If New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t make all Conservatives push for an orderly secession from liberals, what will?  The Colorado Five [counties] were right, and still are right today in justifying their forward for secession.

In this American society there are liberals and conservatives, truth and lies, right and wrong, capitalism and socialism.  There are no gray areas or median within these life premises, there are no compromises.  Therefore America has a major dilemma and problem today trying to satisfy two diametrically opposed dimensions of life philosophy.  On one side of life philosophy you have liberals who currently rule this country through activation of lies to manipulate and justify America embracing socialism and communism.  On the other side of America’s life philosophy are conservatives trying to reactivate what would normally be known as truth about America’s foundation in Christianity, Capitalism and the Free Enterprise Market System.  Conservatives are preaching that America doesn't need government intervention into the private sector and private life of Americans.  On the other hand liberals are lecturing to a docile and gullible voting populous that believe they have the right to receive free government financing for all phases of their lifestyle.

Mean Liberal Governor hates Conservatives
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a staunch liberal that has voiced his life belief against conservatives on numerous occasions.  Recently Cuomo said conservatives and their mentality of “right to life, pro-assault weapon ownership and Christian belief of the Bible's opposition to homosexual will not be tolerated by the state of New York.  More to the point Gov Cuomo has stated that conservatives have no place in the state of New York.”  To keep it simply said, Gov Cuomo believes a cockroach has more rights to live in New York than conservatives.  Also Cuomo believes that cockroach babies are more important than unborn human babies being aborted.   

Gov Cuomo believes that conservatives should be suppressed in this society or destroyed by any measure of accomplishment, whether socially or literally.  Based on governor Cuomo's commitment to the liberal religion of "political correctness," he gets strong support from the White House.  Gov Cuomo and America's first communist president thrash conservatives constantly in the liberal media daily. They won't officially recommend conservatives and liberals separate from each other; so why don't they?  If governor Cuomo would have supported the Colorado Five Counties during last year elections maybe a proper channel of political precedent could have opened  up for more secession plans for conservatives/conservative states.  But as we know, liberals are cowards who only talk theories of problem solving without real solutions.
Liberals Rule America
Conservatives and the Colorado Five Counties [Washington, Phillips, Yuma, Kit Carson and Cheyenne] are mocked constantly by liberals as being a danger to America's utopian society.  The blatant mocking and threats towards conservatives are systematically echoed through the major media networks.  It must be noted that major media networks are infested within themselves by liberal haters of conservatives.  Take your pick of news networks [NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR] and you can’t miss the daily hate news thrown at conservatives 24 hours a day.  Never will you hear major news networks speak in kindness or favor towards conservatives.  Common sense tells all of us that conservatives and liberals do not belong together.  Such common sense and logic is what the “Colorado Five” and Conservatives have been trying to bring to the forefront of America's conscious.  There must be a separation of liberals and conservatives or else the consequences will evolve into civil devastation.
What has erupted in America is a change of constitutional beliefs, or as liberals would put it, a transformation of society.  In essence American conservatives have cyphered that America will never again return to its old form of social and moral values based on Biblical guidelines.  The truth is those days are long gone and real Conservatives and the Colorado Five Counties realize this.  The persistent problem that remains is many conservatives and republicans continue to believe that the old political system will suffice in rotating political power; such is a deceitful fallacy.  

A Dictator Ruling over a Dumb Citizenry
Under the grace of capitalism, or better said, by the grace God America has been the glorified nation of freedom and prosperity in our time.  Many "would-be-dictators' have drooled over the notion of ruling the United States of America.  But, based on the three tier government system of the judicial branch, the legislative branch and the executive branch, dictatorship has had its setbacks or deflected intrusion into American government.  Unfortunately America’s changing demography has given life to dictatorship, socialism and communism.  The demography in America during the 2008 elections completely altered the nation forever; and not for the best.  America produced its first dictator via celebrity status in 2008.  Through the efforts of a dumb-down and gullible citizenry voting twice for an unknown up-and-coming dictator, socialism has slid in front of capitalism.  Also original constitutional laws have been belittled and trampled on by America’s new found dictator.  
When Dictators and Liberals Rule
Dictators are not susceptible to law and supporters of dictators do not respect the law.  The current citizenry or populous of America has aligned itself or been gullibly led into believing that freedom and liberty is automatically given.  Such classic liberal thinking and belief are welcomed by any up-and-coming dictator who has plans to rule any amount of young mindless individuals within a society.   

Fast forward to today, we have a popular celebrity dictator by the name of Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama flaunting his dictatorial communist/socialist executive orders at will.  Allowing America’s new dictator Idi Amin Obama and New York governor Andrew Cuomo to set the civil and political agenda for America is comparable to a nation taking lethal injections of pre-Hitler prescriptions.  Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama has solely accelerated America into a complete moral breakdown in less than six years.  

Here are some of the collapsed landmarks of social values and morals:

a.  Bad is good/  but Good is bad

b.  A Lie is truth/  but Truth is a lie

c.  Morals and Values restrict personal freedom/   but Freedom supersede morals and values.

d.  Leadership is based on political funding/  but political funding creates leadership.

e.  American males are converting into females/  American females are converting into males 

f.  Killing a baby is a liberal right/  but a Baby aborted has no right to live

g.  Being Unethical is socially accepted and normal/  Being Ethical is abnormal and unsocial

h.  Law abiding gun owners are considered criminals when shooting Thugs/  but Thugs and law breakers have more rights than a legal gun owner.

And you wonder why the “Colorado Five” want to secede from liberal cities like Denver, San Francisco, New York, and states like California, Colorado, New York..    

What’s the difference between a free man and a slave?
Answer: a Slave doesn’t own a gun!

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