SEGREGATION is not a bad word!

SEGREGATION is not a bad word!
Regardless who wins in 2016, 2018 or 2020, the question is do you want to save a Constitutional America or gamble on a muslim obama transformed America?  Well, sooner or later you’ll have to make a final decision about the America you want to live in.   America has far too many self inflicted domestic injuries in need of resolving, which will never be resolved by a divided populous overshadowed by America’s first muslim in the oval office.   

The word "secession" is a taboo word that draws scorn from republicans and mockery from democrats.  But critics of the word must come to a reality that secession is the only answer to America's problem.   Oh, you don’t think so?   Well consider this; if you can make oil and water sustain in solidity [not separate] or if you can bring the North Pole and South Pole side by side [no land mass or water mass between] then your premise may allow liberals/homosexuals with the capability of living with Conservatives/Christians in unity [lol].  

The Kentucky Christian Clerk who was jailed for not issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals is all the proof Christians and Conservatives need to split from frantic and lunatic liberals ruling the U.S. Government.  The factual evidence to support an intelligent secession by Conservatives/Christians is very clear to act upon.   America has gone off the cliff in all phases of sovereign order [law, morals, common sense].   Unfortunately America can't be pulled back up from liberals and homosexuals holding control of the country for the last fifty years. 

Within the past fifty years liberals/ homosexual have redesigned education on all levels, influenced all judicial levels, mandated all social levels with political correctness and transformed our American Republic into a fragmented socialist/communist government.   America can't be pull back up from being wrecked and driven off the cliff into the ocean by a kamikaze muslim communist leader obama. The only viable response is to salvage some original part of the statehood that has yet to go off the cliff.   Thereby only Conservatives/Christians holding to common sense and refusing to get into the 2008-2016 muslim obama fast track car driving off the cliff will be the feasible saved remnant of Constitutional America.
History tells the Truth 
History has provided a plethora of examples toward nations dividing for the betterment of its populous.   Therefore the United States of America must conform to the reality of intelligently separating its divided life philosophies [liberalism vs Christianity].  The Soviet Union had to go through segregating its satellites and now America must implement a properly designed segregation of independent satellites.   All this may sound crazy right now but be assured the United States of America will only remain an entity of original Constitution by forwarding actions of the Conservative/Christian populous.   Conservatives/Christians must segregate into states and counties with jurisdictions of sovereignty.   The second part of an orderly secession is allowing liberals and  homosexual factions to be free to do whatever they want to do; whether joining alliance with socialist or communist nations, or set up a proven flawed utopian government based on their Political Correct Religion.    
Segregation is not a bad word; segregation is the tool used to separate those who DON’T believe in the original intent of the Constitution and God while segregating from those who DO BELIEVE in the Constitution and God.  Basic common sense gives illustrations that you can't force liberals and homosexuals into unity with Conservatives and Christians.   Most importantly is the fact that no lying politician can ever design a political philosophy to simultaneously uphold a dual philosophy to incorporate a "homosexual lifestyle philosophy" and "Christian life philosophy" in unity.   Only by unity of "one philosophy of life" can the United States of America be responsible in upholding its Constitutional sovereignty in accordance with original interpretation of the founding fathers and mothers. Other than that, secession and segregation is the final answer.   

The 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 elections are not going to produce future unity in America.   It’s only going to get worse unless there’s an act of God that forces the inhabitants on the soil of the Continental United States to rethink what unity and sovereignty really means.    The original United States of America or remnant there of, will only be able to survive through the onslaught of liberal anthropological regression by purging to original life philosophy according to original interpretation of the Constitution.

Therefore the question is whether the United States of America actually has another chance to remain as its original unit of states [50] or not with its warring life philosophies [homosexuals vs Christians].   The final analysis is America won't have a "ice cube chance in Hell" to continue as a Republic unless Conservatives and Christians halt playing and conciliating with psychotic liberals and their adulterated homosexual community.  

Dr BearClayborn – Political Psychiatrist – ACB Newspaper International

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