Mexico Annex America

Some things you just have to wonder about. In this case we should wonder about how politics has become completely ignorant and cheap.

High School Politicians are not Teachers
A Los Angeles High School teacher named Rodney Lusian took his students to the Lakers/Suns playoff game to protest the United States Immigration Law [Arizona SB1070]. What could he have possibly accomplished by doing so? Maybe inflicting shame on the kids and putting the kids in an adult situation which could have escalated. Liberal teachers will use anyone and anything to get their ludicrous opinion publicized.

Let’s think about this retarded teacher and his motive of partisan politics. We now know for a fact that the LA City Council comes in second place after San Francisco as the most ignorant municipal governing body in the world. And now we have cascading ignorance flowing from the Los Angeles School District with its dumb teachers.

Dumb and Dumber Los Angeles
There are dumb teachers in LA and there are smart teachers in LA. But, Los Angeles High School teacher Rodney Lusain is about as dumb as it gets. A grown man abusing and using 15 kids for his political partisan ignorance; does Los Angeles have any shame at all remaining in its city? On the other hand Lakers Teacher Phil Jackson is about as smart as they come in preparing his students to master their talents and win championships. Now which teacher do you think gets paid more, Lusian or Jackson?

LA Teacher should teach about His Relatives
If the Los Angeles high school teacher was smart he would teach his “Anchor Baby and Jackpot Baby” students how much smarter illegal aliens are than liberals. The teacher could easily prove this by asking the simple question to his students; why are illegal aliens smarter than liberals? The reason illegal aliens are smarter than liberals can be proven based on:

American adult males have become feminized. American adult females have voluntarily become masculine. American boys and girls don’t know if they are male or female, and America’s new religion is “Political Correctness.” The results of this deteriorating social order has created a great opportunity for another nation, foreign political power or current illegal populous like the “National Council of La Raza“ to set up and control this nation from within. In this case for the United States; Anchor Babies and Jackpot Babies have united with their international law breaking relatives in order to accomplish three objectives:

1.Complete the Trojan Horse invasion
2.Unite, multiply and over take the populous
3.Continue to drain the liberals’ liberal-government programs to fund and build their economic status

When these three objectives are near completion it is very doubtful that any liberal will be able to qualify for a job. Most importantly the teacher [Rodney Lusian] would easily be promoted to "principal" of his school. Now put all of the above on the back of a fake Lakers or Suns basketball jersey.

PS: Probably during the next Laker home game the Los Angeles High School teacher “Rodney Lusain” will have trained a gigantic burrito monster to stand over Staples Center Arena waving a flag with these words on it: "Mexico Annex America and Sell Lakers."

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