Black Preachers Sold their Soul to Obama!

Official: Black Preachers Select Barack Hussein Obama over Martin Luther King Jr.

Everything Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for has been erased from America’s soul. Martin Luther King Jr. and the majority of elders of his time knew that America had to choose how this society would function in the future. Either America will function by the content of the character of an individual or by their race [color of their skin]. President Obama and his campaign staff have worked overtime to erase everything Martin Luther King Jr. stood for in order to hustle black votes for November 6, 2012.

Color Pride for Black Voters with No Principles!
It has always been reverenced in the spiritual fabric of America that the Christian African community [notice I didn’t say black-christian community] is the pulse of Christianity in America. That is no longer a reality anymore due to the destruction of black churches by the selling of their soul to politics. In particular the majority of black preachers sold their soul to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 rather than to God. Why would they do this? They did it for race pride, but more importantly they did it to obtain correlated stardom by siding with Obama in the main stream liberal media. The ultimate underlining is the fact that black preachers and their congregation have sold their soul for “race” identification with Obama. Martin Luther King Jr. would consider such alignment of race identification as shallow social identification and a mental dysfunction. Everyone reading this message knows for a fact that blacks in 2008 voted for Obama for race identification [half Caucasian, but they voted for the other half]. They completely disregarded Obama’s anti-God principles of supporting abortion, supporting same sex marriage and supporting the continuation of enslaving the black community to welfare:

August 2007 black unemployment under Bush 7.7%

August 2011 black unemployment under Obama 16.7%

America’s last hope of holding onto truth and righteousness has crumbled in the black church pews [seats]. Today young educated black preachers and non-educated black preachers are seeking television stardom along with riches from their business empires sponsored by church tithes and offerings. In essence today in America the ultimate social role exchange has finally taken place. The black church has sold its soul to abortion, same sex marriage and welfare.

Blind Black Race In America!
With Obama constantly slinging lighter fluid on race fires across the country he is basically guaranteeing himself the black vote for November. The side effect of Obama having black voters in his pocket also guarantees little hope for the survival of the black community in America. As Obama approves abortion on demand it is a certainty that unwise young women and particularly young black women will option to take the life of an unborn African descendant. While blindly doing so they diminish the African populous in America with Obama’s approval. As Obama pours the concrete foundation for same sex marriage he evolves away from supporting traditional black heterosexual marriages. As Obama hands out more and more free government entitlements instead of handing out pink slips to the EPA that is destroying black businesses and jobs, the black economy becomes more extinct.

Rolling back the forwarding question; why would black preachers sell their soul to Obama for African infants to be aborted? Why would black preachers sell their soul to Obama for him to support same sex marriage in which God has directly announced as an abomination? Why would black preachers sell their soul to Obama for more food stamps and black unemployment? Black preachers are fully aware of the following data recorded for the black community:

Business Insider News Report; Black unemployment under the Obama Administration:

1] black unemployment rate at 16.7%

2] black male unemployment rate at 18.%

3] black youth unemployment rate at 46.5%

Huffington Post Report; Blacks on food stamp assistance:

1] 45.8 million Americans are on food stamp assistance [that’s 15% of the population]

2] 10.3 million blacks are on food stamp assistance [that’s 28% of 37 million blacks]

There are two words that black preachers and their congregations have been programmed to reject in their logical and spiritual thinking in order to ensure the final sale of their soul to Obama; the two words are “Mitt Romney.” The majority of black churches and the black community would rather sell their soul to Nikita Krushchev if he were alive than vote for Mitt Romney. Although Romney does not believe in abortion [Obama does], Romney does not believe in same sex marriage [Obama does], and Romney does not believe in a socialist government [Obama does]. Therefore if Romney’s Christian values are the same as God’s values, why are black preachers and their congregation not voting for Romney? The answer is because he’s “white” and he’s a “Republican” [Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican].

The black church has now evolved like their messiah leader Obama. The black church has evolved into a “race church” similar to their white church predecessors of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s [determining their thinking and decisions by race]. There is more hate and vengeance in the black church for Republicans than ever in the history of America since Obama has taken office. Obama has had a direct hand on developing the black church into a “race church” and drawn them away from being a “Christian Church.”

What black preachers and their congregation have forgotten is when they go against God by aligning with Obama on abortion, aligning with Obama on same sex marriage, and aligning with Obama on continued welfare they will lose. As black preachers sell their soul to Obama it is their private political prerogative to do so. But when they go against God it doesn’t matter who they vote for, they will lose. All of this is in accordance to their Christian scriptures and belief. Amen.

But regardless of God's Word, the soul of black preachers was not sold to Christ.  The sales receipt was given to Obama; Obama now owns the soul of black preachers!

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