Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. voting in 2008

Of course every liberal/democrat in America is unaware or deliberately unaware of the truth Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being a devout Christian.  Another fact about Dr. King is that he was not a democrat, and without an inkling of fashioning did he portray himself a champion for liberals [example; Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton].

Dr. King believed in freedom and equality for all, but contrary to today's political correctness and popular propaganda he did not believe in abortion, nor did he believe in hating his enemies. 

Liberals and democrats today hate and literally demand death to President Trump and all Conservatives/Christians/Republicans; but shouldn't liberals/democrats be reviewing Dr. Martin Luther King's analysis to nonviolence.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr were alive during the 2008 Presidential Election would he have voted for an abortion supporting "mulsim obama?"  Or would he have voted for a male whore's wife [Hillary] in 2016?  Before you make a quick judgement continue reading these notes and when finished reading these notes please answer the survey.

An ultimate shocker to liberals and the majority of you reading this is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican.  How can Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, James Clyburn, Sheila Jackson Lee, Elijah Cummings, Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, etc.. support a Republican aka Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?  Don't these black political pawns/pimps know it's against their liberal master's rules and regulations that Democrats do not support Republicans in any manner?  99% of black democrats today don't even know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a Republican.  On the other hand maybe they do know he is and that's the reason they don't support his nonviolent approach to social justice by consistently destroying public and private property when they protest and march.  When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched he didn't destroy property and curse at police officers.  Any black democrat that decide to study American history eventually become dismayed finding that Dr. King's philosophy of life as a Republican is shared by other prominent icons of American history who believed his same political philosophy concept. 

 There are many more dedicated American civil architects that are unknown to today's mimicking ignorant civil rights marchers [black lives stupid]. Today's retarded mimicking civil rights marchers [new black panthers] would surely become more disgusted if they knew more political details about their civil rights' heroes.  Not only was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Republican, but his contemporaries were also; Sojourner Truth was a Republican, Harriet Tubman was a Republican, Sammy Davis Jr was a Republican, A. Philip Randolph was a Republican, Booker T. Washington was a Republican and journalist Ida B. Wells was a Republican.  If there are any doubts about this information presented please don't hesitate to verify with your own investigation of the civil architects of America. There will still be those that will not accept belief that the man that changed America's society and government was a Republican.

More important to know is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr changed our American society with real love for all the people; klansmen, southern whites, "racist democrats," militant blacks, dope head hippies and people who generally despised him.  This leads us to ask the question of how many liberals/democrats of yesterday and today can claim to be following the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knowing that he was a Republican?   Can today's cerebral hollow celebrity driven society honestly follow the footsteps laid by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? Is it actually possible for those who have spewed out words of venomous poison to Republicans, Conservatives and Christians for their opposing political views become capable of breaking partisan walls strangling this nation? Can liberals in principle align with a sense of reality to discharge the partisan polarity they've purposely stained and soiled the unity of America?  Can Conservatives distance themselves from a hard heart and forgive with a declarative of  "CAN WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?" [Rodney King]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a man after God's own heart, but he was careful not to trample on the hearts of fellow Americans. Are we capable of following the tracks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  laid?

With all said, HOW DO YOU THINK Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have voted in the 2008 Presidential election?  Remember, he was a Republican!


America’s Optical Phenomenon; Looking at Liberal Prejudice/Racism

Please become familiar with the term Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotist! The rise of Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotist in America have structured the underlining prognosis of America’s current excrement celebrity driven society. The foundation of America’s current immoral and devalued lifestyles are now on full display in society. Consider this, what was a “sin” sixty years ago is now considered wholesome values of morals. What is most sad to see is a “baby nation” [America] of 240 years self destruct in such an accelerated pattern of abolished nationalism. History will only be able to wink at or raise its supercilium [eyebrow] with a passing gesture towards American history due to the quick arrival and departure of its existence. All of this is due to the take over and rule by America’s Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotist.

Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotist, explained
A nation that was so abundantly blessed with natural resources and human talent running rampant with geniuses during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s suddenly nose dive into an abyss of progressive misdirection is astounding. Yet you must understand that there is a cause and effect for the prevailing social results of America today. There is one group that is responsible for America’s current moral decline and confusion of comprehending the natural laws of human physics and the natural laws of human survival; that group is “Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists.” The common identification of Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists are better known as lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and liberals. Let’s dive quickly into the depths of what is indecorously fixated into the American psychological pattern of progressive thought translation via Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists [DARE].
When a caucasian [or black] lesbian or caucasian [or black] gay male demean anything [person or place] it's fair game, it’s permissible, it’s okay. When a caucasian late night show comedian demean any person, place or thing it's funny and hilariously humorous according to the current media culture. What you see unfolding is a fraction of the national culture [DARE] redesigning how Americans had better submit to liberal ideology. Truth be told America has fallen prey to the foundation of what is right and acceptable in the mental linguistic context of the liberal psyche.

So now you say, what’s the point of reference for these cross examining notes and what are they establishing? As stated earlier we are determining the underlining prognosis of how America has become a literal cesspool of immoral values and unnatural governing dimensions which now have been exposed as liberal racism. Simply put, humor has to be approved by liberal’s standard of humor. Open public slander by any liberal towards any Christian, Conservative, Republican or heterosexual is joyously applauded. On the contrary if any liberal [celebrity, entertainer, athlete, school teacher, etc…] is accused of any wrong doing or misbehavior it is taboo to bring any charge against them, which now is governed by liberal rule of society. If you’ll notice the parallel standard of rule set by caucasian liberals [majority democrat voters] typify the same structure of segregated societal rule by their democrat ancestors who forbid DOA’s [descendant of africa] or colored people to have equal privilege to speak openly on issues or judgment. The picture of liberal racism should start forming its presence before your intellect now.

Pre-Approved Liberal Hypocrisy
Quickly over the last 30 years the tables of social behavior have been turned in favor of liberalism and the deceptive religion of political correctness shadowed by muslim fear. Such has given way to any liberal person to demean or debase anyone who isn't part of the liberal mandated society by which we currently live under now. It’s pre-approved for any liberal, lesbian or gay male to exercise their so called new found civil rights and guaranteed free speech upon anyone. So now let us examine the contrary social elements that ruffles the feathers of liberal ideology.

Classic example of contrary liberal social elements would be when someone outside of the central liberal social network makes a joke about a lesbian or homosexual; such is now legally deemed homophobia. But that’s just the beginning of vivid liberal hypocrisy or basically liberal racism established and mandated for all society to adhere to. Liberals, gays, lesbians can speak ill of others who don’t represent the liberal psyche. But on the other hand someone who isn’t liberal, gay, lesbian can’t do so in return towards them. It’s as though we’re back in the 1950’s when a DOA [descendant of Africa] or colored person would dare think about making a general joke or exclamatory suggestion towards a democrat caucasian. Therefore today it’s the same damning social venue for any Christian, heterosexual or Conservative to make any type of comment towards a lesbian, gay or liberal. These new liberal social standards are now etched into federal, state and municipal laws in order to protect any homosexual, liberal or lesbian from any scrutiny or correction on any level of free speech or immoral act. As you can see homosexuals, liberals and lesbians now hold the key to open their prejudice and racist mentality at will without consequences, just like their white forefathers of the Democrat Party were empowered back during slavery time.

Ellen Degeneres Opens Closet of Homosexual Racism
As recently noted, Ellen Degeneres [popular lesbian in liberal society] forwarded her thought transfer of racist annotation toward a dark skinned Jamaican olympic gold medalist. All types of red flags designed to warn and indicate an encroachment into the realm of prejudice or racist inclination were thrown at ellen degeneres for her self made humor of degrading a dark skinned Jamaican olympic gold medalist. But the liberal news networks and liberal social media families quickly extinguished any flames of prejudice and racism that could have burnt ellen degeneres super lesbian manifestation. Although ellen clearly depicted herself as a slave driver on the back of the Jamaican olympic gold medalist in her “posted caption of humor” we should thank her. We should be pleased that ellen degeneres used a picture to depict her true internal psychological foundation of human relationship to illustrate her hidden racist particulars. Now it’s out of the closet about homosexuals, liberals and lesbians being just as prejudice and racist as their Democrat Party forefathers were during the slavery years of American history.

