You better watch out, you better not cry,you better not pout and I'll tell you why,
Santa Green-Job is coming, to town.

He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's going to find out whose unemployment ran out;
Santa Green-Job is coming, to town.

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows your house is foreclosed,
he knows if you need "TARP-money," so be good for goodness sake;

So! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout and I'll tell you why,
Santa Green-Job is coming, to town.

Political Green Vomit!
Where are these "green jobs?" Promises, promises, promises, and more promises from your government. Take for example the broken promises [actual lies] to the people of California by Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Lee, prophesying great prosperity to the unemployed. These highly favored California politicians would not normally be elected into office if they were in another part of the country, but then again, most of the country has lost its self respect. Regardless, California politicians are the biggest providers of broken promises hands down. When will people learn that government and politicians are not the answer to their general welfare? When will people all over this land finally learn that government funding is not to be handed out as a daily "Christmas Present?"

Last fall [Sep 09] some aspiring news was released that real jobs were coming to Oakland California. This statement was made by Oakland's congresswoman Barbara Lee and the suck up Oakland mayor Ron Dellums. Both claiming that 13,800 jobs would be available come January 2010 or February 2010 or March 2010. Well, so far that hasn't transpired as of today.

The closest official mocking of job creation has come in the form of a graduating class at the Ella Baker Community Center in Oakland, where there were a hand full of selected participants for the "Oakland Green Jobs Corps." There was an amount of about 40 pre-apprenticeship young adults that graduated from the training program. This program was designed as a community outreach to recruit low-income young adults in Oakland. The creation of possibly forty jobs in Oakland is interesting, but the real question to the mayor and congresswoman is where are the other 12,960 jobs that was promised?

Government Speaking!
Let's look a bit more closer at the actual setting of unemployment in the marvelous Bay Area. The Bureau of Labor Statistics officially recognizes the unemployment rate for the Oakland Metropolitan Area which includes Fremont and Hayward at 11.9 percent. If you take accountability solely for Oakland the unemployment rate jumps to 17.5 percent easily. The transition of jobs to the Oakland unemployed has all but been a politician forced fed fib. In reality this means "Keep Looking SUCKERS."

According to the official government statistics, there has been a decline in employment for Oakland and the surrounding labor force area. For your convenience please take note of the employment pattern reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics below: Data extracted on:

March 26, 2010United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics for:Oakland Metropolitan Area [Oakland, Fremont-Hayward CA]

LABOR FORCE DATA [numbers are in thousands]

Civilian Labor Force
[sep 09] [oct 09] [nov 09] [dec 09] [jan 10] [feb 10]
1,302.5 1,302.7 1,298.4 1,289.4 1,276.1 unavailable

[sep 09] [oct 09] [nov 09] [dec 09] [jan 10] [feb 10]
1,155.0 1,152.8 1,150.8 1,148.6 1,123.7 unavailable

[sep 09] [oct 09] [nov 09] [dec 09] [jan 10] [feb 10]
147.6 149.9 147.6 140.8 152.4 unavailable

Unemployed Rate
[sep 09] [oct 09] [nov 09] [dec 09] [jan 10] [feb 10]
11.3% 11.5% 11.4% 10.9% 11.9% unavailable

The New Government!
Let's get real for a moment, take a look at the new socialist society we now live in, examine the particulars that have manifested. Without a doubt, any social democracy or social communist government is based upon a centralized government; such is the final destination for the U.S. Within a centralized government the most important people are government employees. Take notice that the private sector of employment becomes a secondary factor of importance because the main priority shifts to creating government jobs. What has developed in the U.S. is "government workers" being glorified and set up as the elite working class of the nation.

The roles have reversed from the private industry setting the tone for hard work and ingenuity. Now the civil worker is to set the standard by all to adhere to. No longer will reliance be upon the private industry sector to produce excellence in productivity. Please understand that this is by no fault of the private sector, it is because of government intervention squashing the capability of competition to create the best for this nation. A change of social roles has taken place since government has intervened so heavily in the private industry sector. Now government workers have become the ruling class of this nation. No longer does the private industry worker have any input unless authorized by a union representative.

Misleading Politicians!
Maybe Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California was correct in her statement that new jobs would be coming to Oakland. Unfortunately the congresswoman left out the facts that the jobs would be "via government job openings." Now that the U.S. has been officially declared a socialist nation through the passing of the socialist health care bill, maybe there are new jobs on the horizon. Is it possible that upcoming new jobs for Oakland's unemployed and the nationally unemployed will stem from the new "IRS Job Openings" being mandated? Brand new IRS Auditors will be added to the never ending government job ranks. Their function will be to audit everyone who doesn't participate in the new government health care system.

Open your mouth and close your eyes, and you will get a big SURPRISE!
You do know that everyone must purchase into the new government health care system in one form or another? You didn't know that new laws and regulations were attached to the new socialist health care system? Fact, not fiction, If you don't submit to participating in the socialist health care system you will be fined by the IRS on your tax return. If you think that's bad, the very company or business you work for will have to report your health care status to big brother [IRS]. If you deliberately exclude yourself from participating in the new socialist health care system the results will be your appointment in jail. You are not allowed to be defiant to the protocol of conforming to the new socialist health care rules and regulation. This is no joke, this is really the truth, and you have no options. Remember, you voted for socialism, and socialism is what you get. For those of you who are still unemployed, keep waiting patiently; a government job will eventually open up for you in the future, very far future. In other words, don't plan on retiring.

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