So what is DEMOCRACY today in America?  Politicians think democracy is the right to be reelected without an opposing candidate.  Democracy is interpreted different to many people.  The most popular theory of democracy evolves around everyone getting a "freedom credit card" for life, with no payment ever due

Another theory of democracy evolves around the pursuit of prosperity void of torment by others while pursuing.  Some think democracy is the pursuit of prosperity void of suspicion by others when taking an unorthodox route to achievement.  A communist or socialist think democracy is just a shadow of happiness or faint image of opportunity that places social burdens on all.  Maybe democracy is just a cumbersome anxiousness to perfect your impression upon others. Democracy to liberals in America today is a validation of their liberal immortality.

Unfortunately I have some bad news for liberals who use democracy as their stage of immortality.  Liberals today are only mortals abusing freedom and trespassing on others freedom.  Democracy was meant to be very special for America, it was designed for group participation in freedom and not partisan rule or partitioned freedom.  Before America can advance any further as a civilized society the liberal population must understand they are mortals and not immortals.  They must understand they have mortal weaknesses, they are not invincible mentally, physically, and surely not spiritually.  With the current liberal administration in power Democracy in America has been obliterated by their liberal social engineering.  With the devaluing of democracy in 21st century America, government and politics have turned into treacherous and foul efforts to destroy opposing characters for government power grab.  Democracy as we once knew it fifty years ago does not exist today; “it’s gone Baby!”

In light of America’s present dysfunction and distress brought on by the historical 2008 administration which consists of groupings of arrogant college theory fools, America will have to endure this major national management setback.  The liberal fashion of destructive social engineering and dismantling democracy will hopefully pass away, but no time soon [maybe in 20 years].  The reason for the delay in America's ability to restructure itself and align properly to democracy is because America doesn’t know what democracy is anymore.  The majority of individuals walking down the street don't have the faintest idea of what democracy or capitalism is.  A populous of such ignorance can only create a false economy and a depraved society.

How Many Times Must Slaves Be Freed In A DEMOCRACY?

Liberal Hollywood movie productions like “Undercover Brother” perpetually indict and forward the never ending premise that the “white man” [conservative voter] continues to oppress African people from obtaining wealth and prosperity.  If history is properly taken into correct content and context, in the year 1862AD 3.5 million African descendants were in bondage throughout the South. Today 40 million African descendants [13.1% of population] are fully fledged citizens and not “Jackpot Babies” [Anchor Babies].  Not one of the 40 million African descendants in America are slaves or indentured servants [0%], but white liberals and black activists believe contrary.

Here’s a lesson for white liberals and black activists; during the pre-civil war time frame the industrial expansion in America was predominately in northern states which produced $1.27 billion of the $2.0 billion worth of manufactured goods in the entire nation.  It is understood that African descendants were not predominantly known role players in the pre-industrial revolution, but without their part in it American industries would still be catching up with the world today.  It is well known that the Southern economy where the majority of African descendents lived was a culture of strict tradition, and such traditional pace of life contrasted with the Northern states.  The contrasting North was an ever expanding system of transportation and communication industries.  But not to be overlooked, the South was agrarian, consisting of plantation lands with farms of sugar, tobacco and cotton.  Never to be overlooked is the genius of Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin in 1793ad, which made it possible for textile mills to manufacture cloth from cotton in the “Cotton King South” and the North as well.  The South also had another genius by the name of George Washington Carver.  No one could have ever imagined that a sickly little slave boy born during the civil war would turn out to save the entire farming industry in the South, but George Washington Carver did.

Blacks still fighting imaginary Civil War

Unfortunately today Hollywood movie productions like “Undercover Brother” saturates the mind of gullible African descendants with the concept that African descendants are continually oppressed today.  It’s as if the civil war has never ended for them.  General common sense presents to us daily that modern oppression of African descendants in America does not exist.  Common sense also instructs us that modern oppression of African descendants is a fabricated political social engineering propaganda lie employed by liberal Hollywood and white handkerchief head black activists [Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jessie Jackson, Barbara Lee, etc…].  These same liberal instigators are the very ones who help sponsor the political-race-bait campaign for the Idi Amin Hussein Obama administration.  By their daily provocation you would think no African descendant today has ever been a Property Owner, Business Owner, Corporate Director, CEO, Millionaire or Billionaire.  According to today’s black activist leaders and congressional black caucus in D.C. action must be taken now to promote African descendants into having an opportunity to be a property owner, business owner or union worker.  If you listen to white liberal Hollywood elites and their “pet black activists” you would never think that a person of the caliber of “Dr. Ben Carson [World Renowned Neurosurgeon-John Hopkins University]” has ever or could ever exist in America.

