News Flash! America Has Been Shot In The Anal Cavity!

Can you buy a new house today? Can you buy a new car today? Can the President be more mature in manner of speaking and say "Anal Cavity" instead of  "A__" when being interviewed. Answer to all three questions is No!

You have to understand that the American economy has been shot in heart, foot, arm, face and anal cavity. For over fifteen years California’s economy for sure has been bloated with super duper Disneyland fantasies of property ownership without saving and making a down payment for it. In other words free property for everyone, and I mean everyone, illegal mexicans and illegal aliens too! Of course there’s nothing wrong with owning property, it’s the American dream. But when real estate agents and other greedy financial entities construe “Crack Baby Financing” for new home owners you’ve got a problem. “Crack Baby Financing” runs parallel with a dope crack head user getting a euphoric rush from the initial inhaling of the dope but it only lasts for a few moments and then crash baby!

For years California homes have been ridiculously and astronomically over priced and gullible people have gone alone with these real estate agents who have encourage and influence the bloated unreal housing prices. What resulted from this fake bogus real estate market that initiated in California was a national hijacking of home prices all over the country. Just to think in San Francisco in 1999 a home in the Bay View Hunters Point district could sell for $700,000.00. Oh don’t forget the nightly shootings and burnt donut rings at every intersection you drove through come with the property as well. In other words something was wrong with this picture of a house selling for $700,000.00 and next door and across the street was “Drug Runners Incorporated.” That should have been a sign and signal to the rest of America that California was basing its economy a fake image of real American life.

As the California real estate market continued to be forced up in price with the “Crack Baby Financing” many other states like Texas, Colorado, Idaho, and Kansas began to drool at the mouth for a taste of the California real estate agent greed programs. A new track development of fifty homes in Tennessee would sell homes for $300,000.00, but the surrounding community homes consisted of older homes that could only market for $60,000.00 tops. Let us not forget that 65% of the new bloated price homes which sold for $300,000.00 were sold to individuals who were only making $36,000.00 annually and the other 35% of new home buyers were illegal aliens from mexico who were sent to America to front the property which is destined as a transfer point [process illegal aliens].

Of course there was special financing like interest only loans and other loan gimmicks to afford the families to move in and make their payments for at least a year or two before the shoe dropped [loan principle become due]. And that’s why today you have a real estate market that has crashed, and it will continue to crash until new jobs are created in this country. In likelihood any real jobs [not euphoric green crap] will not be in existence for another ten years [two presidential cycles]. So that’s why you can’t buy a new house because of the stricter financial guidelines required by banks and no one can find a job, there aren’t any to find.

I wouldn’t have believed the way real estate agents were diligently harboring on greed in order to make their millions at any cost to society unless I saw it with my own eyes, and I did. I knew of illegal mexicans that purchased new $400,000.00 homes in the bay area in 1999 and they worked at Jack in the Box as assistant crew chief. It baffled my mind until a loan processor explained to me the various shoe string financing that was in play [Crack Baby Financing]. Not only were the home prices deliriously inflated but the car dealerships were making a killing on selling their bloated priced $70,000.00 Hummers and $50,000.00 Navigators to mexican families who just crossed the border and spoke no English, but they worked at the car wash down the street. Well, all of that super duper “Crack Baby Financing” propping up a bloated and fake economy had to come to an end. And so it did in grand fashion. Now everyone who was bragging about their $700,000.00 and $500,000.00 homes doesn’t have a home anymore. Neither do they have the good paying job of many years. Now the previous $700,000.00 and $500,000.00 home owner is looking for a job at Jack in the Box and Burger King and Wendy’s. But they won’t find a job at those places because their illegal mexican neighbors have those jobs locked up, and they’re not giving them up. Obama acts as though he has an answer for everything but yet he has produced nothing for the regular guys and gals. So please don’t depend on him to be your savior.

The answer to this country’s dilemma is a need for partisan ignorance to cease or be ignored. As we ignore the ignorant but scheming politicians we must create for ourselves a dynamic venture that goes against the grain of political correctness. America must drop the scheming politicians and the stupid political correctness in order to regain some type of economic sanity. Other than that you’re shooting yourself in the heart, foot, arm, face and anal cavity.

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