If the option became available today for obama to rule Cuba for life do you think he would resign and take the offer? Knowing he is a one term U.S. president, would his "celebrity driven ego" reject or accept Cuba’s offer for life time stardom?

Enough is Enough, Don't You Think So?
Have you had enough of obama? Enough is enough, let's place responsibility where it belongs. Although we should respect and love our president [republicans cringing], this president isn't living up to the expectations anticipated [democrats gasping]. Now we need to identify our situation, so let's begin with addressing everyone who developed "ESS" [Euphoric Sucker Syndrome]. During the euphoric presidential campaign of 2008 there was a viral infection [ESS] that developed from a well known cancerous disease we know as liberalism. Being a true American I should sympathize with those of you that have been infected, but in reality I don't sympathize with you because I have rights and freedom not to. Thank you America!

Move Political Correctness Out!
Anyway, beyond political incorrectness is the reality of the condition of our nation. Our condition is far superior in complexity and manner for a juvenile president to handle. What's at issue is the protocol of governing this nation and the incapability of this historical celebrity elected president to do so. We're talking about national existence and how can a nation survive from a leader’s blundering acts that have caused it to count down to self destruct.

Those of you with testimonies of sentiment towards your president's effort to manage this country think about this. There are two words that can describe you; blind and gullible. For some reason you are not capable of reasoning with rational or logic to assess correctly how this country will be able to sustain and survive. What it boils down to is your need to use your God given common sense to measure out the real consequences of decision making by your president. Your leader in the White House has shown complete improper protocol in prioritizing the nation's agenda. Take note that regardless if this juvenile president was a Republican or Independent there is a core priority list that must be dealt with in governing this country. Instead, this junior achievement representative of politics is catering to his campaign financial supporters agenda for America and not America's agenda for America.

New American Standards for History!
Never in the history of American politics has an obvious arrogant distraught puppet of the white house been so unprepared and unqualified to handle the discretionary measures of playing leader in the white house. Everything this president does wrong seems to carry a careless nonchalant attitude of defiance. This is very dangerous for a nation to be subjected to.
The majority of the 55 million or less that voted for this juvenile leader don't even know they've acquired the "ESS" infection mentioned above. Not knowing they’re infected has become a problem for the rest of America.

Not knowing they have "ESS" has compounded a problem in America due to their political support of an amateur leader. The infected “ESS” base [liberals] believes that this inexperienced president can honestly manage our nation. Our country has already begun to hemorrhage from this president's lack of leadership. America is hemorrhaging from the partisan division that this president enjoys to promote. If this president is allowed to continue making unsound decisions our country will soon decay and break up entirely.

You may not think it's possible for such deterioration to take place in America but it has happened many times in past history with other countries. Another leading problem for America to grasp is that this inexperienced juvenile president is willing to tamper with the foundation in which this country was built upon. Advancing his foolish ignorance of reformatting the government and resetting the lifestyle of Americans is an ultimate catastrophe. Truly this president has no sincerity towards the true welfare of this country. He is only mimicking and playing the role as president to fulfill the historical presence of being the first person of color to govern.

In other words this president is as counterfeit as a six dollar monopoly play money bill. It is obvious that the 55 million pop culture fans and civil rights seniors only voted for this individual based upon the color of his skin. The fan base of civil rights had no sense of correctly judging the political ramifications that must come about because of their compulsory voting to make American history.

Thank You Junior Achievement!
At this time take into consideration the rational and logical aspect of reasoning behind how America’s preference point came about to vote into office this junior achievement candidate. Do you realize the very possibility that this country can easily become dismantled and dissolve by the lack of wise decision making by its amateur leader? To those who truly believe in the capabilities of this president please make a reassessment. There has to be some rational point that epitomizes a change in your political thinking and unlocks the hidden reality of why you're nurturing a mental perception that this is a qualified leader. It would be nice if this country really had a chance to improve in economics, employment, race relations and common sense. Under the current leader and his administration neither of these prevailing circumstances will improve.

All of the 55 million or less that voted for this political juvenile can not continue to justify everything this irresponsible commander in chief say and does. You have set up a paper porcupine of whom no one is to touch or voice an opposite view point of his perspective. Most of all no one is to dare question his decision making. Such an off hands approach to this cuddled juvenile leader is not a democracy in action, but a theocracy being protected.

Let us break down this political discussion in layman comprehension for deductive reasoning.

As any treacherous politician would carry out their ulterior motive, so will this junior achievement president do. This president will use any purpose to present a platform to gain political strength in any order, fashion or degree. Of Course playing on the fluffy sentiments of anyone [over sensitive liberals] will do the trick for his agenda as well.

Let the following statement be a reminder of how important it is to be careful of those who you blindly give loyalty to:

[Politics is just like show business, and show business is acting; therefore the aim of politics could not possibly be to seek and pursue excellence or clarity or honesty or any other type of virtue; but rather to appear that it is doing so. R Reagan]

Brilliant Voters Motivated!

