From Russia with Love; “Secede” please!

Time has come today for America to make a 21st century decision. Will America maintain an orderly 50 state union based on a capitalistic strategy or not. Will America continue to increase feuds between states and eventually establish a “Declaration of States” to “Secede?” Maybe a lesson from the Former Soviet Union [U.S.S.R.] will help America decide. Has time come today for the United States of America to change its caller ID to “Continent of Diverse Nations?” Russia is not a stranger to changing its caller ID; they had to learn the quick-but hard way of change. But today Russia along with many other communist and socialist nations would like to know if the United States of America has decided to abolish its constitution and deliver its sovereignty into the hands of its 2008 socialist class-warfare president. The response so far from the Democrat Party is “yes,” the response from the Republican Party is “yes if we don’t win 2012,” but the response from Conservatives is “hell no!”

There are several national conditions that prompt the forecast for the United States of America to be on the verge of dismantling [seceding] its fifty states and reconstructing into fifty independent nations. Regardless if you’re against the idea of America dividing or not, the reality of conditions will eventually force it to do so.

Historical points of great American value!

How is it possible for America’s journey to begin with the “Continental Congress” adoption of the “Declaration of Independence” in 1776 and the nation ends up with a 2008 socialist president [majority opinion]? What has led America into its current mode of national dysfunction [or funk]? When taking a serious look into the history of American government the end results of 2008 does not equate the original establishment of government set forth in 1776.

When glancing between 1776 and 2008 we find the “Peace of Paris” establishing the independence of the United States in 1783. Also between 1776 and 2008 we find the “Declaration of War against Great Britain” in 1812. But as the United States began to cascade into building its government the “South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification” was passed in 1832 to determine the proper division of sovereignty between state and federal government.

It is also very important not to overlook the government case of “Baron vs Baltimore” in 1833 which clarified the “Bill of Rights” having restraints only on the national government but not states and cities. Further along America’s journey the United States declares “War on Mexico” in 1846. But as soon as the 1846 confrontation subsided there arose the greatest point in American history, the “Attack on Fort Sumter.” The “Attack on Fort Sumter” was the beginning of the “American Civil War” in 1861. Fortunately in 1863 President Lincoln signed the “Emancipation Proclamation.” But the pre-existent conditions of the “Emancipation Proclamation” still existed in 2008. Evidence of this was proven by 95% of beneficiaries of the “Emancipation Proclamation” remaining in belief that they are a color instead of as a person.

After all the blood stains America has endured to remain a nation of freedom we end up with endangering our system of government with a political correct election in 2008. In addition to electing a socialist president in 2008 a new horizon of Supreme Court Judges appeared escorting political correctness into the court room. It is very important that social experts and laymen of the land understand that when the highest court of the land engages in judicial activism the nation loses its ability to be governed by the constitution.

It is evident at this point that some states have agreed with the shift of power in the three branches of government [judicial activism]. Other states find it appalling and deadly for the Supreme Court or any court to overrule the Constitution of the United States of America. It is no secret that members of the United States Supreme Court have become subordinate to political correctness. The proper role of the United States Supreme Court is to become subordinate to the Constitution of the United States of America.

States disregarding the Constitution!

There have been many trials and tribulations for America to endure in order to remain a free nation. It has become obvious that such rich American history had become irrelevant to most of the 2008 election voters. The 2008 election produced voters who believe that the Constitution is irrelevant. Although the Constitution is irrelevant to them they insist on having the right to change it according their political correct view point.

Most groups and individuals that insist on changing the Constitution derive from liberal states like California. California legislation has evolved to the point that it structures its state society in opposition to federal laws and the Constitution. There are other states like New York that have reached the point of converting into an independent communist block state. Like any socialist or communist nation, the state and city of New York has fashioned itself with great power over its citizens through forced liberal mandates dictating how they should eat, drink and sleep.

On the other hand there are states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona that are fighting to uphold federal immigration laws. But in doing so they run contrary to California and New York laws which permit liberal sanctuaries for illegal mexicans and other illegal foreign nationals. It is well known through out the land that California vehemently hates states like Arizona, because Arizona upholds federal immigration laws. California and other sanctuary states have full support of the elected 2008 socialist president. They have been permitted to institute their state laws to graft in federal law breakers [illegal mexicans] as law abiding California citizens. These new illegal citizens in California have now become known as “Super-Citizens,” because they are above federal laws. As California and other sanctuary states implement their open boarders and state lines to illegal mexicans and other foreign nationals they create a national security problem that never existed before in this nation’s history.

Breach of National Security!

What has worried most states to the point of seceding from liberal states is the attitude of liberal states to deliberately abandon defending our borders from foreign aggression. The United States of America is a nation that has remained autonomous for the most part of its 236 years. What baffles the rest of the world is how America has successfully resisted all foreign powers of aggression, well, at least until September 11, 2001. With that solo event taking place on American soil the impermeable “City of Troy” [New York City] has disclosed leaks within the rest of America’s internal walls. National security is no longer a passive “after five” political topic at a Washington D.C. dinner club. Families in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and South Carolina are sitting down at the kitchen table every evening wondering if their state has the minimum amount of protection against another 9/11 event. America has a full blown security problem and Americans want direct action to compensate for such aggression.

