Out of the Closet Conservative Americans Speak Up

This note of importance was addressed to Republican National Committee Chairman -Michael Steele on his 5/10/10 Monday commentary about obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. My note below was a forwarded reply to Mr. Steele's commentary:

The "affirmative action produced president" [obama] will get whoever he wants on the Supreme Court. Of course I'm opposed to this amateur administrator’s liberal selection for supreme court nominee, but what type of power or influence do I or Joe and Alice America have to make a difference? We [The Real American Conservatives] can scream and yell all night and day and will not have any direct affect on the policy and decision making of your "junior achievement president" obama. The Republican Party Elite are the ones who permit the liberals to have their way with whatever they want. Those of us at the lower end of the conservative totem pole can only watch what comes out your mouth and see what you actually do against the suicidal maniacs that run this country.

Out of the Closet Civil War:
We "The American Conservatives" who are at the bottom [foundation] of the conservative totem pole are fighting a one on one battle against illegal aliens who have taken over our good [white collar, blue collar and union] jobs. We are struggling within the law to halt the illegal aliens from destroying our constitutional laws of order. We are wrestling with ignorant political correct liberals who are assisting illegal aliens with destroying our health care system. We're trying to hold down the foundation of our nation on our end of the totem pole, in order that you and the big wig republican elites' can at least fake like you're fighting your political partisan opposition.

Let me clearly stress that it is important that America has the right supreme court justice in place, but we the Concerned Conservatives, TeaParty Members, Forgotten Conservatives and many other concerned Americans are currently on the front line fighting with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Why are we standing by her side and assisting her you might ask? Well to be truthful it is because we're trying to help Gov Brewer secure our nation's security system by prioritizing the securing our southern borders. In doing so at least you and the big wig republican elites could at least thwart your "adolescent president" from implementing a poor supreme court decision. If you accomplish that mission then you can come to the border and help us on the front line of defending Arizona and the rest of America.

What's up with Republican Leaders keeping silent on illegal aliens?
We need immediate reinforcement from republican leaders as soon as possible. I doubt very seriously if we can last until 2012 or even the 2010 elections for conservative reinforcement. Therefore I implore you to send a few of your generals to the front line with us and let your allegiance to conservative values be known up front and not shut up in a closet.

Rumor has it that you may be employing the same political tactic of recruitment as the democratic party, in which they are enlisting illegal aliens within their rank and file as needed votes. If this is also true of the republican party, then you must hold a press conference today and announce an apology to Benedict Arnold as being America's greatest traitor.

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