TIMES UP BABY!  It will take a miracle to save America.  That miracle could have been Mr. Donald J. Trump, if only the liberal-socialist controlled democrat party would subside into a reality of life.  It takes a real leader to maintain the unity of spirit intended by the constitutional founders of the United States of America. Anyone with basic common sense [which is rare in America today] should have realized that the years 2008-2016 didn't reveal the leadership needed to convey the constitutional diagram of an American Republic http://bit.ly/1p2H4xF .  But, by the grace of GOD America has been given another chance to launch out into the depth of freedom and capitalism via 2016 election.

Simply consider America as a ship of valuable cargo [plentiful natural resources] that has been dry docked [2008-2016].  With all the natural resources at America's disposal yet its liberal controlled government [2008-2016] has stymied the nation's ability to become self sufficient in energy production.  Of course the gimmicks played out by the EPA has taken toll on America's economy through liberal democrat party utopian philosophy.  All in all the end results has caused the U.S.S. America to become dry docked [low national production].  Yes, we know that political parties, liberal democrat party and conservative republican party have caused the U.S.S. America to run into shallow waters inflicting hull damage from pounding on sharp rock beds. In essence America has two captains trying to steer the country [liberal leaders, conservative leaders] and time is running out before America crash into the mighty bed rock and sink.  Tic to-Tic toc-Tic toc America's clock is about to run out because of failed unity between the two major political factions ruling the nation.  Liberal populous continue to schedule daily defiance towards conservative’s constitutional rights, moral values and belief in GOD.  Conservative patriots continue to defy liberal influence into society.  Common sense tells us that there has to be a separation performed between the two [liberalism and conservatism].

Rule of thumb; there are no exceptions to the "universal collision rule" that oil and water don't mix. hint... liberals and Christians don't mix.

Tic toc-Tic toc  moment in America!
When a percentage of demographics for a nation quadruples in less than 10 years it's a sign that the nation has drastically changed for the worst.... Illegal mexicans in America have gained a strong foot hold in the American economy, but don't forget, America is still living in a "false-economy" produced by socialist muslim leader obama.  The U.S. Treasury will continue to print money with a small shadow production of employment in the service industry [Jack In the Box, Burger King, McDonald's, Verizon, Nordstrom, WalMart etc...] which propels the American economic engine but produces no hard products to sell and trade to the World.  

Illegal aliens have caused the "U.S.S.Ship of America" to crash into shallow rocky waters because real America has lost control of its culture, values and economy. The finance equation of spending more with less revenue coming in is America's story today.  America is spending more on illegal aliens and this is causing the balance of economics to tilt and break the financing of America. 

Putting the equation of social economics together; quadrupled illegal aliens [specifically illegal mexicans], treasury printing paper money, service industry becoming economic engine and social welfare to illegal aliens who have taken jobs away from real America results in the "Ship of America" becoming dry docked.  While America is dry docked new world economies are sailing into the sunset of prosperity.

Tic toc-Tic toc; Times Up Baby!
Let's talk about the cause and effect of liberal influence in America.  Consider this, liberals want to take away law abiding citizens’ constitutional right to bear arms. Liberals want to take away disproportional amount of taxes from the wealthy producers in America. Liberals want to grant unlimited entitlements to the unproductive populous. Liberals want to socially engineer teenage girls and young adult females to exterminate babies in their womb without thought or regard of killing an innocent child. Liberals want to place females on the front line of combat in war to be blown up and cut up and raped and disfigured in the name of equality. Liberals want to teach toddlers and preschool children that two males can replace a mother and father. Liberals want to teach toddlers and preschool children that two females can replace a father and mother. Liberals do not want a Christmas Tree or the name of JESUS CHRIST to be exhibited in public display. Now that we know what liberals want, what do Conservatives want?

America has a decision to make and time is running out. The 2008 &2014 elections have come and gone with devastating effects on the existence of future America.  But, the 2016 election could have some type of immediate bearing on real American citizens, hopefully a positive bearing of regaining the direction of the ship U.S.S. America.  All great empires must come to an end and America is one of those empires, yet there is still a chance to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN."  The United States of America” has a scheduled exit from world history and also from the world’s list of “Who’s-Who” in world power.  It's up to real Americans to make a statement that they tried with all might to make America the America it was constitutionally designed to be.

