America Calls for Help on November 2

One morning President Lincoln [not obama] met a well preserved homeless man near the White House grounds. The homeless man didn’t recognize the president but struck up a conversation with the president and asked him for some money to curtail the immediate starvation he was enduring.

In the conversation President Lincoln said to the homeless man; “You look like an able-bodied man, why don’t you join the army?”

The homeless man whimpering and crying replied to the president; “They won’t let me in to join; I would be more than proud and glad enough to die for my country “sir,” if they would give me a chance to do so.”

President Lincoln kindly responded to the homeless man’s broadcasting loyalty and said; “Well, maybe I can be of service to you!” The president took out an envelope and pen from his inside coat pocket and wrote a note addressing it to the officer in charge of the nearby recruiting station on Fifteenth Street.

While handing the envelope to the homeless man the president said; “Take this note and give it to the officer at the recruiting station located at 714 Fifteenth Street. If the officer in charge can’t assist you don’t worry, come back to me, I’ll be in the area walking around for a while.”

The homeless man took the note and shuffled away. He never came back to President Lincoln, and he never did go to the recruiting office on Fifteenth Street. The reason the homeless man never reached the designated destination was because he read the note and was convicted of his guilt, for the note said:

“Attention Colonel Felding; The bearer of this note is anxious to go to the war front to fight and die for his country. Is it possible to give this committed citizen a chance to prove his loyalty?”
[The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln]

In essence what we have in the above dialogue between President Lincoln and the homeless man is a spin off from the old story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” “Wolf Cry” is when a person calls out for help and help arrives only to find out the person was not serious about their call out for help. Such is the case for America today. America is calling out for help to turn the country around and back to its conservative stance on life and liberty.

The answer to America’s call out for help has speedily come upon the political horizon in the form of the “Tea Party Calvary.” The Tea Party Calvary has rushed through the murky sleazy tides of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and the RNC [Republican National Committee] in order to save the republic. Unfortunately the Tea Party Calvary has had to endure through the DNC’s slanderous campaigns and through the RNC defecating on the Tea Party face. Yet, the Tea Party Calvary continues to maneuver through the political mine fields to rush to the front door of the White House. As the Tea Party Calvary knocks down the front door of the White House let us not retreat from their side. Let us not become silent lambs when the Tea Party Calvary begins to purge and flush out the wolves that have been devouring our constitutional freedoms.

As November 2nd 2010 approaches, Americans need not to become silent and shame for their call out for help, but instead should continue to call out with a loud voice “Wolves in the White House!” and point the Tea Party Calvary to the political wolves who have turned our constitution into a carcass.

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