HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Christians: from THE THREE SCROOGES: Liberals Atheists ACLU

  Soon and very soon it will be illegal to buy birthday candles to put on the birthday cake of Jesus Christ?  Have liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges forgotten the real reason for the season [honoring Jesus Christ as Savior]?  In the mean time, the rest of us are stuck on mumbling fake clichés of “Happy Holiday” instead of “Merry Christmas?”  Every year the same question arise asking which holiday are we to be happy about on December 25th [Labor Day, Fourth of July, Lincoln Birthday, etc...]?  Liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges are baffled to answer such an honest question, but inquiring American minds want to know. 

The constant regurgitated hate and renouncement of Christmas by liberals, atheist and ACLU scrooges have become a scratched up dvd trying to play.  In return Christians and seasonal spiritual souls are forced each year to hear scratched dvd’s playing imitation Christmas carols to pacify liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges.  You would think liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges would come up with something different to focus on during the Christmas Season than broadcast their resentment for Christmas.  To show how hypocritical, devious, evil, prejudice, diabolical and wicked these liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges are, why don’t they rebuke other religious seasons?  Why don’t they play hit tunes belittling Hanukah or holiday movies denouncing the prophet Mohammed on his dedicated religious day?  It's interesting to only see them having the guts to denounce Christmas and Christians. 

Being the cowardly liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges they are, they dare not approach Muslims in their public funded “religious bathrooms.”  To upset Muslims while they praise their characters of deity is unthinkable. To dare to even think publically to rebuke Muslims or Jews celebrating their religious holidays is double blasphemy. But let CHRISTMAS roll around each year and you will hear the loudest “Bahh-HumBug” ever!  To compliment their "Bahh-HumBug" attitude they offer a court subpoena for your “Christ Nativity Scene” on your private property.  It's just too offensive for liberals, atheist and ACLU scrooges to see while driving by your home. 

It’s very interesting how only Christians celebrating Christmas has severely damaged the mental psyche of so many modern liberal and atheist scrooges.  It’s amazingly interesting to know that the same liberal and atheist scrooges won’t denounce the public celebration of Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah.  You would think that public participation in celebrating Ramadan or Rosh Hashanah would also cause mental distress upon liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges, but not so.

Damaged Psyche of Liberals, Atheists and ACLU Scrooges
Americans have become forced to be cheerleaders for atheist and liberal anti-Christmas campaigns.  We can start with the “Happy Holiday” campaign and add on at liberty.  How many frivolous lawsuits against a church choir caroling through neighborhoods will there be this Christmas?  How many stupid lawsuits against elementary school drama plays displaying the nativity scene of the Christ Child will there be this Christmas?  How many ignorant lawsuits against local fire departments for having Christmas toy drives will there be?

There is a tolerance level that Christians can’t sustain for liberal and atheist scrooges.  There is a boiling point in which liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges will become recipients of a backlash of scolding correction.  Sure, Christians are supposed to be lovingly tolerant and pull down their Santa Claus pants and bend over to let mentally deranged liberals and atheists pound them at will.  But there is a point of diminishing returns for liberals and atheists to abuse and take advantage of a Christian’s joy and love.  There is only so much love to waste on anti-Christmas liberals and atheists who hate Christians.  December 25th was not designed for mentally and spiritually challenged liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges.  Neither was December 25th designed for department stores to use the celebration of Christmas in vain to promote their commercial gain.  Surely “Happy Holiday” is not going to increase their bottom profit line, but “Merry Christmas” is what’s going to sustain their business sales for the season. 

Here’s another truth; most children seven years old and under know December 25th was designed for them [children] to joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus special delivery. Children may not know how to articulate the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but it’s embedded in their heart to know that Christmas is very special and was created by God for them.  Even non-Christian children wait eagerly for Christmas time each year, with tip-toe anticipation and joy.

 Political Correct Crowd
How long will Christians tolerate the “Bahh HumBug” crowd and fake bleached teeth greetings of “Happy Holiday?”  Will admiration ever again be given to the “reason for the season” [honoring the birth of Jesus Christ]?  A simple “Merry Christmas” response could alleviate the fake “happy holiday” slogan.  But happy holiday seems to supersede and place a taboo label on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges have made it toxically offensive for department store workers to greet customers with a simple “Merry Christmas!”  It’s understandable that liberal characters and atheist promoters must defend their right to not greet anyone with a “Merry Christmas” greeting, because, atheists, liberals and ACLU scrooges are understandably not Christians. 

But I’ll bet you these same liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges on Christmas Day are not offended by their vividly brightly wrapped Christmas presents.  If Christmas is so repulsive to them why do they participate in receiving Christmas gifts?  What other time of the year do they receive such an abundance of loving gifts from so many people?  Oh, please don’t say birthdays offer the same attention giving as Christmas does.  When was the last time a stranger walked up to you on your birthday without knowing it’s your birthday and said happy birthday and gave you a gift?  Only Christmas can produce this type of joyous momentum to give freely. Unfortunately the warped psyche of liberals, atheist and ACLU scrooges can’t process such a reality. 

