LETS GET REAL! You know and I know that texting and phone talking while driving is equivalent to drunk or marijuana dope head driving. So why are laws so lax in reference to texting/phone talking driving?

Manslaughter charges should be minimum charge against someone who causes a wreck and kills someone while texting/phone talking driving. Causing a wreck while text driving and phone talking should be equivalent to drunk driving charges or worse. The justification would be like that of a drunk driver who deliberately and intentionally know they're drunk and chooses to drive with impaired judgement in play.

I Care Less About Your Life
A texting/phone driver chooses to drive knowing their attention is impaired and instant response time judgement is not possible. A drunk driver's attention span and capability to react to instant response time driving is equivalent to saying "TO HELL WITH EVERYONE ON THE ROAD WHO DRIVES ACCORDING TO HIGHWAY LAWS, I CAN DRIVE BETTER THAN MOST WHILE I’M LOADED!”   A texting/phone driver's attitude is the same as a drunk driver in that they're saying the same thing, "TO HELL WITH EVERYONE ON THE ROAD DRIVING IN ACCORDANCE TO FREEWAY AND HIGHWAY LAWS, I CAN DRIVE BETTER THAN MOST WHILE I MULTITASK WITHOUT BOTH HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL!”

In both cases it’s a deliberate act of having no respect for others life [Manslaughter]. Texting and talking on a phone automatically classify you as a person that has no respect for other life. It only takes 3 seconds for a texting/phone talking driver to end someone's life. For instance, a drunk or marijuana loaded drug user at least swerves or crosses over the line to give notice they are driving loaded.  Also drunk or drug loaded drivers don't have the instant ability to sober up while driving in order to save a life.

Drunks verses Loaded Marijuana Dope Heads 
BUT texting/phone talking drivers do have the instant ability to not answer a phone call while driving. Also texting/phone talking drivers have the instant ability to not text while driving. As a matter of fact SOME drunk drivers do pull over off the road and go to sleep until highway patrol stops to investigate the situation. ON THE OTHER HAND a texting/phone talking driver WILL NOT PULL OFF THE ROAD to properly carry out communication dialog. INSTEAD, a texting/phone talking driver WILL CONTINUE TO DRIVE AND IGNORE the lives of other drivers or pedestrians walking on the roadside.

In summary a drunk driver will foolishly assume they can drive, but a texting/phone talking driver will DELIBERATELY with utmost intent DEFY to have respect for everyone's life. A texting/phone talking driver will arrogantly continue to drive down the freeway and highway ignoring you until they crash into you or run over you. VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES with 5 year prison sentence and $10,000 fine should be the minimum charge against a texting/phone talking driver WHO CAUSE THE LIFE OF ANOTHER.

Dr BearClayborn Political Psychiatrist http://bit.ly/1mywutO ACB Newspaper International 

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