America’s Ascension, Descension and now the obama Abyss!

Fifty years from now historians will want to know how America came into existence and how it fell off the world map.  Here’s a snap shot of America’s rise and fall.  

Prior to 2008 most Americans had jobs, or at least the opportunity to get a job.  Prior to 2008 most working Americans were able to shop at Macy’s every once in a while.  Prior to 2008 Americans could turn on their lights in their homes and not worry about a neighbor snitching on them for keeping their lights on too long.  But the most telling story about America is illustrated through the shopping and buying power of American households. 

There's no need to bore you with statistics because we all know and see the actual daily evidence as we drive down the avenues.   Shopping at Macy’s [Nordstrom, JC Pennys, etc….] was something to look forward to on payday, but all that changed after 2008.  Target and KMART were the powerhouse suppliers for American households purchasing needs.  But as 2009 and 2010 steamed rolled ahead of the economy, KMART fell by the wayside as one of America’s favorite department stores.  Sears had already folded by 2009 and KMART began following suit.  With less KMARTS around it would seem that Target would dominate the department store market for general household purchases, but that wasn’t the case. 

As 2009 flew over unemployed American heads, questions about getting a job turned into doubts about getting a job under rulership of America’s first muslim leader in the White House.  Unemployed liberal democrats began wondering why their "muslim messiah" was throwing TARP money at the feet of big entities and not at job creation.  In return, after seeing no TARP money being guided to creating jobs for unemployed Americans [democrat or republican], American households began micro managing every dollar more wisely as they witnessed jobs evaporate before their very eyes.  

After 2010, unemployed democrats found out they had employed the most "lying leader" in American history.  Their head of government was promising “shovel ready jobs” and other jobs in the upcoming new energy industry.   All sounded wonderful for unemployed liberals who believed that utopia was right around the corner.  But the reality of jobs in the solar and wind farm industry to replace fossil fuel industry jobs was proven simply a myth or better yet a joke.  

With 2013 rushing past unemployed liberals, leaving no shred of reality for employment opportunities developing, 2014 and 2015 have only become duplicates scenarios of America’s unemployment status.   What has been more crushing to liberals and democrats are duplicate scenarios unveiling their lying muslim leader and his administration fabricating more and more lies about employment improving.   

The results of a lying muslim leader’s administration has clearly taken its toll on America, and American households are recalibrating their ability to survive in a muslim leader's dead economy.   Henceforth American households are striving to find a better avenue of pinching pennies while utilizing their shopping time at Dollar Stores.  Unfortunately as Dollar Stores sprung up across America, unemployment sprung up too.  Simultaneously  unemployed Americans nose dived into an abyss created by America’s top muslim manager “obama.” 
We all know the story of how muslim leader obama has played himself as a fool and sanctioned the psychological disturbed left political wing of the democrat party by turning a blind eye to EPA’s new government rule of destroying jobs in America.  Well, with the EPA destroying giant, large, big, medium and small businesses, what is left is the "left’s" design for building their socialist utopia America

Since the initiation of utopia America, American households have dropped from shopping at Dollar Stores to shopping at the 99cents Stores.  Today Dollar Stores are drying up in communities and 99cents Stores have basically taken over the market, or rather have captured the majority of the low end department store market.  And so the decline in American household buying power is steady dropping as America's muslim leader administration continues to lie about American jobs increasing and the economy greatly improving. 

LOAN ME  99 cents PLEASE!
If American jobs are on the increase, American households wouldn’t be trying to look for a cheaper store to shop at other than the 99cents Stores for necessities.  The reality today is  99cents Stores are also becoming to expensive for American households to frequent.  It takes money to sustain food on the table, even food from the 99cents Store. It takes a steady full time job to support a standard family of four [Mother, Father, Children], and part time jobs are scarce due to the flood and invasion of illegal mexicans coveting the fast food service entry jobs and small business services [gardening, landscaping, handyman work, etc....].  At the other end of the spectrum of employment are government workers who are enjoying the American dream of being employed and hiring illegal mexicans to cut their lawns.  All government level employment [federal, state, county and city workers]  along with the illegal aliens are the most employed in America today.   "Private" industry working Americans are suffering in great numbers of unemployment without the ability or chance to obtain a simple part time fast food gig to generate income.  

But everyone can’t work at Jack in the Box or McDonald’s, although unemployed Americans would be more than grateful to have those jobs now.  Such jobs used to be available as supplemental jobs Americans could turn to for extra needed income.  Well, Americans don’t have that option anymore due to muslim liberal leader obama purposely redefining the demography landscape of America through illegal immigration and legalizing illegal mexicans and other foreign nationals to be the foundation of liberal utopia America.   The moral of America’s current dilemma is the American citizen is living in a false economy that has no ability to manufacture real jobs.  The best a "muslim leader economy" can do is duplicate service counter part time jobs [Retail, Fast foods, Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, ATT, etc…..].  End result is Great America has descent into the abyss of America’s first muslim leader.   


Rep Gohmert: ‘If There’s a God, As the Bible Talks About, There’ll be a Price to This Nation For Acting in Such a Way’

WOW!  This is deep truth that has finally been spoken.  In other words Rep Gohmert has put the spotlight on muslim obama and the muslim obama administration's Anti-Chirstian stance in America and throughout the world.  WOW!