Have you ever heard of "Anchor Babies?"  Over the last forty years you should have heard about them.  Well, today we have the ultimate in illegal Mexicans and illegal South Americans having babies in America, they're  identified as "JACKPOT BABIES!"  All across America [particularly southern states] we're experiencing something never seen before rising upon America.  A great massing on the southern American horizon has begun its overflow of cascading mass unity known as “JACKPOT BABIES" [aka Anchor Babies].

When illegal Mexicans or any illegal foreign national try to settle in Canada by having babies to become Canadian Nationals they call them 'JACKPOT BABIES."  To the credit of Canada they don't allow "JackPot Babies" aka "Anchor Babies" to remain in Canada, they must return to their country.  On the other hand, thousands of illegal South American youths are crossing America's southern border to add to the already existing "Mexican Anchor Baby" saturation upon American soil.  Illegal Mexican females, and now young illegal South American females, no longer need a slot machine to hit the jackpot, they only need a quick ride into California, Texas or Arizona hospitals to pull the liberal slot machine handle and become instant jackpot winners. Illegal Mexican males and other foreign national males are also sweepstakes winners in America's "Idi Amin Hussein Obama JackPot Casino."  Obama has given executive orders of treasonous directives to allow thousands of detained illegal Mexicans and illegal foreign nationals to be released from ICE custody.  Idi Amin Hussein Obama is fully committed to sponsoring  all “JackPot Babies” in America.  The only thing "JackPot Mothers" have to do is arrive at an illegal Mexican Casino located all across America [American sanctuary city] and the American tax payer will pay for the trip and the "JackPot Baby." 

Today's American voter will be placed in American History as the most ignorant populous that ever lived on this Continent of the United States. Too many lose minded educated liberals are being outsmarted by uneducated illegal Mexicans and illegal South Americans who have mastered manipulating the highest college degree liberal to submit to them. Liberals and their Democrat co-sponsors are willing to give up American law and land to a foreign invasion. Liberals are leading the charge for kissing every illegal Mexican’s anal cavity and every illegal South American's "other" private body part, in the name of political correctness.  Liberals and Democrats have completely disregarded America's sovereignty in order to establish a retarded notion of having a free utopian society.

The flood of messages tweeted back to South America and Mexico generally say “the dumb Obama security door to America is wide open, come on in!"  The process of halting new waves of illegal Mexicans/foreign nationals from entering America’s southern border has been voided by the Obama administration.  The proof is officially noted in the number of illegal South American youths being processed into America by border patrol today.  Not to mention how many illegal Mexicans caught by Border Patrol Agents in the Rio Grande Valley in 2013. There was an astronomical increase of 70% detainment by Border Patrol Agents from January 1st to February 28, 2013 alone.  Now try and calculate what you think the number of illegal aliens there are that have crossed the border since last year.

Prevention is worth more than Solving:

Old American wisdom says; “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”  Don’t expect any liberal or any young American today to comprehend such wisdom.  It is impossible for young voting liberals to comprehend the wisdom and action of southern state border governors who are trying to enforce federal immigration laws. The ignorance of Obama’s 2008-2012 voting constituents surpasses salvaging any reasonable intelligence to rationally comprehend southern state governors effort to halt International Terrorists, Mexican Drug Cartel Members, Illegal Mexicans and Illegal South Americans.  It must be understood that not only Arizona’s southern border has been compromised, but all southern state borders have been totally compromised. It is official that during Obama’s 1st and 2nd administration American History will annotate Obama as the worst president to protect America, hell, he's the worst president in American history all together.  He has completely failed in providing national security on our southern borders. Every illegal Mexican and illegal South American knows this as a fact.  Obama is presidentially incompetent to manage the nation's security.   As a socialist community organizer Obama may be competent to secure welfare checks for drug addicts and prison inmates but he is not capable of securing our national security, nor should we expect him to have that capability.

Every law abiding American should be applauding all southern border governors for putting forth an effort to derail the constant flow of "international law breakers" ability to enter into America. If only a few more governors across the country would do the same by enforcing immigration laws America could halt the invasion of illegal foreigners.  But such a task unfortunately is not going to take place with the current ensemble of old elite Democrats and elite Republicans directing their kiss ass partisan juniors to play along and undermine federal laws via Obama blessings.  Southern border governors are basically standing alone in their effort to keep America from falling. How America will regain its strong stance on national security and national survival will remain a mystery, or until the inevitable occurs [conquered by foreign states].

Taking Real American Citizens for Granted!

During this historical time of events in America [IRS, fiscal cliff, sequester, down grade in credit, Benghazi and so much more] we’re living under the most incompetent federal administration in American history. From 2008 to 2016 America must embrace this segment of history as a teaching moment. On the other hand "JackPot" Babies will embrace this time in American History as the greatest opportunity to collapse the American economy while enjoying the benefits.  American Citizens still have an opportunity to learn something from their monumental 2008 historical blunder. The main emphasis to be learned from the 2008 ignorance is never again allow an amateur politician or more precise, a socialist/communist community organizer to lead America. Today's onslaught of illegal aliens and their spin off "JackPot Babies" have completely mastered how to manipulate the Constitution of the United States of America to subdue ignorant liberals into obeying their every command.  How can America recover from this?

American Law and Order

Toying with the future of America is not the smartest thing to do, but for some reason America has allowed a communist/socialist community organizer to do so. America has approved a dictator to blatantly under mind the Constitution of the United States of America. This overt treachery flies in the face of our concept of law and order. Our national heritage has been flushed down the toilet deliberately by America's first communist president.  Idi Amin Hussein Obama is without respect for America.  With deliberate conscious he openly supports illegal foreigners to break our federal laws. His actions and policies prove worthy of assigning him as America's only deliberate lying dysfunctional president [Nixon doesn't even come close]. 