Utopians Rule Democracy

Regardless what the definition of democracy is, “Hollywood Utopians” have mastered their effort in creating their own version of what they insist American democracy should be patterned by.  Hollywood productions were once considered a simple form of entertainment media, that’s not true anymore.  Now Hollywood has become an extension of government operations under the current liberal administration.  Obviously there are current parallels of American society and Hollywood movie productions, such as movies like “Mad City” which portrays America’s mass media as the heart of the nation.  The movie “Mad City” forwards the depiction of democracy based on how the liberal national media reign with total autonomy to regulate what information the nation should be fed for intelligence and current events.  Today, Hollywood and the liberal administration of Idi Amin Hussein Obama [both synonymous] continue to ignore the devastated economy that is in place for American taxpayers.  America is living under a falsely inflated stock market that will inevitably burst again [1929, 2008], causing a collapse in America’s wealth again.  You would think that Hollywood and the Idi Amin Hussein Obama administration would have democracy as their best interest, but such is not the case.  Add to this state of economic and social dysfunction the taste for prosperity by the remaining few American capitalist and all is not settling well in America.  To wit, Hollywood and the Idi Amin Hussein Obama administration have clearly instituted a Hollywood designed “democracy cover” with socialism embedded and saturated between the front and back cover of modern America’s history book.

Modern Democracy Movie Trailer

Great consideration should be taken into account for another Hollywood movie production; “Minority Report.”  This modern account of white liberal intelligence forwards the notion of how present and future national law-enforcement can be set up to moderate societal thinking.  Special Police Agents are to be assigned as “Thought-Police-Managers” to randomly select whoever has potential to obstruct the established utopian society.  We get a current day glimpse of such status quo society coming into place with new enforced “gun control” laws looming over the Constitution and strangling American’s right and freedom and way of life.  Implementation of regulating citizen thought patterns will deteriorate any concept of democracy for this nation.  The early warning of a collapsing democracy is now taking place today with New York’s mayor Bloomberg leading the most dangerous degrading infringement upon Americans’ freedom.  Mayor Bloomberg has set the agenda for mandating portion rationing of food and drink.  His actions fit perfectly into a dictator type mode of governing like his superior Idi Amin Hussein Obama, who has openly shown his dislike of any fashion of democracy that threatens his power and authority to rule.

Hollywood becomes U.S. Government Capitol

Hollywood media production has perfected the transitional venue of turning social engineering fallacy into an instantaneous mode of American culture.  With the supporting cast of Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks supplanting daily liberal propaganda, Hollywood has an easy alignment of dictating and programming a society into an obedient frame of functioning.  The combination of liberal Hollywood movie production, liberal network media MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and CNN have made it easy to command a docile generation of socially engineered American citizens into believing any manufactured lie, instead of believing any God fearing truth.  This makes sense, since the majority of liberals don’t believe in God.

In previous American generations eternal hope was instilled within their spirit and caused sprouting keys to happiness and prosperity.  For the most part early-Americans [19th Century] were not simpletons and gullibly engulfed into political manipulation as Americans are today.  But early-Americans were insightfully restless to pursue the perfection of democracy while searching for the best advantage in life.  Most inhabitants of today’s’ U.S. populous don’t have the slightest idea of what the pursuit of democracy means, and they surely don’t have an eternal hope instilled within them.

Americans today are trying to find a job that doesn’t exist, while other Americans that have investment money are avoiding and wouldn’t dare trust the stock market.  Therefore the closest reflection of hope and happiness that Americans can obtain today is only in a Hollywood movie.  The ultimate anticipation of hope and happiness that Americans of today expect to receive has not materialized, although Idi Amin Hussein Obama promised it five years ago.

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