Oakland Against Police Officers

With the two year sentencing of BART Police Officer Mehserle today BART Police is going to need another officer to replace him. There is an irony in relationship with this case of law enforcement doing their job and being harassed for doing their job. Let’s examine this picture of support for law enforcement in Oakland. There was an article written this past August [2010] applauding the reduction in Oakland’s police force due to budget cut backs. It would be devastating if any amount of young people in Oakland [particularly young African Americans] read the article because the article typifies the ongoing journalistic malpractice in America. It is imperative that an earmark be set for the docile writing of suggesting Oakland remove as many police officers off the force as possible. Let’s get a clarification about the issue of discussion; there are media personnel and other individuals that want less police in Oakland and more social programs. First of all there must be an age limit on individuals who write articles that propagate such a sideshow of ignorance. Secondly anyone who bears the thought of a city the caliber of Oakland submit to less law enforcement has lost their mind? What we’re talking about is basic common sense to be applied in the administration of a municipal government. The city of Oakland is the hub for drug and illegal activity and there are people who want fewer police officers available to serve the community. Maybe these individual who are making the suggestion of less law enforcement in Oakland has had a life experience of being sheltered from the ills of this society, and their utopia infested mentality has all but cancelled any manifestation of common sense. No disrespect to any of the individuals who believe in a utopia society but such retarded gestures of taking funding for police and public safety and transfer it to community pimp programs that have never reformed Oakland is hilarious if not just stupid.

Ninety five percent of Oakland’s criminal problems [if analyzed properly] stem from the perpetual welfare mentality that has been passed on from past generations to the current generation. The numerous problems of having the same low income and welfare recipients congested in the same old areas of the city proves that pimping the community for government funds is not a solution. How dare anyone insinuate using hard earned tax money from the working class citizens of Oakland be literally given to social pimps to keep their chartered and civil jobs.

Any political or community representative that takes a socialistic approach to edifying Oakland’s social and education system should be considered a detestable overgrowth from the “free hand out society.” Oakland’s engulfed socialistic ideology proves first hand what is nationally known by anyone with common sense that cities under Democratic Party rule constitute the highest poverty rates coupled with the highest incarceration. Socialist cities like Oakland can only jest at being a city of law and order and pride. Without law and order there is no society but only anarchy. Therefore any individual or group that promotes Oakland should have less police officers clearly submits a statement of adolescent ignorance coupled with partisan ideology.

Oakland has long crossed over the apex of maintaining an orderly social structure because it continues to hold on to the same welfare mentality proliferated by social experts and their misleading decades of social studies to sympathize with political agendas. A prime example of civil unrest in Oakland is amplified in the case of BART Police Officer Mehserle who was trying to diffuse an incident at a BART train station in January 2009 in which he accidentally shot an unruly young man. Officer Mehserle was sentenced to two years in prison this Friday [11/12/10]. But the crux of the matter is the attitude of Oakland’s populous towards law enforcement which almost every time feeds and escalates any minor incident into national news. The results basically end with Oakland Police being charged with breaking the law instead of the criminal being charge with law breaking. The criminals in Oakland are having a field day every time an officer arrests them because the criminal ends up suing the city for thousands and millions of dollars. Actually that’s one way to break out of a welfare mentality, incite a police officer, then sue and collect from the city of Oakland.

Oakland is a seaport city with regional amenities that other cities across the nation dream of. Having access to the international gateway by water paired with air and rail transit sets up the potential for nothing less than a booming seaport city. But with the socialistic welfare mentality that persist in the psyche of east, west, north and south Oakland it is virtually impossible to reform such psychological thinking. The perpetual demise of Oakland reinforced by individuals and groups who flaunt an appalling ignorance of how a capitalistic society works can only kill any potential prosperity for a city such as Oakland. Where are the real visionaries who need to be in the forefront of guiding Oakland into prosperity? Surely it isn’t the socialistic community organizers!

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