Difference between Political Correctness? Common Sense?

Questions from America:
Would someone please provide a definition or explanation of what “Common Sense” is?
Would someone please provide a definition or explanation of what “Political Correct” is?

Scholar definition of Common Sense:
Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts;
Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge; native good judgment.

Common daily application of common sense in our lives:
Picture a major four way signal intersection with traffic cameras on all four signal light poles for violators. It is the afternoon rush hour time of the day; 5:10 pm. Now introduce an ambulance screaming towards the intersection from the west into the five lane east bound avenue lanes. Fortunately the east bound lanes have a green light yielding to its traffic during the ambulance approach. All five lanes in each direction are at least fifteen vehicles deep. What would be the common sense approach for the north bound lanes, south bound lanes, west bound lanes and east bound lanes reaction to the ambulance?

Answer: The green light which yielded to the direction flow of the ambulance basically allows an easy decision for the vehicles in the lane of the approaching ambulance to move forwarded. As the line flows forward with a mutual agreement by all the vehicles in the intersection the ambulance expedites through the traffic from the rear of the lane. The end result is the lane dispersing for the ambulance to approach and cross through the intersection onward to its emergency call.

Definition extracted: Common Sense is yielding to the right of way in decision making.

Scholar definition of Political Correctness:
Political Correctness is considered a variety of random ideas and causes with no particular unifying features other than the fact that they are “liberal” and “new.” Political correctness is a pejorative term used to describe ideas, words, policies and behavior that are considered offensive and inappropriate by the liberal cultural ethics who dominate the education institutions, the media establishments, entertainment and pop culture groups.

Common daily application of political correctness in our lives:
Picture a major four way signal intersection with traffic cameras on all four signal light poles for violators. It is the morning rush hour time of the day; 8:30 am. Now introduce a fire truck roaring towards the intersection from the south into the five lane north bound avenue lanes. Unfortunately there is a red light halting the north bound lane in which the fire engine is in. All five lanes in each direction of the intersection are at least fifteen vehicles deep. What would be the common sense approach for the west bound lanes, east bound lanes, south bound lanes and north bound lanes reaction to the fire truck?

Answer: The red light halting the north directional flow of traffic should not hinder the vehicles from moving forward for the fire truck. Obviously the vehicles should react with caution and expeditiously clear the way for the fire truck. But according to political correctness the vehicles persist in maintaining a motionless position. The fire truck is approaching with sirens blasting louder and louder but has no affect on the traffic. Another addition to the political correctness of the intersection is three bicyclist demanding their freedom and right to have the ability to maneuver through the intersection. By the bicyclist crossing in front of the lane that the fire truck is forwarding in causes vehicles to yield to them instead of the fire truck. The result of the dynamic political correct situation is that a family’s house is burning down with family members in it; all due to the confusion of political correctness increasing lost time for the fire truck. The vehicles that did not respond and react properly to the fire truck undoubtedly are holding to their own political correct stand point of not moving in order to not cause an accident. Political correctness at its best.

The Real Answer: The drivers of the vehicles should have run over the three bicyclists and allowed the fire truck to expedite to the fire location. It may seem cruel to consider running over the bicyclist but greater priority is at issue here. The fire truck can return to the intersection and pick up the three bicyclists who were run over and drop them off at the hospital while in route back to the fire station. Of course this type of action would be considered politically INcorrect.

Definition extracted: Political Correctness is voiding the right of way to yield basic comprehension.

Lesson to be learned

The difference between “common sense” and political correctness?

Common Sense is derived from prioritized foundational morals, values and truth.

Political Correctness is derived from political posturing that has no foundation of morals, values or truth.

The true difference between “Common Sense” and political correctness is that one has morals, values and truth guiding it; the other is based on utilizing liberty and rights to demand an outcome.

The result of a society choosing political correctness over “common sense” virtually allows the destruction of any reasonable approach to set up core values for a nation. In return the nation is governed by oscillating political beliefs.


Mexico Annex America

Some things you just have to wonder about. In this case we should wonder about how politics has become completely ignorant and cheap.

High School Politicians are not Teachers
A Los Angeles High School teacher named Rodney Lusian took his students to the Lakers/Suns playoff game to protest the United States Immigration Law [Arizona SB1070]. What could he have possibly accomplished by doing so? Maybe inflicting shame on the kids and putting the kids in an adult situation which could have escalated. Liberal teachers will use anyone and anything to get their ludicrous opinion publicized.

