AMERICA'S PARALLAX; Hiding Lesbian & Homosexual Racism

Domesticated Antropological Regressed Egotist!
What's the underlining prognosis of America’s current excrement designed celebrity driven society?
To answer that question the foundation of moral and pertinent values must be examined. Consider this, what was a “sin” sixty years ago is now considered wholesome values of morals. To see a nation that’s literally a “baby nation” of 240 years self destruct in such a rapid and accelerated pattern of abolished nationalism is something history can only wink at with a raised supercilium [eyebrow].

A nation so abundantly blessed with natural resources and human talent running rampant with geniuses during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s suddenly nose dive into an abyss of progressive misdirection is astounding. Yet you must understand that there is a cause and effect for the prevailing social results of America today. There is one group that is responsible for America’s current moral decline and confusion of comprehending the natural laws of human physics and the natural laws of human survival; that group is “Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists.” The common identification of Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists are better known as lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and liberals. Let’s dive quickly into the depths of what is indecorously fixated into the American psychological pattern of progressive thought translation via Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotists [DARE].

When a white lesbian or white gay male demean anything [person, place or thing] it's okay. When a white liberal comedian on a late night comedy show demean anything it's funny. Okay, now we’ve set up the foundation of what is right and wrong or acceptable in the mental linguistic context of the common liberal psyche. So now you say, what’s the point of reference for these cross examining notes and what are they establishing? As stated earlier we are determining the underlining prognosis of how America has become a literal cesspool of immoral values and unnatural governing dimensions which have now evolved into a new form of racism; liberal racism!

Pre-Approved Liberal Hypocrisy
Quickly over the last 30 years the tables of social behavior have been turned in favor of liberalism and deceptive political correctness. Such has given way to any liberal person to demean or debase anyone who isn't part of the liberal mandated society we currently live under now. It’s pre-approved for any liberal, lesbian or gay male to exercise their so called new founded civil rights and guaranteed free speech. So now let us examine the contrary social elements that ruffles the feathers of liberal ideology.

Classic example of contrary liberal social elements would be when someone outside of the central liberal social network makes a joke about a lesbian or homosexual; such is now legally deemed homophobia. But that’s just the beginning of vivid liberal hypocrisy established and mandated for all society to adhere to. Liberals, gays, lesbians can speak ill of others who don’t represent the liberal psyche; but on the other hand someone who isn’t liberal, gay, lesbian can’t do so in return towards them. It’s as though we’re back in the 1950’s when a GOA [Genetic of Africa] couldn’t dare think about making a general joke or exclamatory suggestion towards a caucasian. Therefore today it’s the same damning inculpative social venue for any Christian or heterosexual to make any type of comment towards a lesbian, gay or liberal. These new liberal social standards are now etched into federal, state and municipal laws in order to protect any homosexual, liberal or lesbian from any scrutiny or correction on any level of free speech. As you can see homosexuals, liberals and lesbians now hold the key to open their prejudice and racist mentality at will without consequences, just like their white forefathers of the Democrat Party were empowered back during slavery time.

Hello Ellen!
As recently noted, Ellen Degeneres [popular lesbian in liberal society] boldly forwarded her thought transfer of racist annotation toward a dark skinned Jamaican olympic gold medalist.  As expected all types of red flags designed to warn and indicate an encroachment into the realm of prejudice or racist inclination were thrown at ellen degeneres.  Of course lesbians, homosexuals and liberals all over the nation defended ellen's self made humor of degrading a dark skinned Jamaican olympic gold medalist. And of course the liberal government controlled news networks and liberal social media family quickly extinguished any flames of prejudice and racism that could have burnt ellen degeneres superior human manifestation. 

Although ellen clearly depicted herself as a slave driver on the back of the Jamaican olympic gold medalist in her “posted caption of humor” we should thank her. We should be pleased that ellen degeneres used a picture to depict her true internal psychological foundation of human relationship to illustrate her hidden racist particulars. Now it’s out of the closet about homosexuals, liberals and lesbians being just as prejudice and racist as their Democrat Party forefathers were during the slavery years of American history.

Homosexuals Earn Title of being most “Racist Group in America
Mostly everyone in America 40 years and younger think lesbians and gay male counter subjects are not mentally capable of forwarding a racist demeanor or mean spirit towards individuals of color, Christians or heterosexuals. Unfortunately for this new populous generation of inexperienced life individuals without wisdom, the facts run contrary to their liberal utopian concept and belief. 

 The life philosophy of modern liberal youth and young adults consist of the most flaccid and weak concept of real life philosophy. Such should be well noted due to their being indoctrinated from birth through public school the liberal philosophy of living without accountability or responsibility. Therefore as liberals are groomed into the mental concept of having no accountability or responsibility they use their card of unlimited freedom and liberty to do whatever they want. The crushing underlining of their life philosophy is they mandate all other people who don't believe in their life philosophy to be punished legally. Liberals, homosexauls, lesbians truly believe they’re not prejudice or racist in any form or manner. But such is the most hidden lie of the century. Liberal media networks will do their best to hide the true fact that homosexuals, transsexuals, lesbians and liberals at heart are the most racist, prejudice and anti-Christian individuals in America.

Quick Fact Check: are Homosexuals, liberals, lesbians “fair and honest”
Remember there are two sides of the fence; homosexuals say Christians are homophobic and wont' hire a lesbian or gay male. But again, no one has examined the issue of homosexual business owners deliberately not hiring a professed Christian to their management staff or labor cast. That’s why we want to thank you ellen degeneres for opening a door of discussion that has been sealed shut deliberately by America’s liberal society. Lesbians and homosexuals are prejudice and racist too, they are not exempt from the psychological transition of human relationship. Young liberal adults of today can’t conceive this reality because they have been literally brainwashed to believe liberals and homosexuals are pure in thought.

Power Play in governing America
Always remember that those who are in power make the laws and rule the land. Today homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and pedophile government officials currently rule, makes laws, policies and set mandatory social relationships for America to abide by. If a heterosexual or Christian does not submit to liberal policies and demands they will face dire legal ramifications from the liberal homosexual government ruling America today.

That’s why a Christian comedian or heterosexual can’t make jokes about lesbians or gay boys/males, because it’s against the law of the land today. Freedom of speech is only for liberals in America, and that’s a social fact. Say something bad about a homosexual and watch the firestorm burn you up. Ellen Degeneres can be as racist and mean spirited towards whoever she wants to be and liberal networks and the celebrity entertainment society will giggle and applaud her.

Dr BearClayborn – Political Psychiatrist bit.ly/1GFdANH ACB Newspaper International