AMERICA: Democracy Dead On Arrival

How can a nation declare to be sane when it makes laws against God?  How can a nation boldly justify its sanity when it makes laws against its abundance of natural resources?  How can a nation claim to be sane when it forces its citizens to save a planet when it can’t save its own economy?  How can the LGBT community claim to be sane when they say they’re tolerant to all people but hate and despise Christians?  Has America actually gone insane?

With all politics aside, someone had better take into account the mental stability of this country.  To understand how America has approached its final chapter in world history, one would have to examine the psychiatric and psychological development of this union of people.  Just as an individual is screened for psychological or psychiatric care, so must a nation be examined for its psychological and psychiatric development.  America has reached the point of being questioned about its actual psychological stability to function in world affairs.  Questioning America’s leadership would be a starting point to determine if the country is being led by an individual whose mind is not functioning with a full deck.  But emphases must also be placed on examining the citizenry psychotic behavior of electing an unqualified communist community organizer as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

America’s deplorable domestic problems can easily be traced back to anemic economic policies stemming from 2009 fiscal monetary decisions.  America’s deplorable social conditions are the result of dire psychosomatic characteristics developed during the election year 2008.  These awful mental conditions have drawn American citizens into a depth of disparity that can only be described as DOA, “Deadly Obama Abyss,” or Obama fascism unleashed. 

Fascism Revived in America
What is Fascism?  It is a political philosophy/movement/regime that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader. Fascism exalts ideology, political party and race above an individual.  Fascism enhances severe economic and social regimentation through forcible suppression and opposition.  In summation, fascism places tendency towards or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.  The Obama administration is a prime example of fascism today.

In less than 8 years of “crumbling American democracy” the Obama administration has guaranteed that its fascist deployment of justice for all only means justice for liberals and homosexuals only.  With the plethora of executive branch decisions incorporating executive order crimes we find America in serious dilemma of losing its freedom and liberty.  Solidifying executive orders coercing federal departments like the IRS, DOJ, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Labor, Department of Energy, Department of Education, NSA, NASA, Treasury Dept, Immigration Dept and others to target and persecute Conservatives proves that fascism is alive and managed well by Obama and his administration. 

Certified Dead or Certified Crazy
Under normal conditions in past time, the acronym “DOA” would apply as a medical term “Dead On Arrival.” The “DOA” acronym signifies an emergency patient’s condition upon arriving at a hospital.  You can have the world renowned best Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson awaiting a patient’s arrival for emergency surgery, but if that patient is DOA- “Dead On Arrival,” Dr. Ben Carson services are no longer needed. 

Today the inflected term of “DOA” has taken on a strange new meaning to identify America’s distress.  We can appropriately apply the “DOA” acronym to translate into “Death Osteomyelitis America.”  In laymen terms it means DOA/Death of America.  Death of America is not to imply some Islamic Terrorist threat, but simply reflects America’s critical economic and social condition as having been placed on dialysis treatment since 2009. 

Another term for DOA, “Deadly Obama Abyss” identifies the culmination of purely ignorant policy making by a community organizer to drown America in lies and psychotic tendencies.   This means that America’s thinking has shifted into mental blocks that block out reality and the consequences of reality.  In other words let a nation continue to focus on celebrities and athletes for reality. 

America’s choice of overlooking and electing a communist president is a clear and present danger of a democratic republic gone insane.  The psychiatric phenomenon of America as a whole in thinking towards subscribing to elect a president based on skin color is fascinatingly retarded.  It is more fascinating when America elects a communist community organizer to become the leader of the free world.  In general, psychotic indicators literally would have jumped off the charts or self destruct if America would have considered electing a communist sixty years ago.  It’s abnormal for any nation to overlook the character of a presidential contender, but America did just that.  A capitalistic society electing a communist/socialist as president is an act of lunacy.

Omitting Great American Counselors
America has had the best teachers and counselors in helping to create a working democracy.  Unfortunately America had a major psychiatric meltdown in 2008 when it failed to take the prescription given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King’s prescription for America was prescribed to stabilize its human relationships and expand prosperity for all.  This could only be accomplished by a populous judging its citizens by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Without shame America failed to adhere to the prescription of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In return America has developed into a nation of uncontrolled lunatics in power. 

