Gov Brewer meets obama

Brewer and Obama!
Oh my dear Gov Brewer! What have you done to give that adolescent president an upper hand in the illegal alien issue? You actually trotted to the white house to negotiate with a clown. Come on Gov Brewer, now you’ve let everyone down who was supporting you and your cause to be tough on illegal aliens. You were suppose to go into the white house with guns blazing. Instead you go into the white house with your tail tucked and come out of the white house handing out cup cakes for us to eat. Basically Gov Brewer you just screwed up by kowtowing to an administration that truly doesn’t give a flip about you or America’s security.

You had a chance to show the American people that you were not cut from the same mold as the other kiss-ass politicians that have become subservient to this “affirmative action president.”

Get Real Gov Brewer!
Come on Gov Brewer, you had everyone believing that you were our hard core leader that we’ve been waiting for to stand. I myself wrote a commentary of praise for you http://bit.ly/aRZzKO and your effort to thwart the political correct idiots. We believed that you understood what the hard core American believers of truth and justice required of its government. Unfortunately your natural traits of being a politician showed up when you went behind closed doors with the most ultimate partisan fake leader in American history. Your credibility with the American tax payer has slipped because of your so called “cordial meeting” with obama. We don’t need to add another political cordial association, especially not with the retarded political correct breeders in Washington D.C. What American tax payers need are new leaders that are not so easily coaxed into sucking up every free dollar meal offered by lobbyist.

Gov Brewer you’ve shown America the true colors of a politician, Green! Green! Green! I’m not talking about the ignorant global warming green; I’m talking about the all mighty dollar green. Gov Brewer you have proved what we all didn’t want to believe and that is you’re a politician. Because when you get behind closed doors with other politicians you assimilate and do the fun things politicians do behind closed doors.

It’s like the question that was asked to a little boy;
“What does your mother and father do for fun?” The little boy answered and said; “I don’t know because they keep the door locked.”

Cesspool of Politics!
America is falling apart with illegal aliens taking over our land and economy. There are Islamic Terrorist planted within our society and government. There are jobless Americans who will never be able to retain a job again because companies and corporations have moved their operations offshore. And last but not least, we have politicians continuing to play with the hearts of Americans. I honestly don’t know how long this interchangeable cesspool of politics can continue before something catastrophic literally happens to America.

Americans had their hope in you Gov Brewer as being that twinkling light of hope that “a leader is finally coming to the forefront.” Actually many Americans were chanting “President Brewer” to the political correct crowds and the illegal alien supporters. Unfortunately any glorification of your effort to curtail illegal aliens from entering into Arizona has diminish. Not because we want you to diminish but because your stance was not as firm as we expected. We expected you to go to Washington D.C. and present your alternatives for destroying the illegal alien trafficking system that the federal government has failed to do. Instead you’ve compromised with a juvenile, amateur, adolescent clown to continue to talk about a problem instead of implementing ready made solutions now.

Behind Closed Doors!
Come on Gov Brewer, you were on the right track with your initiation of SB1070 but you got sidetracked in submitting to talk with obama. Enough of the old cliché of “Communicating with One Another,” it’s time we have a leader that directs the country and not tip toe around and compromise on issues. We thought you were that leader Gov Brewer, but evidence is beginning to point from that claim. I guess the best way to explain this rebuttal of your meeting with the “Manchurian Candidate” can be summed up in the old Charlie Rich [The Silver Fox] song “Behind Closed Doors:”

“And when we get behind closed doors,
And she lets her hair hang down,
And she makes me glad that I’m a man,
And no one knows what goes on behind closed doors”

IA1050 Report
It was unnecessary for you to go behind closed doors with an amateur leader. You could have at least given obama a copy of the follow up IA1050 report that supports the SB1070 law: http://bit.ly/aoAHZh

To the best of our knowledge the only thing that resulted from your meeting with obama was more political diarrhea! Come on Gov Brewer, you can do better than that! We need help in America; Help us Americans!

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