Let’s think about this retarded teacher and his motive of partisan politics. We now know for a fact that the LA City Council comes in second place after San Francisco as the most ignorant municipal governing body in the world. And now we have cascading ignorance flowing from the Los Angeles School District with its dumb teachers.

Dumb and Dumber Los Angeles
There are dumb teachers in LA and there are smart teachers in LA. But, Los Angeles High School teacher Rodney Lusain is about as dumb as it gets. A grown man abusing and using 15 kids for his political partisan ignorance; does Los Angeles have any shame at all remaining in its city? On the other hand Lakers Teacher Phil Jackson is about as smart as they come in preparing his students to master their talents and win championships. Now which teacher do you think gets paid more, Lusian or Jackson?

LA Teacher should teach about His Relatives
If the Los Angeles high school teacher was smart he would teach his “Anchor Baby and Jackpot Baby” students how much smarter illegal aliens are than liberals. The teacher could easily prove this by asking the simple question to his students; why are illegal aliens smarter than liberals? The reason illegal aliens are smarter than liberals can be proven based on:

American adult males have become feminized. American adult females have voluntarily become masculine. American boys and girls don’t know if they are male or female, and America’s new religion is “Political Correctness.” The results of this deteriorating social order has created a great opportunity for another nation, foreign political power or current illegal populous like the “National Council of La Raza“ to set up and control this nation from within. In this case for the United States; Anchor Babies and Jackpot Babies have united with their international law breaking relatives in order to accomplish three objectives:

1.Complete the Trojan Horse invasion
2.Unite, multiply and over take the populous
3.Continue to drain the liberals’ liberal-government programs to fund and build their economic status

When these three objectives are near completion it is very doubtful that any liberal will be able to qualify for a job. Most importantly the teacher [Rodney Lusian] would easily be promoted to "principal" of his school. Now put all of the above on the back of a fake Lakers or Suns basketball jersey.

PS: Probably during the next Laker home game the Los Angeles High School teacher “Rodney Lusain” will have trained a gigantic burrito monster to stand over Staples Center Arena waving a flag with these words on it: "Mexico Annex America and Sell Lakers."


United JackPot Babies

The new slogan from Mexico's President, Illegal Aliens and Liberals in America: Dam America, Dam Arizona and Dam You! But fret not America, we have a solution to this current retarded political copulation, just don't screw up the 2010 elections this November.

All across America something you have never seen before is rising up from the south in unity; JackPot Babies. Illegal Mexicans do not need a slot machine to hit the jackpot, only a quick ride to a California, Texas or Arizona hospital to pull the liberal heart which makes them an instant jackpot winner.

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure:
Such wisdom is very strange to the young American generation of today. It is impossible for young voting liberals to comprehend the wisdom and action of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Gov Brewer is trying to apply a pound of cure for her states’ illegal alien problem. Let it be known that it was not Gov Brewer’s fault that international law breaking thugs and bandits have had their way in crossing Arizona’s southern border and other southern states’ borders into the United States. It is the fault of the current president and all other presidents before him who have completely failed in providing national security on our southern borders.

Every law abiding American should be applauding and thanking Governor Jan Brewer for derailing the international law breakers ability to enter into her state of Arizona. If only she had a few more governors who would do the same. Unfortunately what's left in America are only groups of old political ass kissing men and their younger feminize political males who have been cloned from political correct universities. Gov Brewer is standing all alone trying to give a last call before America falls, in order that we may regain our focus on the survival of the United States of America.

Taking Real American Citizens for Granted!
During these times of knowing for sure that this is the most ignorant administration that the United States has ever had should be considered a teaching moment for us [citizens]. We [American Citizens] still have an opportunity to learn something from this monumental presidential election error. The main emphasis to be learned from our current economic and national security demise is never again allowing an amateur politician to take helm of this country.

Toying with the future of America is not the smartest thing to do, but for some reason America is allowing an adolescent president to do so. Having a president that blatantly under minds the very constitution of this nation is treacherous and overtly demeaning to our concept of law and order. Our national heritage has been flushed down the toilet by this amateur partisan president. This current president is without respect for America and without conscious supports the illegal aliens and law breakers coming into this country. Every “real American” should be able to see this president’s picture on the biggest sign ever made for the worst “third class-want to be dictator.” His actions and policies proves worthy of notating him as hopefully the only affirmative action “produced” president we will ever see.

