When Rome [America] Refuse to Go to Church!

How can I explain this; lets start by understanding that the "Roman Empire" was not destroyed by outside forces, foreign military or space alien invasion.  Neither did the Roman Empire stumble or fall because of inappropriate relationship and fraternizing with its ally satellites [like obama interfering with Israel's elections]. Rome ruled with a firm hand without any element of surprise to its ally satellites. Any attempt of insubordination or objectionable confrontation would fail miserably with dire consequences.

Power of Authority!

The Roman Empire was well respected [just like America used to be] and feared by all.   No nation or country dared to command a thought of opposing the Roman Empire. Therefore what could possibly raise a threat level or prodding of the great Roman Empire? Who would dare contemplate a rebellion against the Roman Empire? Who could conjure up an over abundance of military personnel and a massive arsenal of high tech weaponry? Such a looming challenger to the Roman Empire's mighty power would seem virtually impossible and unfeasible. But on the other hand ladies and gentlemen, there is a mighty formidable power that exist which is capable and ready to combat the great Roman Empire and any other empire. The formidable foe is a tactful entity of abstract design and virtually impossible to detect until it has ingeniously engulfed its victim. The formidable foe is "Political Correctness."

Destructive Political Correctness!

Rome collapsed from within by political correctness and cowardly politicians who stood behind the skirt there of. Every politician of the Roman time and today have hidden behind the "political correct mini skirt" while flaunting their greed generated power. Today you have the purist form of ancient Rome government on exhibit in the United States, which is the result of identical social development.

What history writes about America will be astounding on one hand and puzzling to the future historian on the other hand. The reason for the puzzling reaction is because of the failure of American leadership to acknowledge the early warnings of the formidable foe establishing itself. Political Correctness along with today's American leadership whose capabilities is sub par at best and obsolete from greatness, automatically forfeits any claim of America to identify itself as a super power of authority anymore.

Ideology Transition

Over the past 40 years America has been in transition retreating from its ideology of Christian foundational truths. In return there has erupted an aggressive ideology from the liberal platform with a foundation of political correctness that's causing our national security to become inadequate and moral standards to become relative. The liberal platform of ideology inflamed with political correctness is without a doubt responsible for the conditioning of the general public to become passive to issues of great value such as encroachment upon personal rights and freedom. 

There is a strong irony that the liberal platform is going forward but yet personal rights and freedom are being depleted.  Such conditions have pushed America into a political correct self destructive path.  The inevitable results of America's self destruct path has garnered an immature muslim president who despises America's Christian foundation.   Also throw in as a bonus America's economic disaster and vengeful partisan sects [EPA DOJ IRS ICE] acting on command of a muslim president obama..  

It's a miracle that America has remained intact this long under a communist muslim president obama.  With scandal after scandal; IRS, Bergdahl, Hillary Email, obama Cat Food Scandal, Executive amnesty, obama funding Opposition to Netanyahu, Benghazi, etc....   Your modern day Rome [United States] has finally become unraveled from within, of course with the help of muslim brotherhood's cousin hussein obama.  

Before America becomes completely unraveled let us sing our national anthem;

Ohhh Say Can You See obama!

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