DETROIT DISASTER: America Collapsing!

The hand writing is on the wall, the collapse of America will commence with infinite proportions of civil instability against the political ruling class and the elite ruling class. The number of loyal [real] Americans are rapidly diminishing as mid century [1940-1960] born Americans expire. Americans born of the mid century are being eclipsed by the onslaught of legal immigrants, foreign illegals, illegal mexicans and America's ignorant generation of young liberals who support the academic elite and the muslim subculture.

There is nothing new under the sun, and history continues with its display of collapsing empires, this is nothing new. It's going to happen to America, without a doubt it's going to happen, there is no reversal, it is eminent. It is not my desire to see the blood of our past elders [Indian Americans, African Americans and European Americans] wasted for nothing due to the retarded political correct social engineering that has completed its mission course.

The question to ponder is will the remaining real Americans [mid century born] see the full blown blunt of the collapse of America before they are called home or after they are called home. Either way I give it less than twenty years or very possibly less than fifteen years for total collapse and a new country or "countries" evolve by states seceding, or another nation or "nations" jump claim upon this one. You can take your pick of the outcome, but regardless of your selection, Detroit is our "hand writing on the wall."