Back Door President and American Suckers!

The evidence is unanimously clear that Mexican President Calderon is in charge of his southern Mexican border [Guatemala, Belize], but it is overtly known that Obama is not in control of the southern U.S. border. In order to sort out how far the United States of America has fallen from common sense to protect itself from terrorist invasion and drug cartel attacks on its southern border please follow the sequence below.

The previous most devastating act upon American soil occurred on September 11, 2001 when 19 Islamic terrorist easily manifested their presence in the United States of America.

The second most devastating act upon American soil has occurred on June 15, 2012 when 1. Barack Hussein Obama [aka U.S. President] and 2. Janet Napolitano [aka unelected official] announced by executive directive [under-the-table executive order] that 3. illegal Mexicans [aka approximately in general 2,000,000 million] will not be deported out of the United States of America during this presidential election year.

Celebrity Leader Making Improper Decisions

The decision by Obama to allow an unaccountable number [estimate over 2 million] of illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens to become legal within American borders is virtually ludicrous. Except for the genius idea of benefiting from their illegal vote for the up coming election, what other reason could there be? We’re talking about an additional group of people receiving government benefits legally and obtaining jobs that are rare for legal Americans to find. American college students should be shouting and screaming at Obama because his decision will directly affect their ability to obtain a job.

The age group Obama is legalizing is the same age group that will be taking jobs from legal American college students. There are millions of legitimate foreign nationals that are applying legally to enter into the U.S. to become a legal citizen and now they are being ignored and pushed to the back of the room to allow illegal Mexicans to have priority status for legalization.. Why? Another prominent calculated question that Americans want to know is whether these illegal Mexicans and other foreign illegal populous will actually have the right to vote on November 6, 2012? Chances are YES! It’s a wonder that legitimate foreign nationals [Chinese, Australian, French, Canadian, Korean, German, Japanese, Russian, Ethiopian, Israeli, Iranian, Hungarian, etc…] who are seeking legal American citizenship are not putting forth a class action lawsuit against the president and the immigration department for violating immigration laws.

Marxist President For A Dumb Country!

America is on the verge of having a stroke from high blood pressure caused by their constitutionally voided decision making president Barack Husssein Obama. Of course the 2012 presidential election has its part in contributing to America’s scheduled political heart examination. But after three years of amateur leadership from the White House the political blood clot has reached America’s heart. Americans could not have imagined that the outcome of 2008 would lead to fractured and polarized America as we have today. Turning America over to a young radical “Marxist” [by philosophical belief] would have been considered out right ludicrous in 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000. But between the year 2004 and 2008 America’s psychological structure of thinking became altered through various social and political call outs [Bush, Bush, Bush, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq].

Will America Continue To Be Dumb On 11/06/12 Or Smart?

November 6, 2012 is immediately around the corner for Americans to make a new decision and take action on selecting new leadership that will not cause America to have constant heart attacks based on dictatorial decision making. In the mean time Obama must coral and mobilize his constituency groups in order to ensure his chance at winning reelection is “guaranteed.”

What is well known in America is Obama must replace his dependency on voter fraud to get the votes he normally would get. There are signs that point to a tougher ability to obtain votes from voter fraud as existed in 2008 than in 2012. But with diligence Obama’s attorney general [Holder] is working hard to keep the status quo for pro-illegal votes by fighting against states that are trying to eliminate voter fraud [Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc…]. Because of the crack down on voter fraud in many states Obama must create a new voting base to replacement the illegal voting base that has always been at his disposal.

Free Citizenship To Federal Law Breakers!

The smartest way to garner up new replacement votes for his 2012 election run would be to approve illegal Mexican voters. It is interesting that you won’t hear Obama catering to the illegal Chinese voter, illegal Russian voter, illegal Korean voter, illegal Australian voter; illegal German voter, illegal Canadian voter, but you will hear him blatantly catering to the Mexican populous which by chance has millions of young illegal Mexican voters. Obama’s selfish desires override the security of America. One has to wonder if Obama would have given amnesty to the nineteen terrorist of September 11, 2001 as easily as he is giving back door amnesty to over two million illegal aliens on June 15, 2012.