Race baiting and race protection of Obama by the state liberal media has accelerated America into an advanced stage of national retardation.  Better said; America has become mentally unstable and inept as a nation to think rationally with common sense. It feeds on untrue circumstances based on old stereo type agendas.  Just look at the domestic condition and foreign policies America has engulfed itself into.  America’s problems are no longer a race issue as liberals would have gullible tech-drone voters, old hippie fools and reparation blacks to think so. 

We’re now witnessing an American metamorphosis in which a once stable nation has become barely functioning with an unstable citizenry.  The daring facts of this have been proven by national elections resulting in selecting an unqualified “quasi citizen” as president on two occasions based on the color of his skin.  When a citizenry or populous ignores rapidly failing economic conditions coupled with utopian ideology advancing ahead of common sense, you have developed a psychotic populous.  Surely there are issues of crony capitalism pervading in American government, but that has flipped into crony socialism/communism.  Under either government philosophy of capitalism or socialism in America, there remains a critical level of lunacy featured in government leaders and citizens.

Demagogues and Extremists
A lesson can be learned by other global democracies as they watch America fold like a cheap wrinkled polyester shirt.  As the world watch the “Death of America” [DOA] based on its populous decision to dive into the “Deadly Obama Abyss,” teachable moments are at hand.  World history has taught nations throughout time that an unstable country like America will eventually and easily fall into the hands of vile and wicked demagogues.  World history has also taught that any divided nation [as America is today] automatically slips into the hands of vicious and vengeful extremist who will support a government managed by deadly demagogues. 

Sixty years ago America could have excluded itself from the notion of becoming a disorderly out of control fascist government, but not today.  As America zooms past its 238th birthday its government succumbs to fascism led by its communist president.  America’s post WWII prosperity in capitalism has dissolved under the Obama 2008 administration and 2012 administration.  This has been accomplished through America’s indoctrination into communism via socialism.  As America makes its final approach to the steps of world history archives, it will be announced as DOA “Dead On Arrival.”  It will be DOA-Dead On Arrival because its heart [Constitution] stopped functioning.

How can 3% Rule a Nation
Constant alerts have been given to America to stay away from the “Obama abyss” of dictatorship.  More and more executive orders are being issued by Obama and there is no stopping him.  As a dictator, Obama has garnered the most powerful voting base in American history, the homosexual community.  The gay community is only 3% of the American population, but yet homosexuals and lesbians rule the Democrat Party and America.  The remaining 97% of the Democrat Party constitutes young and old liberals who are deaf tone to constitutional government. 

There is another half of Americans that are accounted as the minority half of American voters [49%].  For the most part the minority half of American voters are swayed by the Republican Party.  The Republican Party is managed by old republican elite guards which roughly constitutes 5% of the populous.  The remaining minority half of American voters consist of 38% Christians/Conservatives and 7% independent voters.  When added up America is basically composed of 51% psychotic voters, and 50% psychologically fearful voters who are bullied by the 51%. 

Definition of 51/50
The medical community and law enforcement community typically identifies an unstable or mentally disturbed individual as 51/50 when relaying an assessment of the person in question.  Today America can be clearly identified as a 51/50 case study for the world to review.  Revealed in America’s 51/50 case study is the question of how Conservatives, Christians and Independents allow America to be bullied by homosexuals and liberals?  Why a Conservative, Christian or Independent voter hasn’t come forward declaring Americans will not tolerate being bullied anymore by homosexuals and liberals remains a mystery. 

America has reached its breaking point in history with the “now” deplorable social and economic conditions on deck.  Encroachment and enforced homosexual lifestyles upon Conservatives, Christians and Independents poses a direct threat to all Americans.  As liberals pound their religion of “political correctness” as the catalyst of governing America, any opposing lifestyle or religious beliefs will be persecuted.  In a land of democracy no religion can be forced upon the people, but since America has been certified as 51/50, democracy is slanted towards liberalism.