The illegal alien Masses have consolidated!
With illegal aliens permeating our borders and virtually dictating along side with their “anchor babies and jackpot babies” that we American citizens and Legal American Immigrant citizens accept their unlawfulness is pathetic. But having a president siding with this unlawful onslaught of thugs and bandits who have produced “anchor babies and jackpot babies” in this country is more pathetic. Some Americans are considering a call for serious consideration of impeachment. Many Americans are calling impeachment for this illegal alien lover who has turned his back on the United States of America.

Now let’s be sensible and sort out why this amateur president has chosen to go against the majority of Americans. Well, the answer is of course the clamoring for more illegal aliens to enter the country to secure future democrat party votes. Dam the rest of America and Americans is the priority of this president, because he and his democrat party are reconstructing the populous of this nation before our very eyes. Not to be overlooked is Mexico’s president applauding America’s power hungry ingrates for their abusive overtures on patriotic Americans and allowing liberals to cuddle and allow his peasant and degenerate populous to move into the United States of America.

A President with a Worthless Ideology
It is being whispered behind closed doors by various world leaders that there is passion of sorrow for America being led into the gutter by its first affirmative action produced president. Other nations remember how great America was in the past but now they look at America as a “thing of the past.” America must be led by a real leader if it is to be prosperous and productive. There are so many things that can elevate America back into prominence, but she must have a leader with ingenuity and with a hint of super-ingenuity which can propel America into a hyper-ingenuity nation. It would be impossible for this current administration to attain the “right stuff” to even mimic the caliber of ingenuity that was once common in American leadership. If only we had a real president with a slight hint of leadership it would be assuring to this country that we are on the right track.

Introducing New Conservative National Policies
If you think that Gov Jan Brewer is rough on illegal aliens just wait until you review a few other proposals of national interest offered by a couple of non-political leaders of this country to curtail the illegal alien flood gate. You may have already heard of some of these desired implementations on curtailing illegal aliens so consider this a refresher course.

There are several ways to kick start this nation in the right direction from its present suicidal course:

a. Build a real “Great Wall of America” made of bricks and concrete along the southern border of California to the southern border of Texas.

b. Revoke all nationalizing of illegal alien baby births and de-nationalize them from the first year after Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to the last group of illegal aliens.

c. Reimburse all medical cost incurred by every hospital and medical clinic from illegal alien usage by billing the Mexican government to recover these medical expenses produced by its citizens. Repayment can be made with oil produced from Mexican oil wells.

d. Reimburse all educational cost incurred by each and every municipal, county, state and national education institute for providing education to illegal aliens. Repayment can be made with oil produced from Mexican oil wells.

e. Introduce University Agriculture programs that are designed to replace the illegal alien labor with rotating agriculture majors to work the seasonal planting and harvesting of the various farming industries. This would be a unique system for the farming industry to implement and avoid hiring illegal aliens and being penalized for such. This would be unique for our American agriculture students to learn first hand operation of our food supply system. The new agriculture program will be designed to entice the intelligence of our young intellectuals to participate with a purpose of producing a much needed end result [food for the nation]. The participating farms will be subsidized with the appropriate funds to implement the operation of inducting the college students and high school student who desire to major in agriculture. Working students will be paid generously by the government to participate in this agriculture program.

f. Reintroduce the manufacturing and textile industries into the American GNP equation. This can be done by allowing companies and small businesses to be able to build and construct their operations without unions invading these private entities. Also curtailing or eliminating the EPA hovering over them causing unnecessary cost and expense of operations.

g. Part two of the reintroduction of manufacturing and textile industries to America would be to eliminate the EPA and the Department of Energy. These two bureaucratic monsters are the major cause of industries shutting down in this country and moving their operations to other countries. A two fold setback by the EPA and Department of Energy is that other countries are benefiting from our country’s lack of capitalizing on the various industries. The result has been that China provides this country with everything that this country use to produce for itself. America can not continue to base its economy on service industries and services companies because there is nothing to service anymore, because we’re not producing anything anymore.

Now the question is; do we have a president with a fragment of ingenuity structured within his mental capacity to assess any type of root analysis for problem solving as indicated above? I doubt it very seriously, even if he mustered all the elitist brain power available to him.America needs to restructure its leadership with individuals that have proven their worth in leadership. We can not tolerate as a nation another affirmative action clown in office who believes in promoting an “illegal alien Disneyland.”