Homosexuals Earn Title of being most “Racist Group in America!
Mostly everyone in America 50 years and younger think lesbians and gay male counter subjects don’t have in their heart to mentally forward a racist demeanor or mean spirit towards individuals of Conservative philosophy, Christians faith or heterosexuals lifestyle. Unfortunately America’s new populous generation of inexperienced individuals who lack wisdom dare run contrary to the liberal utopian concept and belief. The life philosophy of modern liberal youth and young adults consist of the most flaccid and weak concept of real life. Such is well noted due to their indoctrinated status from birth through public school. America’s current young adult generation have aligned with the liberal philosophy of living without accountability or responsibility. Therefore as young adults are converted into liberalism they’re groomed into the mental concept of having no accountability or responsibility. They use their card of unlimited freedom and liberty to do whatever they want. The crushing underlining of their life philosophy is they mandate all other people who don't believe in their life philosophy to be punished legally. Liberals, homosexauls and lesbians truly believe they’re not prejudice or racist in any form or manner. But such is the most hidden lie of the century. Liberal media networks will do their best to hide the true fact that homosexuals, transsexuals, lesbians and liberals at heart are the most racist, prejudice and anti-Christian individuals in the World.

Quick Fact Check: are Homosexuals, liberals, lesbians “fair and honest”
Remember there are two sides of the fence; homosexuals say Christians are homophobic and wont' hire a lesbian or gay male. But again, no one has examined the issue of homosexual business owners deliberately not hiring a professed Christian to their management staff or labor cast. That’s why we want to thank ellen degeneres for opening a door of discussion that has been sealed shut deliberately by America’s liberal society. Lesbians and homosexuals are prejudice and racist too, they are not exempt from the psychological transition of human relationship. Young liberal adults of today can’t conceive this reality because they have been literally brainwashed to believe liberals and homosexuals are pure in thought. It has taken years of indoctrination through public high schools and public universities along with funding by billionaire George Soros to condition such a mass populous to discharge the American foundation of Christian values.

Power Play in governing America
Always remember that those who are in power make the laws and rule the land. Today homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and pedophile government officials currently rule, makes laws, policies and set mandatory social relationships for America to abide by. If a heterosexual or Christian does not submit to liberal policies they will face dire legal ramifications from the liberal homosexual government ruling America today. That’s why a Christian comedian or heterosexual can’t make jokes about lesbians or gay boys/males, because it’s against the law of the land today. Freedom of speech is only for liberals in America, and that’s a social fact. Say something bad about a homosexual and watch the firestorm burn you up. Ellen Degeneres can be as racist and mean spirited towards whoever she wants to be and liberal networks and the celebrity entertainment society will giggle and applaud her.

Dr BearClayborn – Political Psychiatrist bit.ly/1GFdANH ACB Newspaper International


Blacks Without A KING: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr BearClayborn -Political Psychiatrist -ACB Newspaper International

The Colored Voting Pawn
Today America must understand that blacks of today are nothing more than a colored voting pawn assigned by white liberals and the socialist/communist/muslim movement in America.  It’s almost impossible for “Real Americans” to celebrate the cornerstone of America created by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. due to debasing of his foundational truth by rioting black anarchist and white anarchist [lawless black and white activist].   Recent actions of blacks during the years 2008-2016 have proven that blacks have no inclination of peaceful protesting, and definitely no comprehension of judging a person by their character and not their color.  

So called black, white and homosexual “civil activist” have basically destroyed the foundational concept of the real civil rights movement.  The real civil rights social engineering of America was completed and finalized by those who joined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to define the true intent of the founding fathers and the Constitution.  Today [2018] there is no link or connection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. work that can correlate with today’s black activist and white socialist uprising.  There can’t be any link of today's blacks with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because blacks are still trying to fight a civil rights war that has already been won by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   –The original civil rights engineers along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. placed the final cornerstone of America’s society in place back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Etched into the cornerstone are the principals of human worth; “only judge a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.”    Any so-called civil rights movement of today is clearly a fabricated lie because we already have our human principals of societal function in place, via Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.     

Where is Our King?
2008-2016 America turned its back on GOD, and so did 95% of black voters.  In the 2008 and 2012 elections blacks were praising GOD that HE sent them a black king to worship [[sounds familiar? 1st Samuel c8 v5-7]].  In the 2016 elections blacks cried out for a Queen to lead them; well you know the results of that.  

