A dangerous precedent has been set for American youth and young adults by members of the show “The View.” It is true that in America we have rights and freedoms that no other country on this earth allows in comparison. But when rights and freedom are exaggerated to the point of intolerance we’re doomed as a respectable society. That’s what was exhibited on the Thursday broadcast of “The View”10/14/10. It is well known that America has changed in loyalty and devotion towards its own citizens due to politics and partisan bliss. The damming result of this nation’s forty years of liberal social engineering has produced a great mass of cloned minded individuals. A large majority of these cloned minded individuals have become prominent in the celebrity world and pop culture environment. In particular you have Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg that are perfect examples of cloned conditioned individuals that have reaped great financial wealth from the current and past generation of socially engineered populous. Celebrity individuals like Behar and Goldberg have great liberal powers of gossip and gab that feeds this society much like a fish owner with gullible gold fish in a fish tank waiting to gobble up as much as poured out.

The point of this matter is that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar justify themselves as being tolerant left wing ideologists who are far distanced from prejudice and racism. But when you actually turn the x-ray machine on them you find their allocated tendencies for tolerance and freedom of speech becomes lacking. This normally occurs when confronted by an opposing view point [non-liberal view point]. The intolerant talk show celebrities [Behar & Goldberg] proved their intolerance when their invited guest “Bill O’Reilly” presented his perspective on the national issue of allowing Muslims to build a mosque next to the 9-11 ground zero. Behar and Goldberg did their best to belittle O’Reilly while damming him. The irony of the face off between O’Reilly, Behar and Goldberg is that Behar and Goldberg offer appeasement to the Islamic/Muslim terrorists who devised and perpetrated the destruction of the “twin towers” killing thousands of Americans.

Behar and Goldberg displayed no remorse for their Islamic/Muslim terrorist buddies 9-11 action while confronting O’Reilly. Behar and Goldberg became unglued while trying to refute O’Reilly’s comments. Instead of showing unification with O’Reilly on discussing protecting our sovereignty against Islamic enemies Behar and Goldberg walked off the stage set, leaving O’Reilly with explicit words of liberal encouragement. Barbara Walters tried to compensate for the unprofessional action of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar as O’Reilly offered an apology for not clarifying his point blank truth on the national issue.

What everyone on the stage and in the studio audience of the "View" show have forgotten that America is at war with Islamic nations who completely support the home grown Islamic and Muslim terrorist living in and around America. Couple that with the latest generation of Americans being so screwed up psychologically with self centered rights they’re unaware of our society crumbling and falling right before their very eyes. The enemies of America are lambasting in the ignorance of the materialistic minded clones of Obama ideology [global peace]. What Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are completely ignorant of is that the nations of Islam and its Muslim protégées have a mission to follow through according to their Koran.

This is not a propaganda exposé to focus hatred on Muslims but this is a real dimension of world life that should be exposed. Islamic nations and Muslim terrorists are determined to destroy Israel and America as well. The United States is just one crusade for the Muslims to conquer, Islamic terrorist have a schedule of crusades to dominate the world and their plans will not be thwarted, especially if people like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg continue to appease them.

What most Americans must realize is that star celebrities like Whoopi and Joy have obtained wealth and world wide fame that has afforded them the ability to develop global friendship with enemies of the United States. It is of no conscious for them to support an enemy that is their friend, and that’s why you will not hear any rebuke from their mouth about their Islamic and Muslim friends who just happen to be terrorists. The dangerous precedent being set by Behar and Goldberg is to use constitutional laws to protect enemies of the United States. Coddling your “enemy-friend” is the ultimate detrimental example for American youth and young adults to mimic. Love your foreign enemy but hate your American neighbor; appease the foreign enemy with tolerance but despise and hate George Bush and anyone that looks like him. Unfortunately Bill O’Reilly has a trace of Bush in his personality [political view point] and Behar and Goldberg hate and despise such..

As an American citizen we all should be appalled by the “View’s” constant promotion of intolerance to non-liberals who live in this country and have died for this country. Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936AD said it best; “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” In all honestly this is a truth in liberal media and liberal network broadcasts, and surely it’s a truth applied to “The View” cast of women.

Don’t get me wrong on my love for confused Americans because I love Whoopi and I love Joy in the sense of their creative talent, but these same women would hate me if I sided with O’Reilly’s or spoke condemning Muslims. It’s funny how Whoopi and Joy can denounce Christianity with a flurry of insults to make fun of Christians and the Church, but you’ll never hear them denounce Islam or Muslims who carry out world wide terrorist acts daily.

The showmanship these ladies [Behar and Goldberg] portrayed on air with Bill O’Reilly are not laudable in any fashion. The sad thing about it is they’re teaching young girls and young women to illustrate themselves in the same manner of broadcasting their partisan venomous hatred. The cast on “The View” carelessly throw their poisonous venom of hate into the pond of gullible American youth and young adults by design. It’s as if though they are deliberately taking their cues from the Obama administration in keeping a wedge between races and classes. Of course this culminates the forty year plan of social engineering sponsored by the “wealthy liberal ruling elite class” to divide and master.

This is America, and everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and so does the cast of “The View.” It is true that the cast members Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg do not hold to the belief in which 70% of Americans do, which is, Americans do not want a Islamic/Muslim mosque to be built anywhere close to ground zero. We all know that Behar and Goldberg represent a small percent of individuals in America, and truly that’s not a problem. But the problem is when venomous hate and partisan ideology by Goldberg and Behar is fed to mindless groups of people who do not search out true facts of reality. Feeding a gullible young society partisan propaganda through network programming by which the “View” does, only accelerates the deterioration of a nation.

Although Behar and Goldberg represent a small number of like minded people, the venomous hatred towards non-liberals is constantly embedded into the minds of young college students through Goldberg and Behar’s promotion. Hopefully there are more Bill O’Reilly’s willing to go into the liberal snake pit like “The View” and make aware to the general public the severity of our national security. The intolerance of liberals for non-liberals has become like a poison in the ground. Our American soil has been cultivated with venomous hatred pitting Americans against Americans. It’s like a poison in the ground spreading through out the land with the help of liberal celebrities like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and their brother Bill Maher. One would have to consider this trio of liberals as cruel and unusual fools.