How to TAX 6 Million Uninsured Americans Overnight!

The United States Supreme Court clarified and verified that H.R.3962 [ObamaCare] is a TAX!
Obama has got to be the smartest individual on planet earth.  Although he completely lied to Americans saying he would not create any taxes on the middle class, yet he has with Obamacare.  Obama is smart enough to increase up to $10,000 in taxes [insurance deductibles] on each Obama-voter while fooling them into believing they will receive $2,500 in their bank account.  Obama has magically moved 90 million Americans from employment to unemployment in less than five years.  Obama has also illustrated his magic wizardry by creating 6 million [and counting] new uninsured Americans overnight [2 month implementation].  So who is to say Obama isn’t the smartest individual on planet earth today? 

But let’s be fair, Obama isn’t accomplishing his genius activity alone, he has many allies to accompany his progressive socialist agenda.  Of course Democrat Congress & Senate are his strongest allies.  His administration is saddled upon MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC and CNN who carry out official White House propaganda to the masses.  All afore mentioned liberal networks dictate what Obama-voters are allowed to hear and do. 

H.R.3962 Drones or Fools

In today’s economic meltdown America’s populous continue to be gullibly ignorant and believe everything that comes out of a lying-president- Obama mouth.  They intentionally void any consideration of investigating his policy decision making.  Acting as drones in a SciFi movie America’s Obama-voter-populous has succumbed to a communist ideology dressed in free-healthcare-insurance rags for everyone.  It’s blatantly evident that six million Americans [newly uninsured and counting] didn’t read H.R.3962 when they had a chance.  The official name of Obamacare is H.R.3962.  As of December 2013 Obama’s economy will have instantly destroyed over 6 million Obama voters’ medical policies along with other non-obama-voters medical policies in less than two months of implementing H.R.3962.   

In less than two months H.R.3962 [nickname “Obamacare” and “Affordable Care Act”] has accomplished more damage than an Islamist Terrorist nuclear bomb could do.  H.R.3962 has caused Americans who were healthily insured, along with Americans with high risk medical policies be thrown under the Obamacare Bus.  Not everyone gets to sit on the Obamacare Bus and collect $2,500 for riding with their Messiah-Obama.  For the most part everyone who had health insurance prior to Obamacare will be forced to run behind the bus and push it. 

Nancy Pelosi “Pass the bill”

Why should America be experiencing its most devastating medical catastrophe in history?  Well, when over 6 million [and counting] stranded medical insurance policy holders via Obamacare don’t read or preview major legislation, catastrophe happens.  When over 6 million [and counting] newly uninsured Americans via Obamacare listen to a certified psychotic like Nancy Pelosi, catastrophes should happen.  A sane nation would have halted passing the largest medical bill in history by first intake of hearing  medicated Nancy Pelosi stating “Congress has to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it” [03/09/10].  America, you get what you paid for [Obama, Nancy Pelosi] and the results are inevitable [Obamacare]. 


Let us not continue to harp and fester on consequences derived from choices made by Obama-drone-voters.  Simply, we should take this time to ensure that everyone knows what to expect from Obama’s new middle class tax [Supreme Court conclusion on Obamacare].  Almost daily the Obama administration alters some part of H.R.3962 which literally resembles a broken healthcare kaleidoscope.  Prior to passing Bill H.R.3962 every Obama-voter should have investigated the side effects of this legislation.    

New Middle Class Tax Details:

111TH CONGRESS    1ST SESSION “H. R. 3962”

To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.



of California, Mr. STARK, Mr. PALLONE, and Mr. ANDREWS) introduced

the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and

Commerce, and in addition to the Committees on Education and Labor,

Ways and Means, Oversight and Government Reform, the Budget, Rules,

Natural Resources, and the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined

by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions

as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

Unforeseen Evolving Manuscript H.R.3962

H.R.3962 was originally composed of 1,018 pages, but jumped up to over 1,990 pages shortly after.  The actual page count of the original bill is debated around 2,000 pages, but you would have to read it to find out.  After you read over 2,000 pages of the submitted bill there’s over 33,000 pages of “Obamacare” regulations that you have to read in return. 

Since bill H.R.3962 has been implemented into law already, we will postpone diving off the cliff into over 35,000 pages that Nancy Pelosi and her congressional buddies didn’t read.  Let’s take a glance at what Obama-voters should have questioned before accepting the Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare] being jammed up their butt with a baseball bat.  Yes it hurts, but that’s what you begged for.  

Below are excerpts from the original 1,018 page healthcare bill prior to implementation.   Pay close attention to these excerpts you’ll notice that freedom in America is being trumped by socialization. Such is being forced and mandated by Barack Hussein Obama/ aka Barack Idi Amin Dada Obama:

H.R.3962 TAX BILL [Obamacare] EXCERPTS [please read]

page 22  mandate to audit employers that self insure
pg 30  gov't decide what treatments/benefits received
pg 42  commissioner choose your healthcare benefits for you
pg 50  healthcare bill will provide to ALL NONE US citizens and illegal aliens coverage
pg 58  gov't has real time access to individual finances. national ID heathcard is issued
pg 59  gov't has direct access to your bank accounts
pg 65  Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for unions retirees
pg 85  gov't will ration your healthcare
pg 85  specific to benefi levels for AARP members; your health care will be rationed 
pg 95  gov't uses partisan groups; ACORN, AMERICORPS, to sign up individuals for hc
pg 124  no company can sue gov't on price fixing, no judicial review against gov't
pg 126  employers must pay for healthcare for part time employees and their family 
pg 145  employer must auto-enroll employees into public option plan
pg 149  any employer with $400k payroll must pay 8 percent tax if hc not provided
pg 150  businesses with $251k and $400k must pay 2-6 percent tax if hc not provided
pg 167  any individual without acceptable hc will be taxed 2.5 percent of income
pg 170  all NON RESIDENT aliens and illegal aliens are exempt from individual taxes
pg 195  officer and employees of hc admin will have access to your finance records
pg 203  tax imposed will not be identified as tax
pg 239  gov't will reduce physician services for medicaid, seniors, low income, poor
pg 241  doctors will be paid the same regardless of specialty
pg 253  gov't sets value of doctor's time, professional judgment
pg 272  TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS; rationing cancer patients
pg 317-318  gov't will mandate that hospitals cannot expand
pg 354  gov't will restrict enrollment of special needs people
pg  425  gov't mandates advance care planning; promotes seniors ending their life
pg 425  gov't instruct and consult living wills; power of attorney mandatory
pg 425  gov't provides approved list of end of life resources showing you how to die
pg 429  advanced care consultation for end of life plans
pg 430  gov't decide level of treatment you will have at end of life
pg 469  community based home medical services and non profit to provide services

If you’ve had your health insurance cancelled due to Obamacare you should have examined the above excerpts before today.  If you haven’t had your health insurance cancelled due to Obamacare the above excerpts might give you a better comprehension of what to expect from a communist dictator like Obama.

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