How Do You Justify a Fatal Condition
There can never be any justice or truth in America again because of the Obama administration’s disrespect for truth, justice and the constitutional foundation.  Former presidents whether democrat or republican have never attempted to destroy the American way of life and liberty as prescribed by the constitution like America’s first socialist/communist president “Obama.” 

Without tap dancing around common knowledge of America’s debilitating oval office management, this country is in critical condition.  Russia knows the fatal condition of the United States of America first hand.  Russia itself had to divide its sovereignty recently [USSR 1991] to ensure its dominion wouldn’t fade into scrap metal satellites forging for independence.  China knows the fatal condition of the United States of America.  North Korea knows the fatal condition of the United States of America. Iran knows the fatal condition of the United States of America.  Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada and even Mexico know the fatal condition of the United States of America.  It seems as though everyone knows the fatal condition of the USA except for the USA. 

Hopefully Conservatives who have not grown comfortable in their prosperity will eventually stand to uphold the constitution for future America.  Currently all Obama plans of economic development and social justice have failed America miserably.  There are conservative states that are managing their resources and affairs very well contrary to the national management of the country.  But liberal states like California and New York are draining the life out of this country.  Like Russia [USSR 1991], the United States of America must now seriously consider realignment of states as independent satellites as Russia has done.  There has to be at least one smart intelligent Conservative that can present a viable official secession plan for conservative states to survive from this mad wild liberal government.  An immediate plan must come forward in order to preserve any replica of the original constitution design for a nation of democracy. 

Separating the Constitution from lunacy
Growing from 13 Colonies to fifty states of democracy was a challenge for the forefathers and foremothers of America.  They laid out the blue print for American descendants to guide themselves into harvesting freedom, liberty, prosperity and democracy.  American democracy was well framed by the fathers of the Constitution.  For certainty framers of the Constitution never intended socialism or communism to become attractive to a strong democracy.  The Constitutional founders implemented a democracy with safeguards to ward off threats of fascism, dictatorship, socialism, communism and large government management.  Unfortunately the mental capacity of the American voting public has failed miserably and dramatically in this republic.  Citizens in America have lost the actual vision and implementation of the framers of the Constitution.  Today America is a 51/50 nation of voters that have virtually lost their mind by placing a communist/muslim named Barack Hussein Obama into power.  To certify that America’s citizenry is composed of 51% lunatics, you only have to look at who’s in power and the detrimental polices that directly burden the nation’s economy and living standards. 

How then will America arrive into the 21st century of global power?  The assessment is DOA “Dead On Arrival.”  Unless Conservatives garner support of a few sane liberal leaders, and attempt to organize a proper secession, things are going to get out-of-control-ugly.  Having two direct contrasting life beliefs of government rule demands a separation of the two.  If not, be assured there will be an ugly separation of states [American history repeats].  If liberals don’t want to intelligently separate themselves from Conservatives, then Conservatives must force liberals to do so.  Why would liberals want to continue to live with Conservatives and Christians when a great opportunity is available to relieve themselves of right-wing-teaparty-homophobes?  There has to be some liberal leader that is willing to stand and promote secession of states.  The Colorado Five [counties] offered a humble beginning of initiating an orderly secession plan, but liberal cowards fought against it.  Many other states are considering secession thoughts, but not like the Colorado Five [counties] who made an official attempt to do so. 

Conservatives/Christians are fighting against gay marriage, abortion and new gun control laws.  Liberals are fighting for gay marriage, abortion and confiscation of guns.  Why are these two life beliefs ignorantly confronting each other daily when they don’t have to?  The two contrasting life belief systems should be separated immediately.  Liberalism should be discharged from conservatism because they weren’t made for each other.  There will never be any compromise between the two, it’s impossible.  Most of all, separation of life belief systems must be obtained in order to maintain peace among the contrasting state governments.  If secession doesn’t become a priority, regardless who wins the next presidential election the symptoms of self destruction will continue to count down for America.  The final result will be America arriving at the door steps of history archives as DOA “Dead On Arrival.”