California, the Dumbest State in the Union!

Free Train Ride Politicians!
How did California become the dumbest state in the union? On July 6, 2012 California lawmakers approved funding for a high speed rail line. In face of opposition and budgetary restraints Edmund G. Brown Jr. and his Democrat Party performed the ultimate ignorant vote in the Sacramento State Capitol building for spending money that California does not have. With early approval from Edmund’s buddy “Barack Hussein,” the teamsters union coaxed Democrat legislators into easily furthering the bankruptcy of California. The similarities are striking in comparing Barack’s deficit spending of $9.3 trillion dollars that the nation doesn’t have and Edmund following suit in California by spending $68.4 billion dollars in taxpayers money that haven’t been withdrawn from their checking account to pay the Franchise Tax Board.

Very Dumb Taxpayers!
Someone please help California taxpayers comprehend the calculative assessment of determining California is broke and bankrupt, but regardless has obligated $68.4 billion dollars for a “Bullet Dream Train.” California Department of Transportation has a budget of $13.2 billion dollars but will spend over $90.5 billion dollars on building the first leg of the “High-Speed Rail Authority-Bullet Train.” We’ve heard of California politicians being liberal and retarded but the recent legislative passing of authorizing over $68.4 billion dollars for an imaginary Disneyland Bullet Train defies the intelligence of using fiscal budgetary common sense.

As we all know California has the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation but yet California legislators voted to dump buckets of billions into a Disneyland Bullet Train rather than using the same allocated billions on foreclosed California homeowners. To characterize California law makers as the old folks would, you can say that the legislators of Sacramento are not working with a full deck of cards [retarded]. Without getting into analytical statistics and detailed overviews of how Edmund G. Brown Jr. and his Democrat Party are managing California’s 2012-13 Budget, we must first define a common sense approach to forecast a California fiscal revival.

Heavy laden with foreclosures, government employee unions, businesses deporting themselves from California in droves, political anarchy beyond reproach, and drunk politicians spending money that California doesn’t have, signifies the world’s eighth largest economy [California] has crashed. The truth of the matter is if California had tax payers that were concerned and mad enough to vote out its current cycle of political vultures there could be room for hope of a California economy bouncing back. But it will be impossible for California’s economy to recover when it is spending over $68.4 billion dollars out of a transportation budget that has only $13.2 billion dollars in an overdrawn account.

California Can Make Easy Money; If They Were Smart!
Let’s make some money California, let’s reverse an ignorant legislative act [bullet train approved] into a golden goose without the imaginary utopian concept [Disneyland Bullet Train]. Common sense would tell California to use what it already has in place [transportation design and resources] to revive and revamp California’s economy. How can this happen you might say? Well, Interstate 5 can make this happen. More specifically the New California I-5 “Super 797 Autobahn” is what will make it happen for the world’s eighth largest “failed” economy.

Once again here’s the epiphany; California has become insolvent. California has become so insolvent that it is unable to pay for repairs to its main transportation artery [Interstate 5] that serves thousands upon thousands of out-state and in-state travelers daily.

Smart World vs Dumb California!
The “World and the Universe” wants to know how in the hell can California afford a $68.4 billion dollar “Disneyland bullet train” when it can’t even fix or repair its roads and highways, particularly the main artery Interstate-5. It is not “rocket science” to figure out that the need of the “many” proves a priority over the need of a “hand full” of utopian dreamers who hold to the “Disneyland faith.” It doesn’t make sense for tax payers to fulfill the dreams of "utopians" that want a bullet train for California but yet they themselves can’t afford the ticket to ride it. There are so many logical and rational reasons not to venture into considering a high speed rail system during this season of California’s “point of diminishing economic returns.” But let’s just focus on two reasons; (1) irresponsibility and (2) unnecessary spending.

California Has Two Routes To Select From
It is completely irresponsible for the State of California to neglect priority to transform Interstate-5 [I-5] into a much needed super highway. The proposed $68.4 billion dollars for a Disneyland bullet train would better serve funding the start of building America’s first superior grade “797 Autobahn” for California. We’re talking about a real “Autobahn” of triple capacity to serve privately owned vehicles, the trucking industry and commercial passenger transport. California Interstate-5 [I-5] covers approximately 797 miles of challenging vehicle capacity. Although Interstate-5 starts at the border of San Diego it continues through two additional states; Oregon Interstate-5 and Washington Interstate-5. We’re talking about a 1,381.29 mile interstate stretch that serves not only as California’s main transport artery, but America’s main west-coast transportation artery.

So the question to California’s governor is how can he justify spending $68.4 billion dollars that California doesn’t have to satisfy utopian dreamers and their “Bullet Ghost Train” [based on AMTRAK history ridership]? Funds of this magnitude [$68.4 billion dollars] allocated must be scrutinized to the full extent to ensure the creation of “real permanent” jobs for California’s economy. Redesigning California Interstate-5 into a super transportation route can create multiple spin-offs of new businesses as well as new interstate transportation services. Re-building California Interstate-5 into a real “Autobahn” will guarantee revenue from a return on investment cost. A Disneyland bullet train will not provide any revenue for California, nor will it serve the needs of revitalizing California’s economy. In addition, any bullet train created will only guarantee an annual budget overrun of operational cost each and every year. It has become evident that California doesn’t have the smartest legislative group of people in power, but that shouldn’t deny California tax payers the right to reject frivolous and ignorant spending. $68.4 billion dollars on a wasteful high speed rail system is just ignorant. If California legislators proceed without tax payers approval of the “Disneyland bullet train” construction, the end result will be another failed government run [California state run] AMTRAK.

Ignorant Intellegence Of California Leaders
Here’s a key note: The transportation system layout in California or America for that fact is completely different from the European and Japanese transportation system layout. Our populous within and without the territorial boundaries of municipalities cater to a very large scale layout [I-5 California 797 mile populous] unlike the small scale territorial layout that Japan and Europe base its transportation system around [close territorial and municipal connections]. Imitating Europe or Japan’s high speed rail system is not cost feasible and a waste of resources. Just based on the common sense approach of user feasibility [number of participants per bullet train trip] denotes a retardation in applying $68.4 billion dollars for a California ghost train. Why not use the same $68.4 billion dollars to re-build California Interstate-5 into “I-5 Super 797 Autobahn.” It makes complete sense to direct transportation funds to a much needed area that already serve thousands upon thousands of transport vehicles of all categories everyday.

Free Bullet Train Ride For The Homeless!
Special note should be taken from my recent travel on California I-5 in the form of traffic congestion. I’ve traveled California I-5 multiple times, but there is a notable difference of experience when driving I-5 today. I-5 is always busy regardless what time of the day as well as it should be because it’s a main artery. But recently that has changed; now traffic has become extremely heavy during the day, and night is no exception. There were no car accidents on I-5 while I was in route to and from Los Angeles, but there were constant major backups. People are not flying anymore and proof of that was clearly illustrated as I drove down I-5 to Los Angeles. Regardless of the traffic congestion on I-5, having the freedom to not be fondle by some perverted TSA agent was worth the drive on I-5. California has a choice to make; rebuild California Interstate-5 into a much needed multi-category “I-5 Super 797 Autobahn” that serves multiple upon multiple of thousands everyday; or waste $68.4 billion dollars on a “Disneyland Bullet Train” that offer free rides to fill up its passenger seating to look good [another entitlement program paid by tax payers].

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