America's First White Communist President

 Think about it, American history without mentioning "half-soul-brother" Barack as president.  Hard to imagine isn't it?  Oh, there will always be official recognition of America's 44th president, but the identification of the 44th will have changed by 2025.  Here's the reason for identification change; white liberals will change their flavor of political correctness to reflect their new communist philosophy.

Today white liberals are writing American history journals depicting white Barack as America's first soul-brother president. If you've noticed, liberal media constantly super focus on prioritizing propaganda of accolades announcing and re-announcing the existence of America's 2008-2016 president as the first soul-brother president.  It's like a broken record to hear NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS ABC, NPR and others hound the point that America's 44th president is a "soul-brother."

White Communist Media
With deliberate intent white liberal media networks could care less about having consideration for half of America [Conservatives].  Knowingly overlooking the intelligence of Conservatives who know for a fact that the 44th president is a "half soul-brother" they flaunt their race agenda in Conservatives face daily.  Unfortunately the other half of America [gullible young white liberal voters and the soul people community] must be hustled and comforted by white liberal media communication.  Such daily procedures of propaganda enhancement is to never let them forget there is a "half-soul-brother" in the white house.  White liberal media has to keep pounding the point of having a "half-soul-brother" in the oval office in order to keep a gullible "soul-people-community" proud of the 44th president's identification.

It's interesting to see daily how white liberal media never remind the "soul-people community" they voted for the color of the 44th's skin. While continually being blinded by their "race priority" the "soul-people community" still doesn't understand the specific details of their placating to a white communist in the oval office.  White liberal media will never emphasize the communist identification that's plastered all over the 44th president, and the "soul-people-community" probably could care less anyway.

Soul People Community
The "soul-people community" has been America's officially designated political pawns for use throughout the past five decades.  But the epidemy and pinnacle of using the "soul-people-community" became self evident in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.  Little do the "soul-people-community" comprehend that by 2025AD they will no longer be needed as political pawns.  The reason is because illegal Mexicans will have replaced them and become the new political pawns for what possibly may still be called "America" in 2025AD.  Without a doubt by 2025AD America will have transformed into a communist nation of white liberals and foreign communist nationals.  This is not "new news" to hear, we all heard this during the 44th president's pre-communist 2008 inaugural speech.  By 2025AD American history will have reversed in accolades of identifying the 44th president as a "soul-brother." Instead, white liberals will have officially converted to identifying the 44th president as not a "soul-brother," but instead "America's First White Communist President."

Yes, by 2025AD white liberals will truly have changed their narrative of describing America's 2008-2016 president as a "soul-brother." They will restructure their historical journal entries to reflect how proud they were for having voted into office "America's First White Communist President."  Of course all this is predicated upon America's current stance of converting from capitalism to evolve into communism, and trust me, the metamorphosis will be complete by 2025AD or earlier.

44th President's White Family History
In order to substantiate America's new communist history liberal/communist news networks NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, CNN will broadcast onslaughts of white Barack's communist background centering on his communist white mother, communist white grandmother and communist white grandfather.  Of course by 2025AD the "soul-people-community" will have greatly diminished their populous percentage.  White liberal/communist media will no longer have to skirt along with mentioning the 44th president as a "soul-brother" or mention his Muslim family history in order to please the "soul-people-community." 
 By 2025AD communism will be the crown jewel of political correctness for all in America.  Yes, one day soon we will have lived past the "half-soul-brother-president" days and sailed into the "white communist-president days."  As for today's Conservatives, they must strive past the 2016 mark in American history and continue to tolerate America's "white-undercover-communist-president" and his communist Democrat/Liberal Party.

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