Today America is calling out again for someone to take leadership of this country with a mature hand of experience comprehending American history, American capitalism and American sovereignty and security. The decision of Barack Hussein Obama to allow millions of foreign nationals and illegal Mexicans to have legal status in America without going through the constitutional process is a blatant act of treason and abuse of executive power. For a president to write his own immigration policies void of federal and state immigration laws of the land is a clear sign of dictatorial power which our constitution and legislation forbids.

By the way, since Obama is granting legal status to a couple of million illegal foreign nationals he should also include the September 11, 2001 group that wanted to be in America too!

[1]Mohamed Atta, [2]Abdulaziz al-Omari, [3]Satam al-Suqami, [4]Waleed M al-Shehri, [5]Wail al-Shehri, [6]Marwan al-Shehhi, [7]Ahmed al-Ghamdi, [8]Mohand al-Shehri, [9]Hamza al-Ghamdi, [10]Fayez Ahmed, [11]Khalid al-Midhar, [12]Majed Moqed, [13]Nawaf al-Hazmi, [14]Salem al-Hazmi, [15]Hani Hanjour, [16]Ahmed al-Nami, [17]Ahmed al-Haznawi, [18]Ziad Jarrah and [19]Saeed al-Ghamdi


Bill Maher and Democrat Party Ownership of Blacks

Consider your family reluctantly being identified as the household on the block that represents 45% of the neighborhood’s unemployment. Also consider that your family household represents 28% of your neighborhood’s food stamp assistance program. If times were not hard enough for your household consider your family being put on notice that you’re no longer acknowledge as humans in the community, but your status has been reevaluated to “Party of the Apes” in the community. Bill Maher the [white Democrat] financer of the Obama campaign went beyond the call of duty to lay claim for the Democrat Party that African descendants are now considered family members of the “Party of the Apes” coalition. Maybe Bill Maher in his retarded maligned perception to label Lieutenant Colonel Allen West [Congressman Allen West] as a “Party of the Apes” member made a slight misapplication of identification. If this commentary was sponsored by “Politico” such an excuse of misapplication would be lauded. But this is not a Politico commentary, and truth be told, Bill Maher was simply echoing the description in his heart towards America’s African Descendants.

Disclosed heart of Bill Maher

A teachable moment for every young person under the age of thirty is to know that whatever is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth; it’s just a matter of time. Consider what has evolved over the past few years, how bold Democrat Party Elites like Bill Maher easily succumb to spilling out their honest perception of how American Africans should be aligned in the new liberal social order. Bill Maher’s display of arrogant intellectual behavior has translated into his true racial concept of what blacks are to him [Party of the Apes members]. But Bill Maher is not the only prominent white Democrat whose racist roots have been exposed. Have you forgotten what Democrat Senator Harry Reid said about Obama; “he’s light skinned with no negro talk.” Don’t forget what Democrat President Bill Clinton said in a direct racial structure; “a few years ago this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee.” Bill Maher is just a cover page of what the Democrat Party Elite really think of blacks.

Regardless if Bill Maher donated over a million dollars to Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election campaign, Bill Maher has in his heart a deep depiction of what half of Obama represent to him [half black], which is partly a “Party of the Apes” half member. It doesn’t matter how many blacks support Bill Maher or how many white liberals support him, the terminology that Maher used to describe Lieutenant Colonel Allen West was deliberate vengeful hate with racial inclination. There are no corrections or apologies that can console what the Democrat Party has allowed to manifest in the public eye. In this case, how they condone what dispensed out of Maher’s mouth [Party of the Apes].

Past and Present Party of the Apes Members

In hindsight Bill Maher identified the whole ancestry of American Africans with the ease of slipping through his mouth what he deem American Africans to be, “Party of the Apes” members. Some of you may side with Maher and say his intent was only for a few African Descendants in the Republican Party or the Republican Party as a whole. You could probably loosen the insight from Maher’s slant to Colonel West, but it was very clear that Bill Maher was centralizing on Lieutenant Colonel Allen West by indirect insinuation of his genealogy, “Party of the Apes.” But such flagrant and deliberately induced ignorance disclosed by Bill Maher must not be taken lightly and allowed to side straddle along the archives of African Descendants. In this case, by the “Grace of God” Bill Maher’s comment inclining that Africans belong to the “Party of the Apes” [real apes] are automatically erased by a very prominent slate of Republican Party members. Let us name a few of the people Bill Maher has consciously labeled as “Party of the Apes” members.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – The Architect of America’s Society