National conditions leading States to Secede!

There are so many national conditions that are prompting many states to consider seceding from liberal states like California:

a. EPA mandates b. forced heath care laws c. defame Christianity d. exalt Muslim terrorist e. forbidding coastal oil drilling f. gun control laws g. same sex marriage

New York and California were once the economic engine of America but both have now fallen into an abyss. Both states have stooped to the lowest subordinate positions of bellowing for federal funds to support their political correct life styles. New York was world known as the financial capital of the world, but that has changed. California was once the world’s eighth largest economy, but that is wishful thinking today. California has become a bankrupt state that is begging for federal money to fund their “Utopian Bullet Train” that rails into a lonely desert.

Besides America’s problem with New York and California, there are critical assessments for America as a whole to review:

1. America is not financially stable.

2. America can not sustain economic growth.

3. America has failed to use its natural resources to become a producer in the world.

Other serious assessments that describe America’s critical condition are:

1. Theologically; dismissing God from its society.

2. Psychologically; deteriorated mental and behavioral characteristics of the people.

3. Philosophically; becoming dependent upon speculative venues to obtain comprehension of values and reality. In conjunction America is discarding observational means to obtain foundational beliefs. In other words America has become politically incorrect and invalid.

Lost Trust between the States!

How can states like Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and South Carolina ever again trust states like California, Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York who openly defy the Constitution of the United States? How can states who vehemently oppose each other in response to same sex marriage laws and immigration laws ever trust each other again? You hear jackass politicians making cliché statements that “America has the resolve to pull together in a time of need.” Well, today that’s a lie! In all consideration that’s a blatant lie for Americans to believe. Maybe the old “Red, White and Blue America” could pull together but not this America; this is a different America today.

Liberal states and conservative states know for a fact that they will never again be a united partner under the American flag. With that premise of reality the decision to coordinate the agenda for an orderly secession between states will initiate at some time and point in the very near future. Of course the 2012 elections may detain the imminent reconstruction of the states, but liberals will not subside in their vicious attacks on their fellow Americans of the conservative persuasion. Most politicians are afraid of this obvious outcome but the people living in these states are more realistic to the inevitable.

The tension level of hate and despised sentiment between state lines today far exceed the level of tension and hate that existed during the “Civil War of 1861.” The philosophy between liberals and conservatives exhibits a great divide. The fabric of American unity between states has been torn and can not be sown back together again. The philosophies of governing states today in America are too far apart [segregated] and devolving to the level of continual mistrust among confronting states. The only outcome to diffuse the level of tension between states is not a rocket science solution. America has a chance to settle down and reconstruct in an orderly fashion. The only other alternative for America is to stay the path it’s pursuing, abiding in constant clashes of state philosophies. Politicians have always played the cowardly role of not intervening to help quiet the loud mouths of civil unrest. So don’t expect politicians of today to be of any assistance in guiding America back into unity. Politicians are not worth the toilet paper you flushed today.

Foolish and Ignorant American Media!

The main network media groups [alphabet networks] are continuing to add flames to the fires of mistrust among state philosophies. The internet search engine giants have gained the ability to control the flow of informational hate flames and feed their partisan sects. Both main network media groups [alphabet networks] and major internet search engine giants have sided with the political correct left/liberal philosophy. Neither of the two categories of national media entities [alphabet networks/ internet search engines] has tried to subdue the confrontational ideologies of liberalism and conservatism that erupt daily. The venomous hate that liberals have for conservatives [liberal states, conservative states] is beyond belief. The threshold of liberal hate speech has exceeded all levels of normal tolerance. The only options that remain to substitute for political media incitement are actual behavioral confrontments, which is what the alphabet networks salivate for prime time viewer ratings.

From Russia with Love!

Russia has already experience what America is about to go through [secede]. Remember your history, Russia use to be the U.S.S.R. or rather the U.S.S.R. use to be Russia, but not anymore. Russia has learned from its mistakes, but will America learn from Russia’s mistakes. For instance Russia learned its lesson in Afghanistan a long time ago and today you couldn’t pay the Commonwealth of Independent States [includes Russia] to reengage in Afghanistan again. Now Russia is waiting to see if America can learn from the FSU involvement in Afghanistan.

Russia [FSU- Former Soviet Union] has already experienced dissolving and reorganizing under the “Commonwealth of Independent States” from its former central power. Russia had to learn how to manage dissolving its central state power, but there was a heavy price they paid. Will America ever learn to halt its feuding among states? Will America learn how to extinguish state power grabs [dishonoring the constitution]?

Russia is waiting for America to grow up, the world is waiting for America to grow up, but will America grow up? In the mean time Russia is sending its love to American states that incline to secede into the socialist and communist realm of philosophy. In the near future Russia could very well receive an invitation to come and visit the new “Continent of Diverse Nations;” formally the fifty states of the United States of America. It’s just a matter of time!

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