The current administration implemented a strategy intentionally aimed at the current and next generation of young democrats. As a matter of fact they did a wonderful job in mustering the compilation of needed voters. The elected administration compiled and used the old democrats who are hemorrhaging off of the 1960 civil rights mode of thinking in their master plan. Now combined the unquenchable old civil rights mode with gullible young voters and you can garner the insurance votes needed to win any election. Young minds are very impressionable and blind to the ulterior motive of the culprits that lay waiting to prey upon them. Old minds are forgetful and will continue to rely on discontinued venues and succumb to believing the subliminal propaganda being subtlety frosted on their face.

The Best "Paid for Politician" in American History!
This celebrity “paid for politician” is a dead give away in letting you know that he can not govern this nation. But in order to fool his voters he must continually present himself on the television monitors at all times. By doing so he maintains his celebrity stardom he obtained during the indoctrination of the "ESS" viral infection [gullibleness] of his supporters. The governing body of the celebrity entertainment community at large was great in fashioning the "ESS" infection to the gullible minded civil rights groups.

Can America Do Better?
This country deserves a much better leader than what is now available. There should be some kind of shame towards the caliber and character of this individual that has manifested himself to the forefront of the American landscape. We are fortunate that many who voted this juvenile candidate into office have now come to their senses and regret their decision making. They understand that the policy making of this president is not what America wants or need. Actually a majority who voted for this president would happily revoke their vote if possible. But what is done is done, and we must all pray that nothing serious or bad happens to our nation while under this junior achievement candidate.

The President on American Idol Everyday!

There is a remedy for our dilemma in the white house which is; if this current president could keep his swollen celebrity cranium in check and stay more focused on the nation's current and critical affairs it would be most beneficial for the country. But every time you turn around this star struck juvenile president is on television. A real president does not have time to be on television as much as this American president does. This is a sure sign to let you know that he is incapable of governing the affairs of this nation. If this juvenile white house occupant is constantly preparing for television press conferences and celebrity television appearances, then the question is who is actually running the country? With world affairs on high tension and economic misery running amuck throughout the United States, the last thing we need is a leader who wants to be a celebrity television star living off his historical primacy.

There are so many serious problems that need to be faced by this current administration but they don’t know how to handle them. Take note, this country is being driven into the ground by illegal aliens draining our medical /health care system, along with illegal aliens running all over the nation sucking up every job that our youth, young adults and senior citizens should have. Not to mention the illegal aliens have now penetrated the union jobs in America as well. Also we have unwarranted financial distress and destruction at hand for the majority of hard working Americans.

Tackling America's Real Problems!
To add to the collaborative dysfunction of our nation you have an administration that is attacking its own CIA, Border Patrol Agents and other entities that are critical in keeping this nation safe. What this administration should be attacking are the environmental lunatics that are driving up the cost of goods and services. The EPA and cloned agencies are the underlining to the astronomical rise in cost of living. The EPA and cloned agencies are forcing Americans to live according to the fallacy standards of mentally deranged utopia euphoric driven ideologists. So, how does forced mandated utopia ideology standard of living arise? Answer; by the powers of the EPA and cloned individuals appointed by your president. How would you describe America’s prominence today? The answer is “stranded;” stranded until we get a real leader to point the correct direction for this country to go.

A President of No Shame!
As we all know today, this administration is not able to turn the instruction pages on how to solve a nation's problems. Instead this juvenile president is lapping the rear end of his financial supporters who would be “questionable national contributors” and “questionable global contributors.” This president is without shame when answering to his financial contributor’s agenda and not America's agenda. At least could he show some discretion in kissing his buddies rear end in public and phase out his partisan group therapy sessions in the white house?

So you see, with all the serious national concerns blistering our society, why don't we have a president hard at work trying to solve and settle these matters of real significance? How about working to ensure against the affect of threats towards the survival of this nation? The answer is, this president wants to use his historical prominence to elevate himself instead of elevating this nation. Therefore you have a juvenile president that wants to be on television constantly, receive global accolades and jet set overnight with Oprah. Enough is enough; when is the next presidential election or impeachment?

Is There An Answer To Our Presidential Problems? Yes There Is!
There may be a simple and quick solution to our leadership problem. If Fidel Castro would immediately offer obama a life time presidency to govern Cuba this would be great for the U.S. and obama. What a great predecessor obama would make for Fidel, simply great. Also would not the socialist form of government be ideal for obama and his administration to run? Now all we have to do is set up the arrangement of delivering obama to Fidel, and in exchange we grant Fidel an open passport to come and vacation in Florida for as long as he lives.

I think this would be a great trade off for America and Cuba. Fidel gets an early retirement with open visits to see his relatives in Florida, and obama can be the ruling dictator over a communist country for life. Obama knowing he is a one term president here should entice his celebrity driven ego to accept a Fidel offer. If the option became available today for obama to rule Cuba for life do you think he would resign and take the offer?
In all likelihood his answer would be: Get Fidel on the phone NOW!

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