In 2008 and 2012 blacks in America were completely fooled into thinking they had finally found their “King.”  What blacks had long forgotten was America had already received the best king it could possibly have; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  – To the shame of blacks in 2008, 2012 and today in America, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his peers did not sacrifice their life for the current detestable lying black activist of today [Ferguson, Baltimore and other fake black/white liberal social activist movement].  Black and white socialists of today are nothing more than pathetic buffoons trying to regurgitate the 1960’s civil rights movement.  Black modern day liberal socialist/activists are keenly ignorant of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his peers placing the final cornerstone of America’s civil rights in the building of America’s great society. 

What is Black?
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. completed the rebuilding structure of America’s society with definitive guidelines eliminating the need to base anything on the color of skin.  Unlike today, blacks have united with privileged white liberals who continue echoing and assigning the color black to descendants of Africa.   It’s an encroaching interest to actually see white liberals who control national liberal media networks continue to color code descendants of Africa as the color black.   You’ll never hear the national liberal media networks identify any other race in America by a color, only descendants of Africa, not descendants of Korea, Germany, China, Portugal, Norway, etc….    

The liberal network media has trained America’s current young generation to use the color black to identify descendants of Africa.  In addition the liberal network media has been training America for the past sixty years to judge a person’s skin color as the determining factor of their worth.    As of 2018 there should not be any color coding to identify Americans, but it still remains [read AFRIGEN NATION bit.ly/1wXkuK2  and AMERICAN GENETICS bit.ly/1GFdANH].   

Derogatory Social Movement
Today in America you have derogatory social-rights riots [fake civil movements] occurring which could never duplicate or imitate the real civil rights movement completed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.    -These derogatory social-rights riots [fake civil movements] are basically open defiance to law and order.  Virtually all social-rights movements are only retarded tactical liberal antics to incite riots, with hope of challenging law enforcement or the order of law. 

As most Americans with common sense and research information know, current Democrat party leaders along with America’s post dated first muslim leader are culprits reinforcing the social anarchy movements that produce riots and incite violence.  The devastating fact of Democrat party leaders supporting anarchist activity is well documented.  Democrat party leaders are actually PAYING anarchist to march and entice other social movement participants to INCITE riot activity for liberal network news coverage [pure social encoding].   Can you imagine being PAID to loot, burn, and intimidate others with social unrest?  Well you don’t have to imagine this, its truth. 

The question is how can “Real Americans” join in and celebrate the legendary American Social Engineering Builder Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with anarchist, rioters, thugs, hoodlums and national liberal media networks that promote the color black?   The work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was completed a long time ago.  Over the past sixty years America has been adjusting and calibrating its society to Dr. King’s social teaching of judging a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.   Unfortunately blacks have failed to calibrate what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught.  Full proof of blacks inability to assess Dr. King’s Dream was clearly established when blacks voted for the skin color of a presidential candidate for 2008 and 2012. 

World View of the King
The world now view blacks 2008 and 2012 voting pattern as insulting to the high standards that Dr. Martin Luther King established.   The world now determines blacks as just black voting pawns capable of only voting for the color black.  As blacks indulge in voting for the color of a person’s skin it diminishes the profoundness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. summation of voting for the content and character of an individual and not the color of their skin.   

It is disgusting to see blacks call for celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when blacks themselves don’t adhere to Dr. King’s cornerstone of “judging the content of ones character and not the color of ones skin.” Instead blacks today are screaming “racism-racism” at every turn of social events in America.  It would be the scent of foul excrement for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to smell if he were alive today to see groups like “black lives matter, the new black panther party, planned parenthood groups, la raza and homosexual-lgbt groups” holding America hostage and claiming the 1960 civil rights movement as their foundation of justification.

The King’s Cornerstone
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. completed the social engineering building of America with the placement of his cornerstone in the foundation of America’s towering society.  Unfortunately blacks in America today [2018] have jolted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cornerstone from its place by instituting and carrying out political race baiting, crying out Conservatives are racist in America, carrying out political social race riots and manufacturing fake civil rights movements [Dr. King has already finalized the civil rights movement].  Most importantly the jolting of Dr. King’s cornerstone from America’s foundation by blacks have only increased blacks to be submissive slaves to the identification of being called a color and not a people.  Blacks in America today have failed to realize or comprehend that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not black, he was a proud AfriGen.  
read AFRIGEN NATION bit.ly/1wXkuK2 and AMERICAN GENETICS bit.ly/1GFdANH  

Dr BearClayborn – Political Psychiatrist   http://bit.ly/1p2H4xF  ACB Newspaper International