Tic toc-Tic toc RELECTION
The 2008 hysterical overture in America was basically a sign-off by the majority half of American citizens to accelerate the country into a new beginning, which ultimately is an old-ending. Let us be fair with this unveiling truth that is about to unfold upon America, as America depletes its historical epochs. There have been a plethora of great nations that have fallen from greatness on this planet. America will be no exception to the “universal rule” of falling from dominate world power. Although liberals can’t fathom losing their precious "prevent-global-warming-society" and conservatives continue to be stupefied that they have lost their country to "invincible-super-human-liberal-nuts, the inevitable must occur. The ultimate outcome for both liberals and conservatives are the immediate dismantling and excavation of this society.  Such excavation was implemented, accomplished and directed by a "social/communist liberal" named muslim obama.  America's muslim leader obama himself directly purposely dissolved any possible unity among the citizenry. Only an "ambitious-mean spirited-sissy-leader" would deliberately cause confusion, disharmony and division within a nation to promote himself above the populous [history repeats itself; Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin Dada].

TIC toc-TIC toc;  Values and Results
The controlling factor in expediting America’s fall from "world grace" is America fraternizing with idiot utopian leaders. In 2008 "the beginning-of-the-end" of America was announced with great fan fare through racial ignorance and liberal hysteria. In 2008 America announced its first and last "idiot-designed utopian leader."

The controlling values of America prior to 2008 were considered “oscillating politics” which randomly echoed liberalism and returned back to a conservative base, according to the political cycle. By maintaining a status quo of “political oscillation” America maintained a functional course of stability, wobbly at times, but remaining stable in civil discourse. The American [2008-2016] nation known by the world became completely unstable and toxic with retarded leadership evolving from a one-sided political theater, the political theater ruled by the Democrat Party. The facts are evident and known by all that the Democrat Party and its ruling elite receives direct support from staunch hardcore liberals, socialists and communist entities.  Such a monstrosity of supporting liberal cast have created a shadow government in the 2017 United States of America. Such supporting cast [george soros, etc.....] is determined with a vengeance to direct the democrat party to redesign the U.S. into a socialist governed society.  This is very true.

Tic toc-Tic toc; Multiple Warning
The cause and effect of such political conditions cannot excuse America ignoring the pervading warning of judgment-day at hand [fiscal collapse, civil unrest, military erosion]. The political and social conditions are so severe with overwhelming warnings to the constitutional remnant of conservative citizens. Conservative states [and national conservatives] have all but forfeited their ability to help direct the course of this nation. Conservative leadership yielding a “timid-punkish” response to whimsical and deadly liberal social engineering experiments is a telling sign of weakness embedded in the conservative ranks. But there is a “remnant cast” of conservatives that stand loyal to the founding constitution, and these are the ones who have an immediate decision to make. Placed before them is the decision of whether they want their children and their children’s-children to be under the ruling thumb of liberal idiots.

Are Conservatives willing to hand over the life of their children to America’s worst form of leadership in American history [modern democrat party]? Have Conservatives completed their application form and submitted to becoming a daily ignorant media liberal sideshow? Have Conservatives become acquiescent or rather subservient to the most illiterate fiscal mannered and immoral valued group of human species on this earth? Or, do Conservatives dare to separate from such?

You've heard recently that California has initiated to secede from the union, which is dumb because despite Mr. Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States of America, liberals rule America in full power; educational institutions, public schools, city counsels, etc...  However Conservatives do applaud California's retarded endeavor.  California is the worst disease any country could catch.  But, please understand not all California are diseased, only the western portion  of the state from top to bottom [San Francisco to Los Angeles].  Hopefully only the western regions of California will fall off in the ocean via secession, at least many Eastern Californians would applaud such event.

The power point is, do Conservatives and Christians dare to say the blasphemous word “Secede” to garner support to salvage some fraction of this nation’s short lived 240 year journey?  If not for the 2016 elections one would say YES; but saying YES has yet to prove resounding in public conscience.

Tic toc-Tic toc; America's Reduction
There comes a time when every great super power or empire must deal with an unsettlement or division within its populous. The only way to alleviate such toxic division [national decease] is to extract it immediately. It takes great leadership to recognize the devastation that threatens the destruction of a nation from within. It also takes a great leadership to recognize the short time to deal with such threat. All of the greatest nations on earth had to renounce their greatness and rescind dimensions of power over their satellite states to retain some type of established stability due to a national disease like California attaching itself. There are many samples and examples of cause and effect of nations becoming depleted social structures.  This is nothing new to the world, only to America.

