NOAH and 21st Century America

With no punches given or taken, this is a simple Christian commentary on the "Movie Noah.”  
Maybe the movie "Noah" should be considered good entertainment and maybe it should be the mythological SciFi weekend movie to watch, but let it not be classified as Biblical veneration.  Unfortunately when non-believers, non-Christians and atheist rule the media and communication channels of 21st century America; the result is a movie like “Noah.”  It’s not a bad movie per say, it’s just a movie to titillate human interest pro or con about the Bible.  

Noah and 21st Century America!
There was a time when the movie industry produced "The Ten Commandments-1956AD," which was a hit with society.  Yes, the gravitational pull into the movie theater was of grand proportions, being enticed by new video technology of that time producing dramatic special effects for viewing.  But the ultimate reason "The Ten Commandments-1956AD" was a hit was due to the over majority of Americans being conformed Christians during that time; there was actual national unity.  Of course "The Ten Commandments-1956AD" was not created and produced by hard core Christians, and certainly not portrayed by a majority of actors/actresses professing faith in Jesus Christ, yet distortion of the Bible was very limited [unlike movie “Noah”].  So how does the movie “Noah” fit into America’s society today?  Since we don’t dare live in a Christian society anymore, and atheist and homosexuals rule and govern America, what good is the movie “Noah” for 21st century America?  Surely no tidal wave is going to drown America, well, at least during Noah’s time that’s what they thought also.

Why not Islam?
As we fast forward to today's ill fated renditions of Biblical history produced and marketed by pure secular and atheistic influence, many questions arise to why would their focus and interested be in Christianity and not Islam?  Why would an atheist or non-believer allocate funds and resources to produce a Christian forum [movie] and not an Islamic one?  Well, that question and many other ironies of content can be summed up in simply knowing that Satan [who is actually real] and his demons will do anything to distort God's Truth [The Holy Bible].  The forum of modern Christian movies produced today in America which portrays Christianity or the Jewish religion basically turns out to be cheap attempts to mock God's Word, Work and Creation.  Today technology in "Hollywood fashioned movies" about Christianity [Noah scifi theatrics] has become a master key to unlock enhanced portals to suck society into distorted viewpoints of God's Word [The Holy Bible].  In other words, distort the truth and make that money baby!
The Hollywood Assessment
Hollywood's tactical assessment of abusing God's Word has become more prevalent and destructive in so many ways toward the Christian community.  It’s fascinating that Hollywood never bend towards mocking the Muslim community in any form of media or communication.  If you recall or remember the obama administration denouncing a "so-called anti Muslim film" for causing Americans to be killed in Benghazi.  But, Hollywood or anyone can make a movie about Christianity or The Holy Bible in any fashion or form while Christians around the world are seriously being persecuted and numerically tortured to death daily. 

Political or Spiritual Entertainment?
In essence I'm not one to flock to any movie theater to watch something that's basically a willful lie and distortion about God's Word, especially when political correctness deems it entertainment.  Unfortunately Hollywood entertainment today has become a political carving knife used to slice up truth into political correctness and utopian assessments.  There was a time of old when watching an old Biblical movie wasn't suspect of hidden political agenda's or secular overtones of dominance, well, those movie days are long gone.  The proof of spiritual wickedness and evil spiritual principalities having dominion over America today is far too evident for any real Christian to ignore, but yet they do.  What more proof would a Christian want to see of how an American society has demoted itself from human nature; maybe another movie would help???  I don’t think so!

When will Christians wake up?
If a movie like Noah and The Passion of Christ can cause more confusion, create more non-Biblical assessments and draw viewers away from God's Word [truth] and cast doubt about scripture, then consider Satan's tactics accomplished.  Every real Christian should know the majority of so-called Christian movies are scripted "Hollywood religious centered venues."  Hollywood or whoever produces mimicking Biblical theatrics are simply targeting “thrill seekers.”  The objective in this post-Christian society of movie producing is to produce a "money maker" that will entice suckers and thrill seekers to desire to see a technical dramatization of Biblical essence, Biblical truth and Biblical reality as a mythological predisposition.  A true Child of God walking down any street in America should be the best Christian movie on earth for anyone to see.  Of course non-Christians won’t understand that statement, nor will they understand the Biblical reality of Noah or the history of the world.   

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