How do you resolve a national headache? Medical prognosis of the past dictated "the bigger the headache the bigger the pill.” But be careful of the doctor that treat you because “the bigger the doctor the bigger the bill.”

Today America is suffering from an acute migraine headache developed from American leaders in the White House failing continuously to solve the illegal alien problem. While so many ill advised liberal advocates continually slam together “marching band symbols” for the rights of illegal aliens crossing the American goal line, American workers crawl into a fetal position with their “unemployment migraine headache.” What kind of national prescription can America take to ease the throbbing of her migraine headache?

Metropolitan Headache
In every metropolitan area and major city in America you will encounter droves of illegal aliens staking out their “community outsource employment office” on selected street corners or vacant lots. Actually it’s not a bad idea or concept of showcasing their desire to be employed, but it’s not legal for them to be in the country. Illegal aliens have surpassed legal American citizens in the shopping malls, hospitals and government buildings. Everyone knows that the majority of illegal aliens among us are Mexican nationals, and that’s not a racial slant but a U.S. Government statistic. Regardless if everyone can see illegal aliens walking up and down the streets it is politically incorrect to speak the truth about it. Within the next four years it will be against the law to speak or think that a Mexican national might be an illegal alien [if Eric Holder is still Attorney General]. The U.S. Government has rejected the notion that there exist thirty million or twenty million illegal aliens walking among us. As a matter of fact the U.S. Government will only officially recognize a possibility of maybe eleven million illegal aliens on U.S. soil. Any estimate over twelve million illegal aliens seen by American citizens are considered ghosts by White House officials.

Knowing Your Neighbor!
It’s getting harder and harder to identify who is a legal citizen in America and who is not legal. It is a very bad sign for any society’s citizens to not know who is living in their country or even who they are standing next to. American citizens have become very frustrated with trying to know who is living in their neighborhoods and communities. The IRS has tried to help Americans identify who is an American citizen and who is not by providing terms and definitions of occupiers on American soil. But there are so many categories to apprehend in order to decide how to identify who is our legal neighbor or who is our legal enemy. Your neighbor could be a:


U.S. National

U.S. Citizen



Illegal Alien

NV [Nonimmigrant Visas]

VWP [Visa Waiver Program]

LPR [Legal Permanent Resident]

As you can see this is very confusing when trying to make friends with your neighbor, especially when you don’t speak their language.

America's Homeland Security Joke!
Additional misfortunes for American citizens rest with U.S. Homeland Security which oversees the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement [ICE] and U.S. Customs & Border Protection [CBP], in which all have proven that they are not synchronized with each other in accounting for illegal aliens. According to the OIS [Office of Immigration Services] annual report for 2010, DHS [Department of Homeland Security] apprehended five hundred and seventeen thousand [517,000] foreign nationals [illegal aliens]. ICE [Immigration Customs Enforcement] apprehended and detained three hundred and sixty three thousand [363,000] foreign nationals. Now please pay close attention to the next disclosure. Eighty three percent [83%] of those apprehended were Mexican nationals. A quick summation of all apprehended in 2010 were eight hundred eighty thousand [880,000] foreign nationals or illegal aliens accounted for. The U.S. Border Patrol has provided their estimate of apprehending at least 1.2 million illegal aliens entering the U.S. every year. What’s retarded and alarming is, for every “one” [1] illegal alien that the U.S. Border Patrol captures at least “three” [3] or more evade capture. These are not my estimates but are the U.S. Border Patrol estimates. But since you asked here are my estimates:

If by default we use the number of 880,000 illegal aliens entering the U.S. every year according to DHS and not use the 1.2 million estimate provided by the U.S.B.P. you will still be stunned at the tabulation. For example;

a. 880,000 illegal aliens for the past ten years [equate 8.8 million illegal aliens.

b. 880,000 illegal aliens for the past twenty years [equate 17.6 million illegal aliens.

c. 880,000 illegal aliens for the past thirty years [equate 26.4 million illegal aliens.

It would be hard press to discredit these summations, but don’t forget, neither does U.S. Homeland Security have an exact true count of illegal aliens entering the U.S. each year. DHS can only summate a fluctuating reporting of culminating government agencies or cast their summations by altering past or future defaults. Daily sighting of the populous within metropolitan areas typically deems a direct correlation percentage in concert with the U.S. Border Patrol accounting of 1.2 million illegal aliens yearly.

If by default we use the estimate provided by the U.S. Border Patrol of 1.2 million illegal aliens entering every year since President Regan’s 1.7 million illegal alien program in 1986, we could summarize the following;

a. 1.2 million illegal aliens for the past ten years [equate 12.1 million illegal aliens

b. 1.2 million illegal aliens for the past twenty years [equate 24.1 million illegal aliens

c. 1.2 million illegal aliens since 1986 amnesty [equate 31.2 million illegal aliens

d. 1.2 million illegal aliens for the past thirty years [equate 36.1 million illegal aliens

National Budget Headache!
As you can see America’s big headache is only going to get worse because of the cost associated with providing for illegal aliens [healthcare, welfare, etc…] will become a major portion of the estimated forty trillion dollar [40,000,000,000] national budget projected for the next decade. To add lighter fluid to America’s flaming migraine headache, politicians [Democrats and Republicans] have not only become corrupt in their pursuit to run for the American presidency, but they are in pursuit of running down an illegal alien to get a vote. It has become a “no-win situation” for American citizens, and it seems all too true; “the bigger the headache the bigger the pill, the bigger the doctor the bigger the bill.”

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