Illegal Alien Masses Consolidated!

With new waves of illegal South Americans and illegal Mexicans permeating our borders and virtually dictating American foreign policy concludes America has no leadership. The culprit of America's border problem “Anchor Baby Moms” [synonymous with Jackpot Baby Moms] are forcing American citizens and legal American immigrants to tolerate the blatant unlawful acts of illegal aliens is pathetic. As clearly noted America has a president that sides with federal thugs and bandits who have produced “anchor babies aka jackpot babies” in this country. Many Americans are considering a call for impeachment of Idi Amin Hussein Obama.  The evidence is far too overwhelming that Obama has turned his back on the United States of America, of which "he never had America's back."

Not to be overlooked is Mexico’s president applauding America’s power hungry ingrates [Pelosi, Boxer, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein and every male democrat congressman] for their wimpy abusive overtures to mock America's immigration policies.  Mexico’s president as well as South American presidents are fully aware of America's liberal weakness.  Illegal aliens play on sloppy liberal  emotions and timid character to appease South American peasants and Mexican peasants.  Illegal aliens push liberals into playing "Mother Goose" to provide "JACKPOT BABIES" and all illegal alien federal law breakers with food and shelter across the United States of America.

A President with a Worthless Ideology

It is being whispered by various world leaders behind closed doors their personal passion and sorrow for America being led into the gutter by its first affirmative action produced president.  Most nations remember how great America was in the past but now they look at America as a “thing of the past.” America must be led by a leader of dignity and ingenuity if it is to retain its prosperity and productivity. There are so many ways to elevate America back into prominence, but she must shed off its "first communist president."  It would be impossible for the Obama administration in any fashion to attain the “right stuff” to move America to a higher standard of morals and values.   It would be a miracle to catch a glimpse of this country aligning back on track with the vision of the constitutional framers.

Introducing New Conservative National Policies

There are a few good Americans willing to share their proposals towards national interest to curtail the illegal alien flood into America.  You may have already heard of a few of these proposals to curtail the invasion of illegal South Americans and illegal Mexicans:

a. Build a real “Great Wall of America” [20ft ht x15ft w] made of bricks and concrete along the southern border of California through the southern border of Texas.

b. Revoke all nationalization of illegal alien baby births and de-nationalize them from the third year after Ronald Reagan's amnesty to the current detainment of illegal aliens.

c. Reimburse all medical cost incurred by every hospital and medical clinic from illegal alien usage by billing the Mexican government or "appropriate government" to recover medical expenses produced by their citizens. Repayment can be made with oil produced from Mexican oil wells or other nation's resources..

d. Reimburse all educational cost incurred by each and every municipal, county, state and national education institute for providing education to illegal aliens. Repayment can be made with oil produced from Mexican oil wells and other nation's resources.

e. Introduce University Agriculture programs that are designed to replace the illegal alien labor with rotating agriculture majors to work the seasonal planting and harvesting of the various farming industries. This would be a unique system for the farming industry to implement and avoid hiring illegal aliens and being penalized for such. This would be unique for our American agriculture students to learn first hand operation of our food supply system. The new agriculture program will be designed to entice the intelligence of our young intellectuals to participate with a purpose of producing a much needed end result of resource [food for the nation]. The participating farms will be subsidized with the appropriate funds to implement the operation of inducting the college students and high school students who desire to major in agriculture. Working students will be paid generously by the government to participate in this agriculture program.

f. Part one; reintroduce the manufacturing and textile industries into the American GNP equation. This can be done by allowing companies and small businesses to be able to build and construct their operations without unions invading such private entities. Also curtailing or eliminating the EPA hovering over private companies, causing unnecessary cost and operational expense.

g. Part two; reintroducing manufacturing and textile industries to America by eliminating the EPA and the Department of Energy. These two bureaucratic monsters are the major cause of industries shutting down in this country and moving their operations to other countries. A two fold setback caused by the EPA and Department of Energy is that other countries are benefiting from our country’s lack of capitalizing on the various industries. The result has been that China provides this country with everything this country use to produce for itself. America can not continue to base its economy on service industries and service companies.  The reason being is there is nothing to service anymore; because we’re not producing anything to service anymore.

Now the question is; do we have a president with a fragment of ingenuity structured within his mental capacity to assess how to resolve problems in America?  The answer is "Hell No!" or "I doubt it very seriously."  Even if Obama could muster all the elitist brain power available to him as he has already, the outcome would be the same as today.  America need to restructure its leadership with individuals that have proven their worth and capability in leadership [Dr. Ben Carson/ World Class Neurosurgeon/ John Hopkins, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Colonel Allen West, Michele Bachmann, etc...]. America cannot tolerate another affirmative action clown in office who believes in promoting an “Illegal Alien Disneyland;” aka "Illegal Mexican Disneyland."

America Must Cut Its losses!

The time has come for America to cut its losses within [strip automatic nationalization of foreign pregnancy as citizenship].  Also cut its losses externally outside the nation [realign American allies].  Cutting losses and taking on a new direction for the nation cannot accommodate or tolerate the current caliber of White House administration. The 2012 Election Day was a catastrophic loss for America and it may be too late for America to reverse its ignoramus activity conducted by Obama and his administration. But if by chance America has a slithering opportunity to dramatically reset the nation back on course to prominence it will have to discard the present individual sitting in the Oval Office as soon as possible without hesitation; whether by impeachment or valykyrie. America deserves better than a communist community organizer directing its management.

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