course of action eradicating your aggression.

Let it be known that the United States is not the "police force of the world," but we will not allow a bully nation to threaten the peace we have, regardless if the bully is little or big.
Thank you citizens of Iran for your attention.

end of letter

To American citizens:

Anyone who disagrees with this letter had better remember the leadership of JFK. A strong leader will not tolerate intimidation or ignorance that creates instability as America's current president is allowing. Ask Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev if he would have preferred to have Obama or JFK as the American president? The caliber of a president makes all the difference in a nation's strength and survival.

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