Cut Our Losses and Seal the Border!
The time has come to cut our American losses within and outside this nation, but it can’t be done with the current caliber of administration. The coming 2012 election day may be too late for America to reverse the ignoramus activity conducted by this administration. But if by chance we have a slithering opportunity to dramatically and permanently set the United States back on the course of prominence this coming 2010 November Election Day we dare not hesitate.


Out of the Closet Conservative Americans Speak Up

This note of importance was addressed to Republican National Committee Chairman -Michael Steele on his 5/10/10 Monday commentary about obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. My note below was a forwarded reply to Mr. Steele's commentary:

The "affirmative action produced president" [obama] will get whoever he wants on the Supreme Court. Of course I'm opposed to this amateur administrator’s liberal selection for supreme court nominee, but what type of power or influence do I or Joe and Alice America have to make a difference? We [The Real American Conservatives] can scream and yell all night and day and will not have any direct affect on the policy and decision making of your "junior achievement president" obama. The Republican Party Elite are the ones who permit the liberals to have their way with whatever they want. Those of us at the lower end of the conservative totem pole can only watch what comes out your mouth and see what you actually do against the suicidal maniacs that run this country.

Out of the Closet Civil War:
We "The American Conservatives" who are at the bottom [foundation] of the conservative totem pole are fighting a one on one battle against illegal aliens who have taken over our good [white collar, blue collar and union] jobs. We are struggling within the law to halt the illegal aliens from destroying our constitutional laws of order. We are wrestling with ignorant political correct liberals who are assisting illegal aliens with destroying our health care system. We're trying to hold down the foundation of our nation on our end of the totem pole, in order that you and the big wig republican elites' can at least fake like you're fighting your political partisan opposition.

Let me clearly stress that it is important that America has the right supreme court justice in place, but we the Concerned Conservatives, TeaParty Members, Forgotten Conservatives and many other concerned Americans are currently on the front line fighting with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Why are we standing by her side and assisting her you might ask? Well to be truthful it is because we're trying to help Gov Brewer secure our nation's security system by prioritizing the securing our southern borders. In doing so at least you and the big wig republican elites could at least thwart your "adolescent president" from implementing a poor supreme court decision. If you accomplish that mission then you can come to the border and help us on the front line of defending Arizona and the rest of America.

What's up with Republican Leaders keeping silent on illegal aliens?
We need immediate reinforcement from republican leaders as soon as possible. I doubt very seriously if we can last until 2012 or even the 2010 elections for conservative reinforcement. Therefore I implore you to send a few of your generals to the front line with us and let your allegiance to conservative values be known up front and not shut up in a closet.

Rumor has it that you may be employing the same political tactic of recruitment as the democratic party, in which they are enlisting illegal aliens within their rank and file as needed votes. If this is also true of the republican party, then you must hold a press conference today and announce an apology to Benedict Arnold as being America's greatest traitor.


American Television FOR KIDS

Do you still consider Super Bowl half time entertainment family oriented?
" I don't think so, Janet Jackson!"

Retarded Television Programmers Gone Wild:  Too many adult overtures are slammed into the face of kids today, and your condoning politician and immature television producers will not take responsibility for it. They have no consideration for the cause and effect of adult overtones in their programming. They wrecklessly expose adult contents which plaster the minds of innocent kids watching. And of course these television producers will quickly claim that parents have the responsibility to monitor the television programs away from the 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old child.

But I wonder how would condoning politicians and retarded television programmers react in a compromising position; if they were sitting with their nursery school age children watching an "Elroy Sing Along Program" and all of a sudden a commercial breaks on screen with two adult males performing oral sex in a preview for an upcoming program? That's the caliber of television programming and entertainment that exists today. The television producers have no discretion of presentation; just put any program on air that will create advertising time slots for commercial revenue.

Television Producers Create Role Models for Kids:  So the condoning politicians and retarded television producers continue to plea their case that it's not their fault for any child to grow up and become a bank robber, a car thief, a rapist, a plane hijacker, an alcoholic, a dope pusher, a dope addict, a weekend prostitute, a full time male prostitute, or a famous homicidal maniac. Well, I guess the children are the ones who are requesting the all star line up of immoral action pack characters to be featured in the television programs. It is an inherit nature of every child born on this earth to act out whatever they see, but I guess the television producers and programmers, along with your retarded politicians can't see that.