Today America has fashioned itself into being one of those great nations of world history that has to submit to reduction in power. The sad part about America’s reduction in world power is clearly due to the nation’s past ignorant liberal muslim leadership and an ignorant gullible populous strangely in love with such ignorant leadership. Therefore the topic today is about liberalism ruling the nation and conservatism subsiding and becoming extinct from ruling. Only one complete composite form of government, morals and values can guide a nation. America has reached the exchange point of how its society will be governed today and into the future. 2008 provided the proof and direction of government rule a docile majority of America blindly caters to. Unbelievably there is a remaining lower half percentage of Americans that have an opportunity to figure out what they can do to eliminate or discard the current diseased shadow liberal ruling government power and liberal national media control over the populous.

Tic toc-Tic toc World Review of Reconstruction
American Conservatives have stated with passion they want to detach themselves into sovereign “independent states” or “new nations,” but yet they continue to procrastinate and lack expeditious initiative.

There are plenty examples of "nations dividing" in order to maintain a civil society, and such nations/empires have conducted protocols throughout history. Examine through history, particularly Egyptian history, pinpointing 2134BC when Egypt had to split into two smaller states (Memphis in the north and Thebes in the south).  Snapshot 1069BC, Egypt split again into two; the north with capital in Tanis (on the Mediterranean Sea) ruled by the 21st dynasty and the south with capital in Thebes ruled by the priests of Amon.

Now take into consideration the American Conservative philosophy and its reservations about the United States of America maintaining united.  Unadulterated common sense illuminates America becoming a divided nation; but here’s a hint; America is already divided [2008-2016]! The problem with conservatives today in America is they don’t know when to cut their losses and start over [this is a true fact]. History has documented many nations legitimately dividing its populous in order to salvage its existence. The United States of America has passed the point of reconciliation among its populous ruling class [republican elites, liberal elites, democrat elites, conservative elites and controlling liberal national media].

No one in their right mind can say there will be unity in this nation again, liberals won't let it happen, period. The dynamics and the demography of America have permanently changed, eliminating any cohesiveness or corrective course of action towards national unity.  Enter President Donald Trump, which is a last reason of hope to salvage American prominence as it once was.  Unfortunately the democrat party and ruling liberal media will have no part in such revitalization of economic and culture standards.

Procrastination by conservative leaders to plan and announce a legal separation of states as being independent sovereign entities is literally causing the U.S. Constitution to hemorrhage. Law abiding conservatives are idle while allowing lawless liberal utopians to shred the constitution and urinate on it in public. One reason why prominent conservatives and elite republicans are not willing to force the issue of state secession is because of their own accumulated wealth and class status. There will be a time when those who claim to be conservative leaders will be forced to renounce their wealth and entitlements in order to separate themselves from liberal elite counterparts. But chances are that such needed conservative leadership will have no effect on an "already divided" 21st Century America. Which without proper leadership of conservatives the nation will eventually fall short of "preventing" a final bloody 2nd civil war that's looming on the horizon of American history. 2016 elections [Trump Wins] have placed a comma in the upcoming civil destruction of America, and that's good news for all, but not for liberals.

We all know that oil and water don’t mix; neither liberalism and conservatism. There are so many retarded liberals or a better description "psychotic liberals in power" forcing America to operate under blinding socialism and shrinking capitalism. This type of thinking is the primary reason America is falling/failing fast. Only an ignorant utopian mind set would dare conjure up a fallacy notion of mixing economic socialism and monetary capitalism. Liberals are bent on America reverting to a mixture of socialism and capitalism. Their ignorance precedes comprehending socialism did not build this nation, their ignorance precedes comprehending socialism will not sustain this nation.  By virtue of simply examining the original content and context of the U.S. Constitution is impossible for American liberals to endure.  The reason is regurgitated over and over again; their psychotic liberal mindset is defaulted into socialism/communism ruling the populous, and such cerebral fixation precede comprehending that socialism/communism is not designed for an American Republic driven by capitalism.
Dr BearCayborn - Political Psychiatrist -