President for America's Enemies

2008-The Year that Deceived America and Produced a President for the Enemy!

At the end of the day on September 11, 2001 America was not America anymore. As the clock race past 11:59 PM on September 11th to 12:00 AM September 12, 2001 America became the loneliest nation on this planet.

Just twenty four hours earlier time and history consulted together to bring about a decision that would climax the existence of the United States of America. Still America was not conscious of her new registration into a select group of nations who had been attacked on its own land by an enemy. Humiliated, humble and proud with ultimate constraints not to lash out with her dominate power to eclipse any nation on earth she subsided with caution not to use her venomous power. The world escaped a chastisement never to be forgotten, but the very enemies of America took the slacking of America’s restraint as a sign of weakness.

On the night of November 4, 2008 the elections were over with and every American felt the impact of the results. Needless to say every American was not pleased with the final outcome. Time and history once again consulted together to bring about a decision that would climax the existence of the United States of America. The election of a historical president to lead the most powerful nation on this planet was cast in wonderment around the world. The American national media networks went into a complete docile frenzy mode of unprofessional exuberance unable to be contained. So-called network anchor personnel, reporters and journalist were itching and scratching to be the first to interview the new chief executive of America. None of the national media representatives did any home work on assessing the caliber or qualification of their new found leader of the land; actually it was never their intention to do so. The end result of the national media’s neglect in professional reporting only elevated a historical celebrity star struck Manchurian Candidate into believing he was literally a little god. Undaunted by the celebrity show time put on by America’s national media America’s enemies utilized this climate of ignorance to their advantage. Low and behold the patience of America’s enemies has paid off with big dividends by America’s media appeasing Islamic terrorist and Muslim extremist.

On Friday the 13th 2010 another climatic episode of American history finally came into focus detailing the true character of America’s historical celebrity president. Time has finally unveiled the true obama who has no respect for Americans and yet having a utopian appeasement for Islamic terrorist, Muslim extremist, Mexican illegal aliens and any other illegal alien. Earlier in the day obama put down his left partisan foot and declared with a vengeance that he supported the continuance of nationalizing illegal alien babies. If that was not enough for America to mull over in total disgust the commander in chief issued another declarative statement of his belief towards America and America’s enemies. He put his right political correct foot down with an unequivocal directive of his blessings towards America’s enemies and that America must respect her enemies and honor them. Honor America’s enemies by allowing America’s enemies to erect a monumental building with a middle finger pointing to America’s face. To the majority of Americans this official statement from the president is callous and disrespectful to Americans who have died for this country and who are currently fighting for this country.

It is, and never shall be acceptable for any American leader, particularly this president, to call this nation into a fetal position for enemies to have authority over us. Obama has shown his true color and it’s not America’s color. This president has finally emptied his port-o-potty onto the beautiful landscape of America. Obama has no respect or willingness to respect America as a nation or America as a people. Obama and his wife and the rest of his appointed czars and partisan thugs in office should no longer be identified as Americans regardless if he was voted into office. Obama has zero sensitivity for Americans, and therefore Americans must respond in like manner to this individual who has deliberately distorted what an American president should stand for [stand for Americans].

At one time I thought that obama was a little mixed up on his interpretation of who he is representing as president. But with all the conclusive evidence in place it has been determined that obama never intended to be America’s president, but instead “President for America’s enemies"

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  1. Wonderful article. Agree O is not an American President. He is a foreigner to America in every sense of the word; our ideals, our love of America, aganst our way of life, of fact we are a Christian counry & not the largest Muslim populated county in the world, etc. He is against all America stands for.


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