300 YEAR Life Span of AMERICA?

300 Year Life Span
The evidence is quite clear on how the United States of America will dissipate into an oblivious notion of history.  The average life span of a “prosperous nation” is between 220 years and 245 years; rarely 300 years.  Three hundred years of pure prosperity is very rare and very seldom achieved.  History has proven this fact time and time again, but for some reason nations of great prosperity and natural resources critically fail to comprehend and study the process of empire prosperity deterioration.  There are numerous official notes available on past societies for you to reconcile the historical factor of a 300 Year Life Span for a prosperous nation.  Please note that a prosperous nation can retain its shambled populous after being stripped of its prosperity.   Three results are extracted from a failing prosperous nation:  1. Prosperous nation becomes a second or third class society,  2. Foreign powers take over,  3. Secession occurs creating new independent satellites.  

This brings us to the current world empire or world leader of prosperity, the United States of AmericaAmerica recently reached its 241st birthday, but not without confusion and doubt of its continuing existence as intended by its founding fathers and mothers.   History repeats itself upon America today as prosperity has developed into pure greed with freedom and liberty construed as being entitled to only the current political partisan power structure.   The Constitution of the United States of America was not designed for political musical chairs of power, but was designed for the people to be served by the elected officials [voters representative].  Today the original constitutional concept has been erased along with the founding fathers and mothers original interpretation of democracy under the structure of a Republic.   Please read THE DIFFERENCE between a REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY http://bit.ly/1p2H4xF   

Descending America via Descending Americans
There is overwhelming evidence of America crossing over its apex and plunging into an abyss of corrupt prosperity.   As you know or should know, corrupt prosperity will ultimately cancel out the greatness of a prosperous nation.  This applies to America’s rakishness causing it to stray from the miracle conception of the American Republic structured under capitalism and freedom. 

Now fast forward to today’s damaged political process in America and you’ll see how history stands firm on limiting every nation on earth to a maximum prosperity life span of 300 years.   Don’t forget, America is without a doubt one of the most prosperous nations in current world history.   Now take a look at the GOPE [Grand Old Punk Establishment] Republicans chasing after mexican and illegal mexican votes.  You would think they should be chasing after American Voters.  But there is a method to the RNC & DNC madness which is based on changing the demographics of America to retain government stronghold over its people.   It’s a foolish and irresponsible tactic to phase out the original American populous and fully incorporate the illegal mexican community which has been given the green light to invade the Continental United States of America.  

You must understand, republican politicians and their treasonous counterpart democrat politicians could care less about salvaging one of the most prosperous nations in current world history, but such are the traits of a thoroughly corrupt society.   Current American politicians are only concerned with garnering more power and money before they die and to hell with loyalty to country.  RINO'S, liberals, democrats and the homosexual community will sell their soul and mother to obtain and keep power over the masses within their grasp. This is a hard truth for real Americans to intake, but it's a truth that has been proven over and over again during each American election.  The majority of Americans "CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" of America diminishing from its greatness, abundance of prosperity and great natural resources.   But on the other hand illegal mexicans can see the hand writing on the wall for America and they’re cashing in on it before the American economy crashes.    

Disqualified from 300 Year Prosperity
The 2008- 2016 muslim socialist obama leadership has accelerated the deterioration of the world’s current most prosperous nation.  Maybe if American voters had elected a different president for the 2008- 2016 cycle American history books would have a chance of recording the ultimate mark of 300 years of prosperity.  Unfortunately as we all know the 2008-2016 damage to America is irreversible and disqualifies the United States of America from reaching the great mark in world history to become the nation with the longest duration of prosperity [300 years], but History stoutly says not so!   

Dr BearClayborn - Political Psychiatrist  ACB Newspaper International