Color Coding America

For decades Liberals have been screaming racism on every corner of the city. Little did we know they are actually the culprits who will not let racism die in America. Have you ever noticed that all the major media networks never identify a Chinese man in the news as "a Yellow Man robbed a bank today," or a Mexican woman in the news as "a Brown Woman stole a car today," or a Russian woman as "a Pink Woman shot her husband today." You will never hear any color identity reference made to no other race but the African race in America.

Keeping the old stereotypes alive!

For some reason there is a perpetual lock on coloring an African descendant. Its as if though to belittle or diminish their worth or reduce them down to the color of a burnt out cinder. Maybe there isn't any intent to colorize anyone, but where is the effort to identify a person as an entity of content and character first? Instead there is the continuous mocking of their skin color. You must remember that all of main stream media is totally liberal [no exception]. It is not withheld that liberal main stream media set the protocol for identifying every individual reported in the news. With a preliminary injunction on the table for investigation let us broaden our scope of confirmation as to how the liberal media and even conservative talk shows can not or will not decease [stop] the color application for American Africans in the news.

In this post Christian society we have a serious problem, actually we have many problems. One main problem today is our belly button continues to pop open with the ever expanding problem of liberals playing with racism. In past history of American culture racism was limited basically between European Americans and African Americans. The laws of the land were paralleled with the sentiments of the majority rule by which of course African Americans were excluded. This was to be expected because a democratic society dictates that the majority rules however they want.

Liberal Color Coding America!Today we have a major problem with the good intent of majority rule because of the manipulation of ruling by liberals. Remember, this is a post Christian society, where as before a Christian society had meaning of moral values. There may have been a color preference plastered in prior generations of America but there has been added colors today compiling a change of heart. Unfortunately liberal European Americans didn't get the message of America changing from color coding people to identifying people by their character.

If only a few of today's liberal European Americans had an ounce of common sense they would cease emphasizing that racism is alive with vengeance in this country. If they had an ounce of common sense they could very well see that this country has outgrown the shadows of slave property ownership. Given a new insight for liberals in this country we could actually become a color blind society to human skin. Such a new concept of socialization would be the envy of the world if only the mad liberal media would just leave the dead racism dog alone.

More damage has been done by liberals drowning our culture in color identification than has been expected. Now today’s immigrants have caught on to the color identification spirit of racism and they have become proponents of racism themselves. Russians, Koreans, Australians, Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, Frenchmen, Germans, India immigrants, Iranian and Iraqi immigrants have all caught on to using color calling in America. Why have all these new American citizens caught on to using color identification of an African in America? When have you ever heard other cultures identifying other cultures in color terms?

Continuous Color Coding by Liberals!

Only in America is this application of color coding enforced. The reason for the enforcement of coloring Africans in America is because the liberal media has continued to announce through their bull horn effect the color coding of an African American in every aspect of social identification. Haven’t you noticed that every time a liberal or anyone else who tries to identify an African descendant will stumble in uttering their political correct awareness when they fragmentally say “African American” in their sentence structure? Now that the damage has been done by the liberals continuing to pound the racism drum all legal immigrants and illegal aliens now use with belittlement the color identification of black in their depicting an African descendant. And so the training of racism by liberals continues to expand to legal immigrants, illegal aliens and most importantly all elementary school children and preschool children.

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