Dr. Alveda C. King – Professor and Preserver of The Architect of America’s Society

Mary McLeod Bethune - Presidential Advisor

Condoleezza Rice - Secretary of State

Frederick Douglass - Consul General to Haiti

J. Kenneth Blackwell – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. – Secretary of Transportation

A. Phillip Randolph – International Vice-President of the AFL-CIO

Harriet Tubman – Distinct Civil War Soldier, Spy and Nurse

Sojourner Truth – Counselor of National Freedman’s Relief Association

George Washington Carver – Master Scientist/Agriculturalist

Hiram Rhodes Revels – United States Senator/ Register of the Treasury

Ida B. Wells – Journalist/ Advocate for Civil Rights

Thomas Sowell – Economist/ Journalist/ Author

Sammy Davis Jr. – World Renowned Greatest Entertainer

Jennette B. Bradley – Lieutenant Governor and Director of the Ohio Dept of Commerce

All of these great individuals and many more are considered by Bill Maher as “Party of the Apes” members. All of the above great Americans are of the Republican Party. All of the above great Americans are of African Ancestry, just like Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. Therefore when Bill Maher calls Lieutenant Colonel Allen West a representative of the “Party of the Apes” he is calling all those great Americans listed above as family members of the “Party of the Apes.”

Guaranteed Property Owners

When a person like Bill Maher and a political party like the Democrat Party gain abusive power, the tendency is to abuse those powers for influence and directives. What has happened to the so-called black community today is the outright display of the Democrat Party to call ownership of their specific citizenry by directing the black community to vote for who they are told to vote for [strictly Democrat Party Members]. As you can see, Bill Maher is just a recent example of abusing his liberal Democrat prominence to exploit young blacks, young whites and young hispanics to vote strictly for Democrat representatives. Bill Maher’s sole reason of influence is based on his hate for Republicans, but his underlining effort is to identify American African Descendants as “Party of the Apes” members. Actually it is not really hard for Bill Maher to abuse the black community with his influence. The reason being is because the so-called black community has been abused politically for so long that they have become immune to being the guaranteed property of the Democrat Party for votes. The Democrat Party is the political sole owner of the black community; this was blatantly proven with over 95% of black voters in 2008.

It should puzzle at least a few of the 95% Democrat Party owned black voters of how they are being treated in the American community. Having over 45% of black young adults unemployed and 28% of black families in America on food stamps should ring an alarm bell for the black community. Unfortunately it just hasn’t rung loud enough for black Americans to wake up and comprehend they are being politically abused and quite often socially abused by their Democrat owners. Another alarm bell should be going off in the minds of black voters knowing Obama has 95% of the black votes in his pocket, but yet he won’t invite them to an “After Five Dinner” they can afford. Obama is buying the Mexican vote outright and in the face of black voters, and in the face of legal foreign nationals, by giving amnesty to illegal Mexicans. Howbeit, Obama won’t sponsor a dinner for the 95% of black constituents who put him in office. It’s like giving a slap in the face to black voters when he run pass them to get to his $30,000 and $45,000 dinner plate events sponsored by his filthy rich white liberals and Hollywood buddies. You would think that Obama would invite some of his lower class constituents to go along with him to a $30,000 dinner plate party for free since he is so bent on giving out free entitlements.

The Soul of the Republican Party

It has been said for centuries that if a person or group of people are abused for a long period of time they become immune to the abuse and take it. It seems as though the black community has accepted more political abuse than normal, especially from the Democrat Party, and yet they continue to accept the abuse. Obviously such abuse has spilled over into Bill Maher calling Congressman/Lieutenant Colonel Allen West a “Party of the Apes” member. When you call one African Descendant a “Party of the Apes” member you’re also calling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mary McLeod Bethune, Herman Cain, Jackie Robinson, Ida B. Wells, Don King, Lynn Swan, Jennifer Carroll, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and Alveda C. King members of the “Party of the Apes” as well. You see, it’s like this; they are all members of the Republican Party.