What is the dumbest state in the world? For certainty it’s not DUBAI or United Emirates!

California tax payers have continuously beckoned its majority ruled Democrat legislation to curtail its spending on outdated and duplicated entitlement programs.  But with a liberal socialist governor Jerry Brown leading an out of control one party state of Democrats it’s impossible to rescind the tax and spend actions of a state gone loony.  A typical scenario to depict the condition of California is illustrated in the futuristic cartoon episodes of “The Jetsons.”  In so California tax payers are represented by George Jetson and California Democrat legislators are represented by Jane Jetson- george’s wife:

[George Jetson: “Everything, EVERYTHING you bought goes back to the store”
Jane Jetson: “But George, you said our ship has come in”
George Jetson: “It sunk!”]

Tax Payer Money Misused, Abused and Stolen
When a nation is governed by leaders who are under certified psychiatric care, or leaders who profess to be cocaine users, or proud sponsors of marijuana usage and acclaimed alcoholics, that nation becomes defective in moral values and laws.  How can debased morals, values and laws transform into tax payer money misused, abused and stolen? Well, there is one household name in America that gives relevant comprehension to tax payer money misused, abused and stolen; CALIFORNIA! 

Examples and proof of California’s misuse of tax payer money is circumvented daily throughout national headlines.  Take for instance California’s $68 billion dollar “George Jetson Bullet Train” to nowhere.  Tax payers of California have become livid over Gov Jerry Brown’s forcing an unwarranted mocked version of Japan’s Speed Rail down their throat.  California tax payers don’t want their money spent on an unnecessary rail system.  But California politicians in power and under psychiatric care [Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, etc…] have decided to overrule California tax payers and force their utopian socialist driven ideology upon them.  What we have in clear view is California tax payers being pimped for the sake of satisfying liberal fanatic fantasies [George Jetson Bullet Train].

Dumb and Thirsty California
California is prone to rain droughts that affect the livelihood and commerce of the state, but survival of the people is not important to California law makers.  If California law makers of the past 50 years had the best interest in the well being of the populous they would have implemented the construction of multiple desalination plants along the California coast line. 

Yes today there are plans to build a desalination plant near Monterey California in 2018.  But why has it taken so long to consider providing the most important resource needed for human survival on this planet and in California?  There is only one desalination plant in operation in California located near Sand City, it provides service to a populous of three hundred thirty four [334], the population of California is thirty eight million and counting [38,000,000]. 

Other countries around the world are looking at California as the dumbest state in America, and the dumbest state in the World.  To continue to procrastinate and not plan, create and produce an abundance of desalination plants along the California coast line is ludicrous.  No human on this earth can survive without water, but California believes it is the exception to human existence. 

There are over 120 countries in the world that have constructed and implemented operation of critical desalination plants: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Cape Verde, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan and Australia are just a few of smart countries that place human life above environmental lunatics rebuttal to building desalination plants.  It's retarded about California’s mismanagement of resources to properly build desalination plants beyond Sand City CA.  Tampa Bay Florida operates its large desalination plant to serve 2.5 million residents; Sand City CA desalination plant only serves 334 people.  Tampa Bay is scheduling to build 70 desalination plants while California which is in far more severe dire straits for water is only debating to build a miniscule amount of 17 desalination plants in the future, if environmentalist don’t object [they will].  You’ve got to hear the logic and rationale response from liberals who rule California who defy building desalination plants and saving humans from dying of thirst:

“There is the possibility that the pumps could suck in and kill small marine organisms and fish such as the endangered delta smelt”
“The salinity level is expected to increase in coming decades as sea levels rise; as the salinity goes up so does the cost of screening the water.  That cost would probably be passed on to water customers”
“We actually support desalination when properly used, but you should look at the other options first; Charlotte Allen/ co-chairwoman of the Sierra Club Bay Chapter Water Committee”

Question: What other options could Sierra Club Bay Chapter Water Committee co-chairwoman Charlotte Allen be referring to; having an “Indian Rain Dance Day” to stop the California drought?

A State Failing the COMMON SENSE TEST
Common sense has questioned the state of California being a realistic populous capable of prioritizing its economic and domestic survival issues.  Just recently California senator “Noreen Evans” who obviously must be under the influence of psychiatric medication forwarded bill SB1017.
This bill not only places an extra tax on oil drilling but also taxes the mineral resources [oil] under the ground surface.  In other words, if “Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies” discovered oil on his land the state of California would tax the mineral rights [carbon taxes] on that oil before it reached the surface and before it went into actual production. California is a “one party state rule” [Democrat majority rule] that’s bent on taxing anything that moves or breathe in order to fund socialist utopian ideology.  To rape corporations for carbon tax money in exchange for carbon tax credits [monopoly phony game money] is just the beginning of an onslaught of new 21st century California taxes.

How Dumb is America? 
There are fifty states in the United States of America [better check with obama], but of those fifty states only one state in particular [CALIFORNIA] sets the standard of living for the remaining forty nine states.  The national past time slogan for America had been “As California goes, so goes America!”  In other words, California in time past has set the cutting edge standard of living, standard of morals, standard of family values and standards for common sense.  Thank goodness that slogan has started its diminishing process in relevancy.  Now a new slogan has surfaced for America’s relationship with California; “If You Want to Go to Hell, follow CALIFORNIA!”  To that point today California has become the most ignorant managed state in the union, producing the most ludicrous legislation that kill jobs and take away personal freedom and rights of legal tax payers.  If you were to review all of California’s legislative acts for the past ten years you would swear that a psychiatric patient had gained control of making laws in California.  [CA SB1017/ Desalination Plants/ George Jetson Bullet Train]

The public utility powers in California along with California Air Resource Board, Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Oil-Gas-Geothermal Resources, Regional Water Boards and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund of California are all major direct beneficiaries of any new taxes produced by California’s one party state Democrat rule. Today we’re talking about the lunacy of California’s ability to manage its tax payer money and the natural resources God has provided for that region of people.  

We can assume with daily observance that a large portion of California’s government officials at the municipal level, city level, county level and state level of management are under psychiatric or psychological care.  Why else would California leaders gasp at the thought of using utopian bullet train funds for critical desalination plants that create water for its populous?  Which do you think California residents would rather have; plentiful water to drink or a bullet train that looks good on TV for the world to see?  And why would California leaders want to restrict oil drilling which produces jobs and boost the economy?  At the same time California politicians under psychiatric care continue to coordinate legislation to triple tax oil corporations for just thinking about drilling in California.

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