“If You Must Break the Law, Do it to Seize Power” JULIUS CAESAR

The question of great importance is how has Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama “being Black” restrained him from accomplishing his achievements?  How can a so-called “Black Man” reach the pinnacle of American civilization as king complain about blacks being restrained from prospering in America?  The irony is Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama has an entourage of successful filthy rich black individuals [Beyonce, Jay-Z, Tyler Perry, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson, Alicia Keys, Eddie Murphy, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Oprah, Samuel Jackson, etc…] also echoing the same deceptive rhetoric of blacks being held back by racism.

“I Came, I Saw, I Conquered” JULIUS CAESAR
America’s 2008 Manchurian Candidate has executed Julius Caesar’s historical judgment [If you must break the law, do it to seize power] since 2008 with great results to last through 2016.  Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama will accomplish his desire to seize total power over America and build an impermeable political power shelter with no formidable resistance to him.  In addition to orchestrating his political wrath of war on American Conservatives, Christians, Republicans and Oil Drilling, Obama has now unleashed the ultimate civil war weapon.  Without shame and with deliberate intent he has now enacted rekindling pre-Civil War sentiments of racial hate and division.  He has given directives to pit Caucasian descendants against African descendants in daily civil unrest [aka Zimmerman, Martin].    

Why hasn’t Obama focused on America’s economy the past five years instead of homosexuals, illegal Mexicans and global warming?  There are more than 4.2 million less jobs in America since the 2008 Manchurian Candidate was placed in the Oval Office.  Only 63% of America’s capable-working citizens are working. 

His reason is to divide and conquer America on social issues that are irrelevant to the nation’s survival.  Obama and Attorney General Holder are virtually seeking blood to be spilt on the streets of America via racial agitation and presidential directives.  Human blood from Caucasian descendants and African descendants will justify Obama’s seize of power to rule by executive order and martial law, then will he be satisfied with changing America according to his acceptance speech in 2008. 

Obama’s Civil War
Over six hundred eighteen thousand three hundred twenty two [618,322] Caucasians lost their lives in America’s Civil War [1861-1865].  Add thirty seven thousand [37,000] Africans who fought along side their respective regiments and died brings the rounded off estimate total of civil war deaths to nearly seven hundred thousand [700,000].  Evidently 700,000 deaths based on racial divide do not faze Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama.  Obama continues to add daily improper adolescent inflammatory rhetoric to incite more deaths in America via Martin/Zimmerman trial case.  Remember, blood is Obama’s signature stamp of declaring war on America.   You may ask “how can the president wage war on his countrymen?”  The answer is simple; he does not consider “the half of America” that didn’t vote for him to be his fellow countrymen.

Warning Signs No Longer Work in America
When a president allows the military of a country to depreciate through deliberate policy there should be some suspicion to his motive.  In 1968 the percentage of operating the U.S. Military was 9.5 % of GDP.  In 2008 the operating cost of U.S. Military dropped to 4.7% of GDP.  In 2012 the operating cost of U.S. Military was 4.5% of GDP.  In 2013 the operating cost of U.S. Military dropped to 4.1% of GDP.  The estimated percentage of U.S. Military towards GDP by 2022 will be 2.5%.  There is no major world power on earth that can sustain its military using only 2.5% of its GDP, and neither can 4.1% of GDP sustain the U.S. Military to be effective.

Self preservation is the most profound form of natural instinct that any human can manifest.  Even the most primitive form of life on this earth will direct all its power to manifest defensive measures to survive.   In terms of national preservation the United States of America falls below par in its ability for self preservation [4.1% of GDP].  Added proof of the detrimental fact that America cannot sustain self preservation includes the populous bent on supporting a false leader named Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama who has defamed the Constitution and decreased America’s Military Power.

Please take note that Americans have lost their comprehension of what a leader is to be.  We know the reason for America’s inept comprehension is largely due to social retardation stemming from the current generation of young liberal Caucasian adults and old hippies.  These two groups combined with left-over race baiting NAACP members are hinged on duplicating social conditions of the 1950’s civil rights movement into 21st century America.  In addition, America’s young voting generation has become handicapped with a deformed attention span.  Society in general has lost sight of national priority and become geared to satisfy their celebrity fanaticism.   Parallel with society’s mental collapse around celebrity royalty the nation simultaneously discards GOD's WORD from having any impact on morals and values.  

Defective 2008 Manchurian Candidate
The result of citizenry “celebrity star struck retardation” has allowed a defective 2008 Manchurian Candidate to be placed in the Oval Office.  There have been many “Manchurian Candidates” on roll-call for the presidency of the United States of America.  The anomaly that currently exists in the White House Oval Office today is a detriment to America’s future existence.  The 2008 Manchurian Candidate Obama has not only defied the Constitution of the United States of America, but has virtually engaged in dismantling America with his vested temporary power to rule.  In other words Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama has officially declared war on the United States of America from the Oval Office of the White House.  

Forcing non-priority social issues to the nation’s forefront by America’s 2008 Manchurian Candidate has been the key to enabling Barack Idi Amin Hussein Obama to initiate a declaration of war against the world’s most prosperous democratic citizenry [Non-Obama-Voters].