POLITICAL ODD COUPLES: Black Community & White Conservatives

Now that the Republican gang [synonymous with Democrat gang] has gained the Senate again you would think there has been a major change in American government.  Well you thought wrong “Homie,” especially if you believed the pre-election hype.  The only thing that changed in Washington D.C. on November 4th is old elite Republicans and old elite White liberal Democrats playing musical chairs.  After they finish playing political musical chairs they sit in a circle and regurgitate the same old stale politics of the day.  Since Republicans won majority of senate seats they can now play their favorite game of pin the tail on the donkey.  After playing political games with Democrats you would hope that Republicans could stand on some type of principles.  Unfortunately the only principles Republicans can stand on is mimicking principles of the Democrat Party [appeasing illegal mexicans]. 

The Spirit of the Republic
It is of a truth that if the spirit of the U.S. Constitution isn’t revived and promoted by Republicans the ship U.S.S. America will continue sinking into the abyss of liberal feces.  Democrats have no concept of the spirit of the U.S. Constitution; therefore if Republicans don’t revive the significance of the U.S. Constitution the spirit of America will lose its relevance as a republic.  On the other hand Hussein Obama has accomplished his mission of transforming America into a poverty driven socialist/communist governed country.  Therefore the Real American voter continues to press the question of, can the Republicans transfer America back into a prosperous capitalistic society?  And the answer is ______!

Community Whores
It’s truly amazing how the Republicans regained the confidence of “Real American Voters” on November 4, and in less than one day after the Republicans began to dump their Conservative base voters over board.  Republicans are manipulating the Conservative voter just as the Democrats are manipulating the black voter [use and abuse them conveniently as a cheap whore].  Conservative voters have beckoned Republican leadership to bring all arms to bear in order to correct the course of sinking-ship “U.S.S. Titanic America.”  If Republicans can muster up enough balls to reverse the course of sinking-ship “U.S.S. Titanic America” back to its Constitutional docking there’s a chance for America to revive itself or simply survive as a Republic. 

Unfortunately in less than one day after the November 4th elections Republicans have already succumbed to compromising what Real American voters elected them to do.  Real American voters are seeking “Reestablishment” of existing immigration laws and not newly improvised-laws catering to a massive invasion of illegal Mexicans and South Americans.  Real American voters want the Real American Government to “Reestablish” the truth about a failed economy [paper money economy].  Real American voters want the truth about the real unemployment rate of 14% to be known.  Real American voters want the truth to be known about how the current liberal administration has been lying about and ignoring middle age and older Americans who are unemployed [unemployed workers of age 49 to 65 years old].  Real American voters want the truth told about the actual employment participation percentage of illegal aliens [particularly illegal Mexican nationals] taking jobs from American youth, unemployed American adults and American seniors. 

White liberal’s Black people
Real American voters want the truth to be delivered to black people about their true status in a liberal Hussein Obama illegal alien economy.   Also Real American voters want to know why blacks [AfriGens] allow major media networks to call them a color instead of who they really are [AfriGens>< Africans of mixed American genetics]. 

Real American voters want the truth to be told of how Democrat governors and Democrat mayors have kept generations of black people on welfare in major cities across America.  Real American voters want black people [why they want to be identified as a color is baffling] to comprehend that they are nothing but pawns being used by  white liberals, illegal Mexicans, illegal foreign nationals, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, the Democrat Party, Hussein Obama and future Hussein Obama children. 

While Democrats are deliberately changing the demographics of America with illegal Mexicans, illegal South Americans and many other illegal nationals, Real American voters are becoming intensely uncomfortable.  Real American voters are uncomfortable with un-prosecuted acts of treason performed by Democrats and Republicans.  Both parties are propelling rights of illegal aliens as a priority over Real American voters.  Real American voters want Republican and Democrat elite leaders to know that America will not exist without “Real American Voters.”   For some reason Republican elites and Democrat elites don’t seem to care if there are any “Real American Voters” in America anymore. 

What do Blacks and Conservatives have in common?  Extinction!
The question remains; why have Blacks and Conservatives become so naive and gullible while their demise of being programmed into extinction is being planned?  Both groups [Blacks, Conservatives] are being deliberately replaced by demographic engineering approved by the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.  The results of demographic engineering produce naturalizing illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens at the expense of Real American voters.  Republicans don’t want Conservatives in their party and Democrats are replacing their black voting pawns with millions upon millions of new illegal Mexicans and the already established “Anchor Babies.”    

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