History of INSANE RULERS & Hussein Obama

Insane Rulers; are they really insane or just greedy for wealth?  History tells us that a number of world rulers have suffered from some form of mental instability: 

Antiochus Epiphanes, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler of Germany,  George III of England, Otho of Bavaria, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Henry VI of England, The Zhengde Emperor of China, Ferdinand I of Austria, King Charles VI of France, Emperor Caligula, Carlos II of Spain, Ivan IV of Russia, etc…

So you see it is of a truth that a nation can be ruled by an insane ruler, and America does not escape this reality.  This leads us to confirm the mental status of U.S. president Hussein Obama.  There is no logic, reason or common sense value for a leader to deliberately infect his own nation with an incurable disease [Ebola].  There are only 2 maddening insights available for why Hussein Obama allows Ebola into America: 

a) GREED: Hussein Obama knowing there is under the table money for him from the travel industry; and under the table money from medical research conglomerates for him.  These are the only plausible concepts for his Ebola approval in America. 
b) INSANITY: There was no screening of Hussein Obama for mental instability, or screening of his biological parent’s blood line for mental instability. But regardless, Hussein Obama allowing Ebola to be incubated in America is clearly an act of insanity or insane greed.  The only other plausible concept would be to consider Hussein Obama as an enemy operative.  But elite liberals and government news networks NBC CNN PBS MSNBC CBS ABC NPR would immediately squash that possible truth from reaching liberal drones that may be contemplating questioning government decision making [Ebola].

"Saddam Hussein’s America Today”
As the final episode of America unveils, who would have thought that during the years 2008-2016 the United States of America was to be ruled by an insane Muslim dictator.   Consider for a moment the people of Iraq as the most naïve or docile humans on earth as they allowed Saddam Hussein to rule over them.  While the majority of Iraq’s populous lived in poverty and impoverish conditions Saddam Hussein preached class warfare and death to western capitalism while he himself was living in luxury palaces and amassing piles of wealth and money.

Now turn the page in the script for the final episode of “Saddam Hussein’s America Today” and you’ll find an identical abnormality of extreme psychoneurosis in Hussein Obama.  Hussein Obama is preaching class warfare and death to prosperous businesses, companies and corporation for their success in capitalism.  On the other hand Hussein Obama is pulling in huge nets of under the table money and top of the table money into his offshore bank account from Wall Street, GE, Solar Industry, Al Gore Industry, Medical Industry, Travel Industry and now the Ebola Industry.   Hussein Obama’s constant lying to the naïve and docile American public seems to be a never ending story that they can never get enough of.   Like his Muslim predecessor Saddam Hussein who had the capability to cast a spell on his people, so has Hussein Obama done the same to ignorant Americans and the American media.     

What happens when you combine a Muslim President, Illegal Mexicans and Ebola?
Having a Muslim president for America is the worst thing to ever happen to the United States of America.  Hussein Obama has proven that he will hold to his belief of communism, socialism and Muslim faith.  As a Muslim he will do anything to collapse America’s capitalistic society and Christian foundation.  His mission to destroy America has been aided by ludicrous black voters and ignorant liberal white voters.  Muslim nations are very aware and grateful of what their brother Hussein Obama has done for them.  Hussein Obama is deliberately dismantling the U.S. Constitution and initiating tyranny for an eventual Muslim or China take over.  Regardless if you believe this truth or not, there are other factors that you can’t deny, or rather, you can’t erase from current public journals.  As Christians and Conservatives are placed on the “Do Not Respect List” of vile and mean spirited liberals, a replacement for their presence has begun.    

The perpetual lie that liberal media continue to echo is that eleven million illegal immigrants [11,000,000] are in the United States of America.  Such a bold face lie!   There are at minimum thirty three million illegal Mexicans [33,000,000] plus at least eleven million illegal foreign nationals in this country today!  The official count of illegal Mexicans in 1986 when Ronald Regan signed the 1986 Immigration Reform Act was 5 million [5,000,000].  So how in 28 years the amount of illegal Mexicans and illegal foreign nationals have only increased 5 million?  There were five hundred thousand illegal aliens [500,000] caught at the border in 2013.  There were 1,643,679 million illegal aliens caught at the border in the year 2000.  Therefore you can correctly round off at minimum two million illegal aliens have entered the United States of America each year since 1986. 
So let's perform a simple calculation; 2 million x 28 years = 56,000,000 million. 

The reason you see so many illegal Mexicans in your city is because they have reached the proportion of 1/6 of the American population [318,000,000 - 56,000,000= 262,000,000 million legal Americans in U.S.].  If you count the JACKPOT BABIES that have been born in America since 1986 the astronomical amount of actual illegal Mexicans and illegal foreign nationals would scare you into truly understanding that your country will be officially taken over in a matter of few years [less than 15 years].  This is imminent, especially with Hussein Obama erasing the southern border. Read JACKPOT BABIES  http://bit.ly/1odNhU2   

This is not America’s society anymore [conservative-constitution people].   Not only has the demographics of the nation changed forever [pro non American populous], but the Democrat party voter has become like a dog in its estrous cycle, accepting anything that will satisfy their feelings and emotions.  Hussein Obama came along in 2008 when Democrat voters were at the highest point of their estrous cycle.  It is impossible to break the union of Democrat voters and Hussein Obama, unless Democrats start on their period.  But even while on their period Democrat voters of liberal whites, liberal uncle tom blacks [Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, etc...] and leeching illegal Mexicans will still love Hussein Obama's used condom and dirty underwear.  You can also add the “so-called Democrat Christians” to that group as well.   So you see- that's how low the American society has dropped.  I wish I were wrong, but I'm not! 
Last Chance to Dance with the Right Partner
Conservatives and Christians in America had better take heed to the final episode in “Saddam Hussein’s America Today” and secede from such an extreme abnormality of functional form of insane government.   Any king or president that intentionally invites an invasion of illegal aliens and deadly incurable foreign Ebola disease into its country should be denounced.   But more importantly Conservatives and Christians should be asking a very important question to the current government of fu&%ed up Democrats/Liberals and screwed up Republicans. 

Why should we Conservatives and Christians give a damn about your domesticated anthropological regressed egotistic cephalic disordered society?  We can build a better society without your gangs of  mentally unstable idiots.  Regardless of the 2014 or 2016 results, secession is imminent if Conservatives and Christians have any common sense to survive.  

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