In previous generations of governing this nation immature matters prompted by the celebrity pop culture society would have been automatically ignored and prioritized as child play and discarded. But today we have leadership in the white house that actually fascinates themselves with pop culture idealism and actually align themselves with the celebrity mentality. You might say with honesty that pop culture rules our nation on all fronts, including the white house.

You must understand that the American media is the forwarding address and proponent of fueling the devaluation of America's priorities and values. Normally a mature America would correct itself from giving so much attention to immature juvenile values and issues, but America today has grown younger or should I say amateurish in her ability to govern herself. As well noted, this society is driven by celebrity issues and pop culture values embedded with flashes of euphoric ignorance.

In America, common sense is obsolete and "Family Values" are thrown out the window. Clearly America has misplaced her priorities of governing, which is more than evident with the plethora of illegal aliens running all over the place demanding their rights while celebrity clowns are being routinely promoted and voted into political office.

The world has always expected a world class leader to evolve from America, but today we have an adolescent president leading an immature society. It's not funny anymore to overlook the obvious misplaced priorities of our current government leadership. It's just not funny anymore to watch political clowns run around the world and neglect to govern the affairs of America, its' just not funny anymore.