America; Common Sense Challenged!
Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know that this earth was created long before you and I were ever thought of, and this earth will be in existence long after we all die. Science is science and myth is myth, but when you couple the two together you develop a religion known as "Global Warming."

Two Super Powers Colliding!
Global warming propaganda has added a whole new threat to the world's fragile peace. Global warming propaganda allied with extreme Islamic terrorist activity creates a volatile world climate. The reason being is that the Islamic terrorist want to control the world and dictate our life; but guess what, so does the global warming promoters and environmental authorities likewise.

Common Sense Denied!
It is almost impossible to combat or explain with common sense to gullible clones of global warming, there is no global warming! Those of us with normal cerebral reflexes should be aware of those who've latched onto the global warming religion. Global warming is of the mind and imagination of humans who have been brainwashed to absorb a lie rather than the truth.

God's Of The Earth!
You must understand that humans and particularly humans of American habitat want to believe in some supernatural power that they can see. Global warming elitist management led by Al Gore have produced a fictional supernatural power within the minds of America's socially engineered youth and liberal elders. These young and old liberals believe they have the power to change or control this earth's climate by their suggestive intellect. In a fantasy world yes they can, but in the real world no they can't! As humans, the only thing we can do is control our sanitary measures and make sure that we don't irresponsibly pass on a disease or bacteria infection to one another. But to control the creation that we did not create is a mental disorder.

Who Has The Real Power?
We do not have power over volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, meteorites, comets, asteroids or sun spots. All of these astronomical elements of power were created by God Almighty which is not a fantasy, but there are those who would differ. Unfortunately those that do differ are the ones that believe they are god's of this earth and demand you submit to their environmental directives without question. Such as we have today in America, power thirsty environmentalist supported by very wealthy LSD liberals who are putting forth a fantasized agenda of controlling the earth's climate.

Don't Forget The Money!
There are two objectives that must be met by the global warming elitist and environmental power of authority; those objectives are to push forward an insane ideology that populous gullible minds will accept, and secondly but primarily establish and control a new commerce. They are willing to destroy our current industrial and manufacturing commerce and replace it with so called "green industries." There is no such thing as "green" anything because all the global warming hype is just a hoax. The only thing green is what God has made, and that's more green than we'll ever need.

Manchurian Candidate Is No Hoax!
Therefore the advice to you the populous is to watch the unfolding of an economic disaster that is based on a scamming fallacy. It is illiterate for any nation or country to base their economy on an imaginary hoax of fear. To add insult to injury you have a president [Manchurian Candidate] that is designed to oversee this new green commerce agenda that's based on fear. The president is not designed to adhere to the common sense concerns of real Americans because it is not possible for him to do so. Instead, he must comply to the ideology and wishes of his primary financial supporters, who are his real superiors behind the curtains.

Dr Bear Clayborn
Social Assessment Analyst