Department of Justice Obama Style!

It is inevitable that the outcome for this country is entirely based on the inaction or passive reaction of real-Americans to take charge of the direction of this nation. There only remain a few real-Americans that will forfeit their social status and position of prominence to ensure America is on the right track.    J. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates [former Department of Justice workers- now whistle blowers] would be among the few loyal souls that are willing to uphold the judicial system of America as it was intended by its founding creators. They are willing to call out the obama “department of so called justice” for their unlawfulness. The debasing of our judicial, legislative and executive branch of government has become totally and literally dysfunctional in the sense of original design. Everyone must come to know the culprits who are involved in the dismantling of our order of function. The culprits are the Liberal led Democrats, the Elite Social Class and the Ruling Social Class which includes the incumbent and cowardly Republican Party members who are not conservatives.

The liberal controlled Democratic Party accomplished its mission of social engineering for the past century, and they did it with “in your face” legal and judicial action. It was only a matter of time before the judicial system became lock step with the idiotic and anti-american regime of the obama administration. The “liberal left” who are currently in power are doing what they should be doing, screwing up the order of society base on their utopia drug minded dreams and hallucinations.

With the liberal controlled congress and administration slavering over their power and authority it is only cordial for them to use the judicial system to advance their lies, their corruption, their untruth and their political correctness upon America. In doing so they have activated the irreversible deterioration process by which every great nation in history has passed into. The deterioration process is sponsored by way of greedy lifetime incumbents and power hungry political leaders. The cause and effect factors that initiated the deterioration process for our nation has fallen under the umbrella of  [a. Religious Apostasy, [b. Moral Decline-Social Debauchery and [c. Political Anarchy. All three of these factors have completely solidified within our country. Hopefully “The Tea Party Calvary” will be able to help stave off the social deterioration of our society sponsored by liberalism. But we need more than just the Tea Party participation in this effort to correct the course of America. It is inevitable that America will rapidly collapse under the umbrella of deterioration unless more people like J. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates step up and call out the disrespectful perpetrators of our constitution.

Dr BearClayborn

more info;
Obama's Department of Injustice, another whistle blows http://bit.ly/91hnVL

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