White Liberal's Favorite Crayon Color; BLACK

Within the confounds of America's citizenry you will find a beautiful group of people known as AfriGens/GOA. AfriGens/GOA derive from the genetic mixture of Americans over the past 300 years. AfriGens/GOA also derive from the foundation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr life philosophy, which in reality is basically the by product of God's plan for human harmonization. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished his mission by forwarding life applications of judging a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. AfriGens/GOA have excelled with Dr. Martin Luther King's foundational philosophy of life for America, while rejecting people that want to be a crayon color instead of being human.  AfriGens are GOA's which are synonymous with DOA's.  GOA is correctly identified as Genetic of Africa, while DOA is correctly identified as Descendant of Africa.  Any caucasian or asian can be identified by as a GOA or DOA, depending on the percentage of blood line lineage directed. Just because a person's melanin is of light casting does not prove they belong to only one particular group of the human race. Such is a true fallacy, although there may be a dominating genetic trait.  This is the modern day dilemma for America's society today, never learning to adopt the correct identification of humans, particularly DOA's, GOA's  and AfriGens.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tried his best to break the psychological ignorance of Americans thinking in terms of crayon colored people.

Today in America there are white liberals, black activist, old civil rights negros like maxine waters, who continue to deride racial unity in America. In other words according to them racism in America has not improved or has continued to get worse since 1960. But if you carefully examine the actual diversity of America you will find a serious ignorance aligned with these outmoded civil rights negros. Contrary to the race-baiters of America's society today, AfriGens/GOA have proven these modern “house negros” [outmoded liberal black activist] as simple minded delusional race-baiters of the purest hypocrisy.   

What is a DOA, or GOA or AfriGen?
First to noted is they're humans. Second to be noted is that DOA, GOA and AfriGen are all synonymous in definition, which means the genetics of the person is of mixed composite and not a single DNA thread or molecular threading..  Third to be noted is DOA's, GOA's and AfriGens are just like any other human, whether British, German, Korean, Russian, etc.... It’s been well noted that DOA's [descendants of Africa] living in America have prospered beyond measure in America by their individual effort to master America’s capitalistic design [be productive, be prosperous]. Please understand that DOA's, GOA's, AfriGens can never be identified as a black crayon [or a color].  It's totally sad that old dimwitted civil rights marchers like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and others continue to identify themselves as a crayon color. 

AfriGens are people of mixed genetics [2 strand molecule, 3 strand molecule, etc...]; Chickasaw Indian with African, German with African, French with African and Italian, Canadian with West Indian and Scottish, Mexican with Scottish and African, French with African, Mexican with African, Russian with African, or Russian with Chinese and African, etc...

GOA's/DOA's/AfriGen believe in hard work and utilizing their personal capital growth to remain independent of socialist welfare government programs. DOA's/GOA's/AfriGens don't seek to assimilated into the pathetic Al Sharpton-Jessie Jackson race-bait entitlement club [systematic race baiting]. In totality DOA/GOA/AfriGen are basically Conservatives-Christians and make up roughly 12% of the genetic base of of African descendants in America.  On the other hand there is a sad proportion of 88% crayon based black descendants who voted for muslim obama.

As clearly depicted in the white liberal network news, black obama voters are nothing but color coded partisan pawns. Shamelessly and ignorantly blacks but not DOA's/GOA's/AfriGens continue to submit to their white liberal masters that brand them as a black crayon color. Such color branding of blacks have been the best systematic way to keep a race of people suppressed and mentally inferior to the remaining cultures inside and outside of America. You must intelligently cipher that blacks [people who want to be a color] are the only race in the country to be identified as a color. This is interesting, but notice that liberal whites or whites will only identify with the “white color” in announcing their superior racial composition. This will only occur whenever it fits conveniently for them to be recognized as a prominent Caucasian genetic descendant [Scottish, Canadian, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian].

Many people in America are coming to the conclusion that blacks are racist AND they actually are, more particularly in the south, southwest and southeast of America. This has been setup by the ignoramus wolf call-out of continually using the race card every time a black thug or black criminal is confronted by law enforcement. The pathetic theme that blacks try to paint Conservatives or Conservative Caucasians as racist people.  During the 2008-2016 oval office years muslim obama never initiated a social call to society to stop using color to identify people, instead muslim obama deliberately stroked the fires of racism. Michelle Obama provided America with the best ignorant example of calling a white person racist in a Target Store recently. When you combine her husband's action of instigating community race riots, you then must properly evaluate that such characteristics had to multiply.  The "monkey see and monkey do" became prominent in black communities and deep into the black crayon psyche. Always notice that DOA/GOA/AfriGen individuals are opposite from the black crayon mentality of color coding race, as white liberals have dictated to blacks to implement in their mind and social outcry.

Some of the best DOA/GOA/AfriGen citizens living in America often coral around other DOA/GOA/AfriGen like: 
Col Allen West, Chairwoman Frances Rice, SoftTech VC Charles Hudson, Columnist Star Parker, Congressman Tim Scott, Actress Stacey Dash, Columnist Larry Elder, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Janice Rodgers Brown, Corp Business Owner Herman Cain, Top World Renown Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, etc...... 

The DOA/GOA/AFRIGEN CORRELATION does not and CAN NOT consist with corrupt and racist black characters of the like of maxine waters, michelle obama, al sharpton, jessie jackson, etc.... Black is nothing but a crayon color, but obama, michelle obama, white liberals, Al Sharpton and MSNBC would have you think different, and call you black.

How can you distinguish a DOA-Descendant of Africa or GOA-Genetic of Africa from a black? You'll know by their social mentality. Blacks will always talk about injustice and racism as if we're stuck living in the 1950's and 1960's civil rights movement. A DOA OR GOA will always talk about the ground work that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lay for DOA's and GOA's to become productive and prosperous Americans. DOA's and GOA's are always guided by judging a person by the content of their character instead of judging a person by the color of their skin. 

 2008 unleashed the “Domesticated Anthropological Regressed Egotist” living in America [white liberals]; but 2008 also uncovered the “Outmoded Racist Arrogance of its 95% black voters” who voted for muslim obama based on his skin color. On the other hand DOA's, GOA's voted opposite of blacks in 2008 using their 5% voting decision on properly assessing the content and character of muslim obama in which he was deceptive, wicked, deplorable and anti-God.

Here's something to teach your children and grandchildren; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not black, he was a DOA/GOA; Descendant of Africa and Genetic of Africa.  He was an AfriGen.

DISCLAIMER:  If there are any blacks that don't understand or find these notes appalling, please check with your white liberal masters or al sharpton, jessie jackson, maxine waters, sheila jackson lee, elijah cummings, barbara lee or any other white liberal house negro for approval to read further clarification in my notes found in AMERICAN GENETICS  http://bit.ly/1GFdANH

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