Prejudice Liberal and Atheist Hypocrites
The larger percentage of Americans are not Muslims, and this can be perplexing to Christians when liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges accept the ways of Muslim culture but not Christian culture.  Atheists, liberals and ACLU scrooges openly embrace the customarily greeting of “Asalaam Alaykum” and in return respond with “Wa ’Alaykum Asalaam.”  It’s funny that liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges don’t become offended when a Muslim store owner greets them with “Asalaam Alaykum.”  Nor do liberals and atheists rush off to the nearest ACLU office to file a lawsuit against a Muslim store owner who offends them with the greeting of “Asalaam Alaykum.”  Actually and factually, ACLU scrooges would defend any Muslim greeting and file a lawsuit against anyone not honoring Muslim greetings.  Therefore in proper respect why is “Merry Christmas” so abhorring and offensive to liberals, atheist and ACLU members?  “Merry Christmas” is simply a parallel customary greeting as with “Asalaam Alaykum.”

Happy Holiday Role Models for Liberals, Atheists and ACLU Scrooges
For those who continue to deny the “reason for the season” [celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ] there are optional birthdays to celebrate on December 25th.  Alternate celebrations can be carried out during the 50 day Christmas Season [November 15 through January 7].  Those of you who don’t believe in God or Christ can celebrate:

“The Seven Sages of Greece”
“The Winter Solstice.”

I doubt very seriously that retail revenue sales made during the “Winter Solstice-Happy Holiday Season” will be an encouragement for economic growth.  Instead of celebrating the “Winter Solstice- Holidays” as replacement for the Christmas Season, liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges may option to celebrate honoring one of their great historical philosophers or great thinkers. 

There are many Happy Holiday candidates to choose from who actually lived around the time and advent of Jesus Christ.  For instance, TITUS LUCRETIUS CARUS who lived around 99BC-55BC would be a great candidate to appeal to liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges who believe in evolution and global warming. CARUS’s statement of;
“Nothing can be created out of Nothing”
 should be comforting to evolutionist and climate change enthusiasts.  TITUS LUCRETIUS CARUS would be honored if liberals, atheist and ACLU scrooges celebrated his birthday on the 25th of December. 

Another great thinker the world retains record of is TITUS FLAVIUS VESPASIANUS who lived around the time of 9BC-79AD.  For sure those who believe they are “miniature gods” and don’t believe in the “Son of God” [Jesus Christ] will love VESPASIANUS.  VESPASIANUS would make a great choice to celebrate and honor on December 25th.  After all, TITUS FLAVIUS VESPASIANUS clearly made the statement:
“Dear Me, I believe I am becoming a god”

The great philosopher PROTAGORAS who lived around 490BC-420BC should also be noted as a serious candidate for liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges to honor on December 25th.    PROTAGORAS’s  self serving philosophy and self crediting of inventing the role of:
“A Teacher of Virtue”
exalted him to becoming a professional ‘sophist.’  Sophism was a series of techniques to acquire wisdom, taught by teachers of philosophy, rhetoric and debate, which were vital to Greek public life.  PROTAGORAS could very well be the #1 candidate for liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges to replace Jesus Christ on December 25th

There are so many “Happy Holiday” philosophers and great thinkers that liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges can look forward to honor on December 25th.  Here is a short list of potential candidates for liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges to select from in their campaign to eliminate “Merry Christmas” and replace it with “Happy Holiday Candidates” season in America:


Combine American holidays on December 25th: “Happy Holidays!”
Of course regular American holidays like President’s Day, Valentines Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July Day and others could be culminated into a year end “Happy Holiday” celebration on December 25th.  Since Christmas has become such a burden on liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges the combining of holidays would make sense and actually reflect the true meaning of “Happy Holidays.”  But then wouldn’t liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges be eliminating that special day set aside for children when culminating holidays are enforced?  Their logic will be that Christmas is a nuisance, but in reality it’s a joyful day for children.  Why would liberals, atheists and ACLU scrooges consider removing such a joyous day for children to have?  The answer to that question is hidden in the heart of those who have no joy in their life. 

Annual Liberal, Atheist and ACLU Happy Holiday Sales
Whether you’re a Christian or not, you must admit that you have been a willing participant in Merry Christmas sales. Amazingly those who threaten to sue Christians and anyone who promote Christmas in public are the same ones who sleep overnight in front of electronic stores to catch a Christmas sale special.  Every retail department store who claims that Christmas slogans and the display of the “Christ Child in the Manger” offend their customers proves their own hypocrisy and ignorance.  If it were not for the Christmas season most retailers would be out of business.  Officially 1/5th [one fifth] of their last quarter retail sales [November-December] are responsible for the bulk of their annual sales.  For some retailers the Christmas season sales represent anywhere between 25-40% of annual sales. In 2010, holiday sales represented 19.4% of total retail industry sales.  Such is a typical seasonal representation of retail sales, and Christmas is retailers last hope for yearly profit instead of a loss. 

The retail industry should be on their knees begging Christians to continue to celebrate Christmas every year on December 25th.   How in the hell can big name department stores stick their middle finger in the face of Christians by not allowing sales staff to greet with “Merry Christmas” during the Christmas season is beyond retarded, its beyond human logic.  One reason causing retail disrespect is due to America’s lost respect for Christianity and its spirit for Christmas.  In addition retail stores act like “Giant-Retail-Ebenezer-Scrooges.”  Retailers will accept every dollar bill Christians spend in their stores during the Christmas season.  But at the same time they are quick to spit in the face of Christians with meaningless “Happy Holiday” clichés.  Behind retailers pathetic disrespect for Christians and Christmas is a big “Bahh-HumBug” and give me your money.  As retailers make their Christmas Season deposits at their bank, you can hear them merrily blurting out “Happy Holiday”- Christmas Suckers!

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