GAY RAPE AMERICA- Liberal Democracy

Growing up in America as a youth in 1959 was very special. During that time in American history life was at its best. We as a people were united in loyalty and patriotism towards our country. Of course there were internal social growing pains, but we were still united as a people, American people. We were gay [not homosexuals], we were happy and we were merry. Those days have long accelerated from the grasp of America's heart to hold a high spirit of genuine love and care for one another without being prompted. For some odd reason today sentiments of having high spirits of concern for our fellow American has been lost from our culture. One reason of many is that the majority of the populous has been tainted as obstructionist to the progressive movement of the national liberal media agenda. Such tainting sets up a division among the populous which in turn creates a polarization of the nation. You can't unite when there are deliberate acts of dividing.. 

No longer are Americans united and loyal to their country, maybe because they are not Americans but sub cultures that have relocated from foreign countries. The growing new American populous of today are only loyal and united to their sub-culture. That is a major problem for America today allowing sub culture priority instead of American priority. If sub cultures are so proud of their race and culture why are they not in their own homeland contributing to the advancement of their own country? 

In all honesty real Americans have grown very tired of these sub cultures flaunting their appalling ignorance of American unity.  Real American citizens have come to the conclusion that these sub cultures are enforcing standards that impose some kind of imperative to our American way of life. When will the notice be sent out to these sub cultures that there is only one culture in America that is to be promoted, the American culture. Well, at least that was the social design back in 1959.

Two Encroaching Sub Cultures upon America  

There are two sub cultures that have rapidly taken over America with their agenda to lead America according to their ideology and standard of living; 1] the homosexual culture, 2] the illegal alien culture. Both of these groups have raped America of her best resources. The same sex pairing culture has date raped America of her sustainability to focus on procreation and the survival of the nation. The illegal alien culture has gang raped America of her resources and depleted the net worth of American income [fewer jobs for Americans]. Without getting deep into history we need only look at the prevailing issues of the Roman Empire to see American similarities. Is it not true that the cause and effect of the Roman Empire was due to the culture crumbling from within? The same goes for America today, crumbling within.

The lack of respect for human creation will always be the downfall of a nation, to wit America today. Promoting the cancellation of the human race by same sex pairing is the most powerful and effective weapon that any enemy could inflict upon a nation. Deliberately canceling out your national race by non-procreation is the most powerful and effective way to quickly dismantle a nation from within. Remember, America is a young nation [241years old  July4,2017], and it only takes a minor infraction of social development to initiate social deterioration. America is very impressionable and immature in social development when compared to elder nations of this earth. America needs to grow up from her adolescent stage of social habitation. The liberal elite in America wants to present herself as a viral and dynamic social system, but I beg the differ for America to check herself for signs of misaligned social development. The best way to check social alignment for the health of a nation is to study history for clues of do’s and don’ts of growing a nation. Today America is doing a lot of “don’ts.”

X-Factor via Same-Sex-Pairing

When checking history the disclosure of same sex pairing reveals a constant ancient approach to curtailing the effort of "canceling out the human race movement." Taking a closer examination of this social issue unveils same sex pairing as being very hostile to the promoters of procreation. This should spark some concern for preserving this society.  Those who support same sex pairing make claims that war and criminal activity enacts the death of many people everyday in this country, so how can same sex pairing be equated in reducing the human population? For sure war killings and criminal killings threatens the existence of any society. But war and criminal activity can be corrected or reduced through the effort of knowing that neither participant of such wants to be willfully eliminated. A truce can take place between waring factions and killings will stop, because of the will to live and procreate.

On the other hand same sex pairing runs contrary to having the will to procreate because of the inherent desires to satisfy their perpetual sexual identification.  The priority and focus of same sex pairing is truly based on  preserving the right to identify their sexual identification without being hindered with procreation as a factor in their life. It is an American right for same sex pairing to partake in the portfolio of American freedom, but same sex pairing is a violation of human creation. Equating same sex pairing acceptance into society with the likes of African citizens struggle for civil rights is an appalling ignorance of imperative mandating. You can not equate a sexual desire with skin color. Sexual desires are from within and controlled from within [internal oscillation]; contrary to skin color being a permanent physical boundary of the body [external non-oscillation]. What is absent in discussing the impact of same sex pairing is the X-factor. What is the X-factor? The X-factor is canceling out the human race by choice; which is what same sex pairing does.

All Americans have Rights

In America you have that right to choose not to participate in procreation. That’s what makes America so unique and great, at least for this short time span in World History. Every American has the right to not participate in furthering a new generation of Americans for the future; sounds crazy, but this is called freedom in America. Therefore ignorant freedom can crumble a society by starting with "procreation," but selecting by virtue "anti-procreation" to end a society. One has to wonder why America should have a military of any sort since this new modern American society does not honor the production of human life itself [abortion, homosexuality]. Liberal groups will come out in droves with flame throwing guns to preserve the reproduction of animals and insects; but for liberals to stand for procreation of humans is taboo. 

Supporters for the same sex pairing agenda have grown in political power to force an escalation of dishonoring those who believe in procreation. The ideology of selective procreation and canceling the human race has been in the social engineering design for over 40 years. The “Ruling Elite Social Class” in America currently has full authority to enact laws and policies that promote selective procreation and the advancement of same sex pairing practice that produce the canceling out of the human race.

Same-Sex-Pairing does not equate with African Civil Rights! 

This is a reality check on life in America. I admonish you only to study history to confirm the outcome of America’s decision making today. Those of same sex paring make claim that America is in need of social change like it once did in the old civil rights days when African descendants were not allowed to assimilate in society because of their skin color. Such is a serious fallacy of comparison because same sex paring falls far from the value of human design. Africans can not hide their skin color which in some cases may be offensive to others of a different pigmentation. On the other hand I can sit by a same sex paired individual and not know their social status or sexual orientation unless they force it on me.

It is impossible to make comparison of Africans in America and same sex pairing in America. I’ve never known any African that can change his race by choice, but I have known same sex paired individuals who by choice changed and reversed their same sex social behavior. An African can not change or reverse her skin color, it is a biological permanency. It is unfortunate by their false premise that same sex pairings only have one option to preserve their existence.  They believe that as long as they don't pair with another homosexual couple with direct linkage to contracting the aids virus they will preserve their human progression. What homosexuals and same sex pairings fail to understand is they are promoting their own demise.  Yes, heterosexuals have viruses and diseases that impair their existence, but heterosexuals do not deliberately self inflicted the act of spreading deadly diseases with conscious upon themselves.  Unlike the same sex pairing who deliberately self inflict and promote their diseases upon themselves with pure conscious.

The Reality of playing with Same-Sex-Pairing

The crux of these notes is to establish a well known fact that the same-sex-pairing-culture is forcing itself upon America when it need not to do so. All rights and entitlements as an American belong to every same sex paired individual. But when same sex pairing enforces their will and way of canceling out the human race upon those who procreated the human race, then the conclusion becomes a permanent social dilemma and a critical national problem.The telling sign that a nation is falling or has fallen is indicative of the ruling hierarchy enforcement of government.  In America's case less than 3% of the population [homosexuals] rule the nation through fallacy driven theories of political correctness. 

The question returns; what is the reason for America to have a military? 
Should America have a military to protect the preservation and procreation of life in America? 
Should America have a military to protect the rights of individuals in America who boldly act to cancel out the human race?
America can't have it both ways!
Choices for America!  Choices for YOU!

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