OBAMA’S 9/12

A simple understanding of knowing when a country has been attacked on its soil by foreign aggression which kills American citizens is considered an “act of war!” For those of you who recently graduated from college or public high school the concept of war may be entirely different from the reality of American citizens actually being killed. Maybe your understanding of war is simply an intellectual confrontation. The intelligence of the world contradicts with America’s educated youth who were taught social studies by partisan teachers and professors. When a country has been invaded [U.S. Embassy in Cairo and U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya] and taken over by foreign enemies, "consider your nation at war."

Consider this truth; American embassies are diplomatic missions of the United States which are located all over the world. American embassies exist to represent the interests of the United States of America in such foreign countries. It is a world law that every nation’s embassy in a foreign country is legally considered to be a part of the visiting nation’s actual homeland soil or property, regardless if it’s established outside of its literal homeland soil. In our case today the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Cairo Egypt and Benghazi Libya is American property that was breached and attacked by a foreign enemy.

2012 Osama Bin Laden Football

All during the 2012 Democrat National Convention, speakers and keynote speakers bragged about killing Osama Bin Laden constantly, over and over again. This would be considered “spiking the football” in the face of your opponent, or rather in the face of Islamic believers. Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph R. Biden never imagined that their spiking the “Osama Bin Laden Football” would come back to haunt them on September 12th, 2012. Let us be very clear to note that the breach and attack of U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the breach and attack killings at U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya were not a response to an anti-Muslim video posted on the internet. The Islamic attacks on U.S. Embassies were pre-planned well before any internet video about Mohammed surfaced; Islamic Terrorist are only using the internet video to justify their pre-planned action. The Islamic attacks and killings at the U.S. Embassies were coordinated efforts to distort America’s 9/11 anniversary honoring Americans who lost their life. But most important the Islamic movements to breach U.S. Embassies were a direct response to Obama and Biden constantly bragging about killing Osama Bin Laden. All through Obama’s 2012 campaign tour and specifically during the 2012 Democrat National Convention, Islamic Terrorist took special note of the “spiking the football” in their face.

Barack Hussein's Foreign Politics

Under Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency America has now been attacked by foreign entities on American soil [Benghazi Consulate] killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans. Obama won’t have the luxury of receiving pre-programmed strategy like he had with President Bush’s terrorist strategy already designed for implementation. Now Obama is “on his-own” and he must provide America with leadership that displays the capability to resolve these new attacks on the United States of America. So far Obama has proven to be disastrous in foreign relations, especially with Israel. The recent rejection of honoring a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss a priority security problem concerning Iran has proved his support to Israel. Obama is clearly showing his amateur statesmanship by openly discarding PM Netanyahu in favor of a 2012 campaign schedule. From this day forward Obama can’t blame Bush for his foreign political assessments and implementation. Obama now has to “man-up” and acknowledge his failed responsibility to keep America safe. Ambassador Chris Stevens and his American Comrades were killed on Obama’s watch on American soil.

It is an embarrassment for America to have a president apologize for circumstances [internet videos] not related to American Foreign Policies. It is cowardly to apologize and sympathize with Al-Qaida Islamic terrorist who attacks America’s property and kill America’s Ambassador and other American Personnel, especially on our day of mourning; 9/11. As Charles Krauthammer said earlier; the only statement America should have issued to the Al-Qaida Islamic terrorist mob in Cairo and the Al-Qaida Islamic terrorist mob in Benghazi, Libya is; ‘Go to hell.’


1975 New York City: “Fraunces Tavern” 4 killed, 50 injured

1979 Tehran, Iran: “U.S. Embassy” 66 hostages

1982 -1991 Lebanon: Hezbollah held hostages and killings.

1983 Beirut, Lebanon: Suicide bombers kill 241 U.S. Marines

1984 Beirut, Lebanon: Truck bomb kills 24 and 2 U.S. Military personnel. Kuwait Airways Flight 221, two Americans killed.

1985 Madrid, Spain: Bombing 18 killed, 82 injured.

1986 West Berlin, Germany: Libyans bomb disco, two killed, hundreds injured.

1988 Lockerbie, Scotland: Pan Am Boeing 747 terrorist bomb, 259 killed

1993 New York City: World Trade Center bomb, six killed, 1040 injured.

1995 Oklahoma City: Federal Office Bldg, 188 killed. Riyadh Saudi Arabia: car bomb, 5 U.S. Servicemen killed.

1996 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: Khobar Towers, 19 U.S. Servicemen killed.

1998 Nairobi Kenya and Dar es Salaam Tanzania: truck bomb at two U.S. Embassies, killing 224, injuring 4,500.

2000 Aden, Yeman: U.S. Navy Destroyer-U.S.S. Cole boat bombed, 17 U.S. Sailors killed.

2001 September 11th: New York City-World Trade Center [2,992 killed], Arlington Va.-Pentagon Bldg [184 killed], Shanksville Pa [40 killed]: Islamic Al-Quaeda Terrorist responsible.

2002 Karachi, Pakistan: Outside American Consulate bomb kills 12.

2003 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Suicide bombers kill 8 Americans.

2004 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 25 killed. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 5 killed.

2005 Amman, Jordan: Radisson, Grand-Hyatt, Days Inn : 57 killed by Al-Qaeda.

2006 Damascus, Syria: Gunman attack on American Embassy.

2007 Athens, Greece: U.S. Embassy fired on.

2008 Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, India: Constant suicide bombers against U.S. Servicemen, U.S. Military Base, U.S. Embassy; hundreds killed.

2009 Little Rock, Arkansas: Muslim Abdulhakim Muhammed kills two U.S. Soldiers. Iraq: Suicide bombers kills 9 U.S. Soldiers and eight American civilians.

2010 New York City: Car bomb discovered in Times Square.

2011 Spokane Washington: Pipe discovered at Martin Luther King Jr march.

2012 Cairo Egypt: Egypt Islamic protesters breach and attack U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

2012 Benghazi Libya: Islamist attack and breach U.S. Consulate and kill U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three Other American personnel.

Charles Krauthammer responding to Obama 912 statement:

“That statement is an embarrassment,”. “That’s a hostage statement. That’s a mob of al-Qaida sympathizers in Egypt forcing the United States into making a statement essentially of apology — on 9/11 of all days — for something of which we are not responsible. I would issue a statement saying to the mob, ‘Go to hell.’

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